Thursday, 3/31/05


Whilst waiting outside the Astoria after last nights gig, I heard a few of the guys who were packing up the gear talking about which equipment needs to be sent over to the cd:uk studios. Which, if true, should mean that NIN appear on the show this weekend.

NIN to play Santiago, Chile?

A little bit of background story, and a cool photo. Felipe sends word of this:
"That picture was taken yesterday at "the freedom fighter day" in Santiago of Chile. Every year on march 29th big riots occurred between mainly the police and students. I heard as a rumor that nin are playing in June in Santiago but i haven't seen anywhere a confirmation on this. I'm fucking desperate trying to confirm it. The funny thing about the picture is that actually appeared on the most coservative newspaper of Chile (and where I used to work). I will write you if I know anything else. Cheers"
Attached was this badass photo. The photographer's last name was Iglesias, and that's about all that I know.

THTF/Home 7" given out at SF Listening Party

Although most of the listening parties did not have the 7" vinyl readily available due to a manufacturing error, the party at San Francisco did. Featuring The Hand That Feeds on the A-side, and non-album track Home on the B-side, these undoubtedly going to be hot items to have. Here is the only picture we have of one. So far. Thanks to Cyndy for that!

Trent with Zane Lowe on MTV2 Europe... soon.

We got a couple of emails (and a recent reminder from Jolie) pointing out that Trent will be taking questions on Zane Lowe's Gonzo show on MTV2 Europe. There are only 37 suggested questions on the board, surely you can come up with some good ones. We're not sure when this is going to air, but we hope someone makes a nice MPG or DivX out of it when it does. Not that we encourage that sort of thing, you know.

More Amazon With Teeth pre-orders

With Teeth: Regular CD Edition - $13.98
With Teeth: Dualdisc - $13.49 (A $5 price drop from the last time we listed it. Also, about $0.50 cheaper than just getting the CD.)
With Teeth (UK Import) - $32.99
Also, if you're in the UK and looking for better prices online, Darren collected the following links:
dual disc - £12.99 (free postage)
1CD (dearer) - £15.99
1CD - £8.75 (free postage)

Astoria Opens Doors Early.

If you're heading down to the Astoria this afternoon, be aware that yesterday's gig opened an hour early, and the current rumour from the box office is that the doors are due to open at 6pm instead of the previously scheduled time of 7pm. People have been queuing since 4am this morning, so presumably it's in order to cope with the demand.
As a side note, you might want to pick up a disposable camera on your way down as they have and will be allowed inside the venue.
Wednesday, 3/30/05

Astoria Tour Journal is online

Click here for reviews, setlists, a pair of photos, and more from the first UK NIN gig in ages. We have some other really nice photos from the show, but I'm not sure who to credit them to (Natali, check your mail.)

The Hand That Feeds to "Premiere" on MTV2

Although Muchmusic and other music stations have been playing the video and since MTV apparently gave up on music, MTV2 will be "premiering" the video for The Hand That Feeds.
I'd personally suggest going to and viewing the video from there. The video was posted in the "current" section of the website weeks ago. But, if you don't have a computer and are somehow reading this article, turn on MTV2 on April 5th.

Trent Sells New Orleans Home to John Goodman

For those of us who have always been praying that there was some literal connection between Nine Inch Nails and The Big Lebowski, we can now sleep happily. Rumour has it that John Goodman bought Mr. Reznor's famed house on Coliseum Street. So, please don't harrass the new owners (no funny stuff). If you actually care about this (which I hope you don't), has an article detailing a bit about the house and the sale. Thanks gutner and Fallen for the bit about Mr. Gooodman.

Gigantic Kerrang! Interview

It's actually happened this time. Kerrang! have that interview they've been hinting at for months, out now. Nicely timed, given their first show in London is tonite. You can read a portion of it and check out a new photo, typed and scanned by LikkleBaer, here on Echoing the Sound. Photo credit goes to Scarlet Page, if I recall correctly.
Tuesday, 3/29/05

The Line Begins to Blur not Available on iTunes

**UPDATE** 3/31/05- We've recieved numerous e-mails informing us that the song is no longer available. Sorry.
You heard it. You can now download The Line Begins to Blur from Apple's iTunes service. Search for the song title, or click here.icon
Thanks altair and benmcguinn for pointing this out.
Monday, 3/28/05

Tales from the LA listening party

On Saturday, The Music Box held the first listening party for With Teeth. Doors opened at 8pm, and the party was over at 10, des[ote not having played the last two tracks on the CD. The free gifts were a small With Teeth poster, postcards and bumper stickers advertising the new album. You don't get the exclusive 7" vinyl until you pick up the new album.
"the "coming attractions" that were shown on the screen did indeed include a small bit of footage from the broken movie, but went through all of the videos and other visual material [like the "still" footage - specifically, "something i can never have"] in brief clips. each clip was preceded with the title and date of release; all titles were in the new "underscore" format. it went from "down in it" to "the hand that feeds"," reported eugenie de franval. The running time of the video montage was about 23 minutes.
There are plenty of opinions on what was played next - the album was played very loud, and unless you got there early or were VIP, you probably missed the beginning of it. The no cellphones policy was strictly enforced, as was a no chewing gum policy. One fellow, tenthousandlies, "Got there @ 5:15. I was next in line when they stopped selling the pre-orders."
And clicking here will show you a picture of the promo goodies, ripped from an eBay auction (and slightly modified).
A listening party in Cleveland is wrapping up just about now. Someone will probably start a thread in echoing the sound about it soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Houston party at Numbers still free to all

Robtert from Houston, TX wrote in all aflutter because "Heard on 94.5FM (The Buzz) in Houston this morning that the NIN listening party at Numbers is an exclusive party for people who win tickets through the radio station. Upon re-checking both the and sites, where BOTH state pretty clearly "admission is free", I began to wonder what the hell was going on."
Robert made attempts to contact the DJs at the station, as well as someone at Numbers, but it was the station that he got through to.
"So I called the office of the station and spoke with a lady who was part of their promotions staff. She said the station was giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the event and that she was told if you didn't have a wristband (or ticket, alternatively) that John Q. NINFan couldn't get into the party, which I find to be an uproarious pile of stinky dogshit."
Before I even got around to following up properly on this, we got word from Numbers that indeed, "This event is open and free to everyone on a first come first serve basis. No invitation required" (Thanks, Wes!)
So, no worries, Texans. Just another reason I have the opinion I do about radio DJs - especially at a ClearChannel station. Anyhow, the line for the LA listening party was pretty long, and a lot of people missed out, so make sure you queue up early. And don't forget to tip your bartender ;)

Charts Update - Still #1 - and updates about updates

On the Future Best Sellers list on, The Hand That Feeds is coming in at #1. I'm sure this might change that soon, but wait and see, I guess. Syra pointed this out on Echoing the Sound. The track is also showing longevity on iTunes, where it's still the #1 download after nearly a week of being on sale.
We have a lot more presale links for several online music outlets outside the US, some odd news about the Numbers Nightclub Houston listening party possibly being entry-by-contest only, some information about the LA listening party that happened over the weekend, and a listing of the various music channels that are playing the video for The Hand That Feeds.

Preorder [WITH_TEETH] DualDisc - $18.98

Andres sent a brief email with a link to the pre-order page for the US release of the With Teeth dualdisc. The regular edition of the CD is not yet listed. The price is currently listed as $18.98 at

If you're in the UK, you may want to pre-order from HMV instead, for £16.99. Thanks to AbjectMisery for that one.
Saturday, 3/26/05

Japanese With Teeth Tracklisting?

THX-1138 has sent us word that has listed a tracklisting for the Japanese Import of With Teeth. There are three bonus tracks: "Home" (which has been played every show this tour) and mixes of "Right Where It Belongs" and "The Hand that Feeds". The total tracklist is as follows:
1. All The Love In The World
2. You Know What You Are?
3. Collector
4. Hand That Feeds
5. Love Is Not Enough
6. Every Day Is Exactly The Same
7. With Teeth
8. Only
9. Getting Smaller
10. Sunspots
11. Line Begins To Blur
12. Beside You In Time
13. Right Where It Belongs
14. Home (bonus Track)
15. Right Where It Belongs (version 2) (bonus Track)
16. Hand That Feeds (rough Mix) (bonus Track)
This has not been confirmed through any official sources.

And in other news...

A few things I meant to post earlier this week got sidetracked because of all the other stuff going on.
Kraw sent in some Counterstrike screenshots he took, which takes online street team work to a different level. "Living in LA, I see promo posters plastered all over town. I thought it might be cool if these posters were visible in virtual communities like multiplayer games," Kraw wrote.
"As an experiment, I downloaded the postcard image from your site and set it as my "Spray Paint" in Counter-Strike: Source. ... If your into it, maybe you could start a trend and promote the "multiplayer-street team idea" on the hotline, or at least the viewers might get a kick out of some of the screenshots I took."
Travis Brown of The Art of Self Destruction is putting together a colletion of setlists for this round of touring, and needs your help to do so. Check out his tour page and lend a hand if you get the chance.
The Know the Score contest is closed, but I have not had time to judge the entries properly. It is going to be tough because there are a number of really good entries. I want to thank everyone who sent in entries -- even the people who didn't listen to the contest rules -- because it's been really cool. For those of you interested in hearing all the entries, I'm first going to check with everyone who sent an entry in, and if enough people are fine with it, perhaps we can start a bit torrent of all the finalists. More on that later.

Davis, California show's done.

And people are reporting a very different set list, photos and a silent video, as well as several stories about a heckler during Hurt who, after he strategically worked his own lyrics in, apparently got beat up and had his hair set on fire. Just like on ETS!
We were also sent a link to these photos from the Reno show. Enjoy!
Friday, 3/25/05

Clarin interviews Trent Reznor, Argentina release date

Charo and Leo wrote in to let on that Clarin landed an exclusive interview with Trent Reznor -- the article is in Spanish, as Clarin is an Argentinian newspaper. Here's the direct link to the article if you can read Spanish.
If you can't, Charo went ahead and translated it to English for you. Charo added that the With Teeth release date for Argentina is May 12. Thanks to Charo and Hate+1989 for the news!

THTF Chart Positions #12 overall in Music
iTunes: #1 download since yesterday.icon
Billboard Debut at #8 (tying NIN's highest earlier position with "hurt", which made it as far as #8 in 1995. - thanks to robbie hall for that comparison)

MuchMusic posts video interview with TR

You can find the video here, near the top of the page. Thanks to nx_ and pinion for sending in the news!

Reno Tour Journal, setlists, etc.

Read all about lastnight's show from people who were there. Or if you were there, go ahead and share your experience. The setlist and lighting were significantly different this time around, we hear.
Thursday, 3/24/05

ChartAttack interviews Reznor

Chart Attack interviewed Trent Reznor recently, where he talks about the leak of The Hand That Feeds, the larger tour for Europe and the US, and the tour in general. Thanks to Sacred_Logos for sending this in!

NIN: Still relevant? - And a Fresno update

105.7 KPNT would like to know. Check out the poll in the upper left side of the page, it's about 50/50 right now. Their website has McDonalds' golden arch following my cursor around, too, cool. Thanks to Mike Tricky for sending that in.
18:30EST Update: Looks like the poll's a wash. At 4:30, NIN had 70% of the vote. Now it appears that if you vote for NIN, your vote goes against NIN, and vice versa. Radio stations prefer phone calls anyway, why not call them -- 314.WOW.DUDE (314.969.3833) -- and let em know whats up ;)
Dayve from BurningSouls Forum posted a lengthy review of the first show of the tour, from the perspective of the very front row. I especially like the post after his though, by AnarchiaX, who notes "Chunks of stucco were falling from the ceiling, from the place being rocked so hard (It was by far the loudest performance in that theatre)."

Rolling Stone Review of Fresno Show

"...Reznor and band had made their point: Nine Inch Nails are back." has just posted a review of last nights With Teeth Tour opener in Fresno, CA. Check it out.Thanks Owen

Tour merchandise information - 1:32EST update

Andy from San Jose followed up with us on the goods at the merch booth in Fresno:
...last night they sold a limited edition lithograph of the concert poster available on, promotion these three shows (the red one with Fresno, Reno, Davis on it). I purchased one, and the sign next to the price ($20) said only 125 were available that night. They had 4 short sleeves, one long, a sweatshirt, one babydoll, and the lithograph for sale.
We now have some images, also courtesy Andy:
Tshirt Front
Tshirt Back
Limited Edition Lithograph

First reviews and setlists are rolling in...

Carre Callaway opened the show, NIN played about 18 songs for 1.5 hours, with no encore. You can read all about it here.
Update: Chunks of stucco were falling from the ceiling from the place being rocked so hard (It was by far the loudest performance in that theatre). - AnarchiaX
Wednesday, 3/23/05

Echoing the Sound Tour Journal

Since tonight's the first night Nine Inch Nails has performed to an audience in half a decade, now's a good time to remind people that at Echoing the Sound we have an extensive NIN tour section, including a forum discussing upcoming shows, and a general tour discussion forum. Around 1am Eastern Time, we will be opening up the Tour Journal section, where people can post photos and stories about the shows they have been to. Keep your eyes peeled, but go lightly on the server please :)

The Hand That Feeds - iTunes #1 Download Today

Several people have written in to mention that in 24 hours, The Hand That Feeds - a single track pre-release on iTunes, has become the top download there, first in the rock charts, and now in the overall charts.

Japanese Release Details (again)

According to this listing on, the Japanese version of With Teeth will feature not one, but three bonus tracks: "Home", "Right Where It Belongs V.2", "The Hand That Feeds (Ruff Mix)."
Not much more to say there, except "(All product details, including availability, images, language(s), special features, and bonus extras, are subject to change without prior notice. Actual item weight may be different from the one indicated above.)"
Thanks to culero from Echoing the Sound.

Kerrang! interview preview, album preview

kleptonin and Richard Payne both sent in word of a new chunk of Nine Inch Nails goods in this week's issue of Kerrang! Along with a quick review of every track on With Teeth, they include a relatively brief snippet of their elusive upcoming interview with Reznor. Here's a snippet of the snippet - you should buy the magazine if you want to read the rest:

Reznor decided to take a couple of years off to sort himself out after 1999's "The Fragile" and is now preparing himself and his bandmates for the release of their long-awaited fourth album "With Teeth".
"I'm feeling really good about things. Like I have a different brain in my head. I took a couple of years off to find out who I was, to get my shit together. I came out to Los Angeles in January of 04 and the whole album was pretty much written in four months. It just kind of flew out of me. I wrote the basic arrangements and thought I would finesse them when I went back to the studio in New Orleans, but then I found that it didn't need anything else. A lot of the stuff I shit out in the rehearsal room ended up being the final takes. It might be laziness creeping in, but it felt like all I had to say, that I'd expressed it perfectly. I don't feel like I need to hind behind all that stuff any more."

There is also a new picture of Trent included, which Kleptonin sent me, and which I plan to post in a few hours, when I can take a break for lunch. You can probably get it sooner if you live in the UK by going out and buying a copy. Thanks to Kleptonin for the scans, and to Richard for the transcriptions.

Hyperlaunch Vinyl Promotion *UPDATE*

We recieved an email from Dave over at Hyperlaunch New Media regarding the competition to win an exclusive limited edition 9" vinyl boxset. Please read the following:
All users who registered before about 2pm GMT on 23/03 will NOT have their address details captured and so we will be unable to enter them in the competition.
The competition is now launched I would advise everyone to resubmit their details as soon as possible to be in with a chance of winning one of 2000 (increased from 1000) Limited Edition Vinyl Boxsets.
Enter the contest here. Keep in mind, this contest is only open to UK residents.

With Teeth Cover Art/Access Updated

Two big-time updates on More questions about the tour and album have been posted by Trent Reznor. The cover art for With Teeth with more specifics regarding the dual-disc release have been posted.
According to the update:
The Dualdisc contains the standard album as well as the advanced resolution stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixed by James Brown and Trent Reznor. It will play on both DVD-Audio players and standard DVD players.
The access update deals with album packaging, tour details, specifics on the album production and The Hand That Feeds video. Thank you very much to everyone who sent this in (we can't list all of you).
Tuesday, 3/22/05

THTF on Napster.

The Hand that Feeds is now available for download on Napster.
Thanks Andy and Instazen!

The Hand That Feeds - iTunes update update

A number of people wrote in to say that at 4am, The Hand That Feeds was viewable on iTunes, but not available for purchase just yet. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as it becomes available.
Okay, it's now available for purchase. Go nuts!

Amazon Pre-Order Pages are Live

You can pre-order The Hand That Feeds limited edition from Amazon for $11.99. Keep in mind that this may also be available from in coming weeks. Thanks to Ryan and Jim for the news.

New Trent Pictures.

Photographer Robin Lanaanan has two new pictures of Trent on her website. The first is on the front page, and the second is in her portraits section.
Thank you Schork for sending this news in.

Win limited edition vinyl boxsets!

Hyperlaunch New Media (media promotions site) have this THTF related page up on their site. It loops a sample of the single, with a neat little jerky visualisation. Not only that, if you register with the site, you get entered into a competition to win an exclusive limited edition 9" vinyl boxset (one of 1000).
So cool. Thankyou leplive!
Monday, 3/21/05

Midnight Release Party at Planet Replay in Austin

This is pretty much cut and paste from an email I got. While I suppose Interscope's probably looking to create new fans with stuff like this, they should let me know anyway, because I love to post this kind of news, and it usually comes third or fourth-hand.
PLANET REPLAY is hosting a Midnight Release Party for With Teeth on May 2nd. It will be held at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown location in Austin, TX. If you are unfamiliar with the Alamo Drafthouse, they are a movie theater that sells food and beer during their showings. The event starts at 9:45PM on May 2nd. Here's the info on the party:

Interscope Records & Planet Replay present:
Nine Inch Nails CD Release Party & Video Nite! Celebrate the new NIN CD with a screening of the unreleased music videos for the Broken EP plus a shitload of too-hot-for-MTV director's cuts of other NIN videos (including Closer) PLUS a Hard Copy segment on the FBI's year-long investigation into the Reznor video they thought was a genuine snuff film! All of this rolled into one big orgy of hostility scientifically designed to further aggravate your latent suicidal tendencies!
(This will all be shown on a full size movie screen!)
PLANET REPLAY will be on hand with CDs - or buy your ticket with CD included! There are 2 ticket prices:
$1 ticket to just get in and watch the film, or $15 ticket that gets you into the show, plus a copy of the DUAL DISC version of With Teeth.
In addition, everyone that buys the $15 ticket gets entered to a raffle to win tickets to an upcoming NIN show!

Interscope is giving us a ton of NIN swag such as posters, stickers, etc and even some of the limited 7" vinyl to give away at the party.

If you live anywhere near the Austin, TX area you need to be at this party! You can buy tickets online at this web address or visit for more info or you can e-mail me at if you have any questions.
Thanks again to Paul for the info!

With Teeth US Release Information

There is both a regular version and a Dualdisc version scheduled for release. The regular version will have a $13.98 list price. The DualDisc be a 18.98 list and the features are as follows:
CD side is the full album in stereo.
The DVD side contains the following features:
Album in hi res DVD-Audio surround sound
Album in Dolby 5.1 surround sound
The Hand That Feeds video
photo gallery
(this content is subject to change, but that's the word)
The LP (that's vinyl, by the way) version of the album is scheduled to come out a week earlier, on April 26th. Gigantic thanks to Paul from Planet Replay and to Shawn Paulson for the information!

DFA Remix of The Hand That Feeds

According to the DFA Records website, the some members of the DFA collective are remixing "The Hand That Feeds" and it will be released eventually.
DFA Records includes Black Dice, LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean, Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, and The Rapture. Once we're made aware of more specifics, we'll be sure to let you know.
Thanks Autarch, John, Bryson, etc

AudioHead Interview has posted a new article/interview with Trent Reznor regarding the recording of the upcoming album, With Teeth. It is a very in-depth article that I highly recommend reading. Very specific topics regarding the recording process in relation to With Teeth are engaged. Here's an example:
"The idea of trying to work with tape is stupid to me, seems archaic and is not something I want to embrace," he clarifies. "But I do think you can take the aesthetic of humanity and imperfection and spontenaity, and use it with computers. And that's - in kind of a rough, raw way - one of the things we've stumbled into with this record."

Check out the entire article here. Thanks chelene.

The Line Begins to Blur - Digital Single

Earlier we posted about Universal Canada's listing of The Hand That Feeds as a digital single. Well, now that same page has The Line Begins to [Blur] (they said blue, I think that's probably a mistake) listed as getting the digital single treatment on Tuesday March 29, 2005.
Again, I totally stole this from someone at Echoing the Sound, specifically Pimco. And if this listing is right, according to our last post on the topic you'll be able to legitimately download The Hand That Feeds from iTunes tomorrow. If you're from Canada. No word on iTunes US just yet.

WFNX asks... NIN or Weezer?

So the Boston area radio station WFNX has a poll up on their site... if you had only $0.99 left on, say, iTunes, which song would you download? New music by Audioslave, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, or Gorillaz? Be sure that if you do answer this poll, you vote for who it is you'd really want to win. Weezer seems to be in the lead at the moment at 58%, with NIN coming in second at 22%

The Fresno Bee talks to fans about the upcoming tour

The Fresno Bee ran a story in their Sunday edition's entertainment section about the upcoming Fresno Nine Inch Nails gig. It talks a little about the unusual nature of the club tour, and interviews a few NIN fans about their thoughts on the topic. VnD and Joymode (regulars at several relevant online communities) managed to close the article, and if you look closely, there's a reference to meathead in the article as well.
Thanks to Joymode and Kevin for sending in the news.

With Teeth exclusively Dualdisc in the US?

This article in the South Bend Tribune talks mostly about the music industry's lackluster response to consumer level audio piracy, there is one paragraph that caught TPD's eye, inspiring him to post on Perfect Isolation:
Although some albums have been issued only on DualDisc in the past, the most anticipated CD to get that treatment will be Bruce Springsteen's next one, "Devils and Dust," coming April 26. In May, the new ones from Bon Jovi and Nine Inch Nails will come out exclusively in the dual style.
Previously, The Downward Spiral was rereleased as both Dualdisc and 2xSACD format in the US, while the rest of the world only got the 2xSACD release. There were some online music retailers in Japan taking pre-orders for a two disc version of With Teeth, but if this article is correct, the US will only be getting a DualDisc release of the album. And if you had trouble playing your TDS DualDisc in your 100-disc changer last time, keep in mind that you can probably excercize your freedom of fair use to burn a copy of the CD side to a CD-R and use that in your massive CD changer without risking damage to your DualDisc.
Also, on the topic of the Japanese release, Sumiko wrote from Tokyo eariler this week explaining why Japan's release is coming so early:
I visited Tower Record in Tokyo on 5 Mar, and they told me they still planed to sale with extra songs on 27 APR. We have long national holidays from 29APR to 5May in Japan, called GOLDEN-WEEK. Usually, the day of book-publishing, CD-realease, etc... are going to be
earlier in these period, bacause companys will be in holidays as well. So, it has a reason to be on sale earlier in Japan, though Trent doesn't like it I suppose...

Sunday, 3/20/05

HMV pre-orders for THTF

For those of you who live in the United Kingdom, like myself, HMV are now offering pre-orders for the first NIN single on their website priced at £4.99.
Thanks Owen!
Saturday, 3/19/05

MuchMoreMusic interview.

An interview with Trent appeared on MuchMoreMusic's show "The Loop" this weekend. Rudiger kindly transcribed the short segment:
"I was just a point in my life where I was very ill, very off track. And I needed to take some time and get my life in order. I couldn't go forward. It was either going to be, die or get better, 'cos I was running out of last chances. When I decided to correct the situation, and really actively try to repair myself I also decided it was time for me to take a little time to get to know who I had become and what I was.
Recently hearing Johnny Cash sing "Hurt", that I wrote...that was my song. And then seeing the video that he did and juxtaposing his life into my words...and me getting goosebumps and feeling like somehow it's more powerful. It's's a magical thing.
I feel a thousand pounds lighter [now] that I'm not carrying around a bunch of secrets and hiding and lying and living this terrible life I've been involved in so...I'm ready to go out on tour. I'm ready to...make music good again."

Rudiger also tells us that it looks like this was a clip from the upcoming interview with New Music, as the host of that show (Hannah Sung) was the one asking the questions.
Friday, 3/18/05

Interscope Records Hosting Listening Parties

As noted earlier today on, Interscope Records is hosting the various listening parties taking part across the country over the next few weeks.

For the official, head over to's list. And as previously mentioned on The Hotline, there will be "exclusive limited edition items" at these events.

Sonic Seducer interview.

An interview with Trent has appeared in German magazine Sonic Sound in which he discusses the 5 track promo tape released to the media, the recording process, and the struggles he faced with his health that prevented him from finishing the album:
"It took a while until the disk was ready for release, although the actual production phase was the shortest I've ever needed. I simply needed time out to get a grip on myself as a person and to feel good in my own skin again, to get to know myself again. I worked hard, took this metamorphosis of mine seriously, until finally my head was clear enough again to write music. Besides, I didn't want to take the risk of failing by heading out too soon and possibly discovering that I am a lousy composer."

You can find the whole interview translated into English here.
Thanks to Lydia at the readthrough forum for providing the interview transcription, h6a6t6e for the song analysis transcription, Justin for the interview translation and drugprfct for the song analysis translation. Additional thanks go to Greg, Frameleader, and Z.

NIN confirmed for Summersonic!

The official Summersonic website has been updated to show Nine Inch Nails as the headlining act (alongside Oasis) for the August 13th/14th Osaka/Tokyo festival in Japan.

Photek talks about THTF remix. has managed to grab yet another exclusive interview with someone connected to the new NIN album. This time it's Photek! He talks about the different sounds of the remixes, and also reveals that he works on production of "All the Love in the World". Go take a look!
Thursday, 3/17/05

Dresden Dolls talk about the upcoming tour.

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls recently spoke to about the upcoming tour with NIN.
She said that the "first inkling we got that something might happen was when Trent called to get on the guest list for our last show in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he was ill and couldn't make it."
She went on to say that "It's easy to like this band. Our music is aggressive but not confrontational. I think there's a lot of common threads running through [both bands]."
Thanks go to Swammerhead!

NIN at Summer Sonic in Japan *update*

The official Summer Sonic line-up is being released in a very slick manner. The festival is taking place in Toyko and Osaka on August 13th and 14th 2005. On the website, the bands names are being unveiled letter-by-letter. Check out the site to take a look. According to the site, a band known as "?I?E ?N?? ?A???" is playing.
This comes straight from bigboss at sp1at.
Summer Sonic's website now lists that Nine Inch Nails is definitely playing at this years festival.

More Manchester tickets available.

Ticketmaster has made more tickets available for the July 10th/11th Manchester dates. If you haven't got them, and you need them, here's your chance.
Thank you Fraser!

The Hand That Feeds video on

We have received a number of emails mentioning an update in the current section of featuring what appears to be rehearsal footage of the new band performing The Hand That Feeds, dubbed with a high quality version of the studio version of the track. It's a 35mb download, so please be patient when downloading.
3/18 UPDATE:
No word on whether this is the official, promotional video or not, as last we heard, Ian Inaba shot scenes for an entirely different video concept - which was possibly going to be at least partially animated. Information from that shoot came from several different legitimate sources -- and apparently so did the first leak of The Hand That Feeds, so while it did actually happen, it's hard to know if that video concept has been scrapped or not.
Wednesday, 3/16/05

The Hand That Feeds - Digital Single

isdfx spotted something interesting on Universal Canada's New Releases Sheet. It lists The Hand That Feeds as a Digital Single getting released on Tuesday, March 22nd. Presumably, this means North America will be able to purchase the track (tracks?) from iTunes. Thanks to MonotoneCrusader for looking stuff up for me.
According to a representative of Universal Canada, the track will be available from, iTunes Canada, Napster Canada, and Thanks again to isdfx

More Astoria tickets available.

Need tickets for the March 30th/31st London Astoria dates? Some seem to have appeared on the See Tickets website. This is probably due to processing errors (ie: dirty rotten scalpers) being ironed out and/or a late release of a group of unused tickets.
Thanks to everyone in #ets for letting us know about this.
*Update* 20:55 GMT
man_i_kin tells us that he spoke to the salesperson whilst booking, and the reason given for the availability of new tickets was that "buyers [were] repeatedly pushing buttons on the site, and not waiting for it to update." So now you know.

Trent hosts Radio One Rock Show

Trent will be hosting the Radio One Rockshow on April 5th - not a March 29th appearance as previously thought, which means us Brits can all get a good nights sleep before we descend on the Astoria.
Thanks to everyone who yelled this news at me before I remembered to put it up.

More listening parties, special 7" promo vinyl

More listening parties have been added to our With Teeth info page. Also, we've learned that not only will everyone who attends these parties receive a limited edition poster, but if you pre-order With Teeth at the listening party, you get an exclusive promo 7" vinyl with "The Hand That Feeds" and "Home" (a non-album track). So, you know, if the prospect of hearing the new album in its entirety over a month in advance wasn't enough of an incentive, now you have another reason to go.

Halo 18: The Hand That Feeds

Head on over to for all the information about the UK/Europe ONLY release of Halo 18: The Hand That Feeds. On April 18th, A 2-track slimline release will occur simutaneously with a special 4-track digipack release (which is a limited edition and only being sold for the first 2 weeks). All copies of the single sold in the U.S. will be imports. A 9" vinyl and DVD will be available in the UK. Here is the track listing on the Limited Edition CD:

1. The Hand That Feeds
2. The Hand That Feeds [straight mix]
3. The Hand That Feeds [dub mix]
4. The Hand That Feeds [video]

Upon reading this update, I highly suggest you head to's current section to view the artwork. Thanks Ian, Matt, Abjectmisery, raynin, Konsumkind, etc etc for the News Submissions.

Trent on MuchMoreMusic.

Much More Music has a piece on it's website advertising an interview with Trent that was aired last night:
It's been almost 6 years since we've heard anything new from Nine Inch Nails. Now Trent Reznor is set to release a new record - called "With Teeth" - this May, and tour the globe with a brand new line-up. It turns out Trent was suffering from alcohol addiction and took the time he needed to get clean. "It was either gonna be die or get better, 'cause I was running out of last chances", the Nine Inch Nails mastermind told us, when we recently caught up with him in Los Angeles.

There also seems to be a lengthier interview with the man himself on Monday at 9:30pm on another MuchMusic show called "The New Music" which may or may not be the same interview.
Thanks to Rebecca and Rudiger for sending in this news.

THTF on Winamp.

Yes, we know it hit mainstream radio. You heard it here first. However! Rickspin tells us that you can also hear it on Winamp's radio media library. Which is kinda cool. Thanks Rickspin!
Tuesday, 3/15/05

The Hand That Feeds - Promo Scans

So this guy named Robot Robot Robot stops by ETS and asks if it's cool to mention that he's selling a promo CD for The Hand That Feeds. "It's not really something we like to do around here," I say, "but thanks for the scans!" Click on the image to the right for a bigger picture.

Yet more Mexico mess.

Emmanuel emails with the following information:
Mexican Ticketmaster released tickets on monday at 11 AM. At the time, they told customers that the section next to the stage would be general admittance, going at an unconceivable price of $100 USD. Several tickets were sold on this premise.
Apparently, this was a lie. Seats ARE numbered and ticketholders who were told the same thing should call for a solution. Tickets are not general admittance, and many people are still not aware of the situation. Phoning Ticketmaster is no use, you should contact CIE (promoter) directly at 55 5201 9000.

Edge 102 interview.

Alan Cross of Edge 102 flew down to LA last week to interview Trent for the station and earlier today they played an audio clip on air. Transcript here.

Single Information, With Teeth artwork

Kevin Bayer spotted some info on Sonic Boom Records' website, including what appears to be our first glimpse of WITH_TEETH promotional artwork, along with our first set of really good details about the Seattle listening party:
Tuesday March 29, 2005 7:30pm
Absolutely FREE and open to ALL ages
Be the first to hear the new NIN album "With Teeth" - a month before anyone else (released May 3). The first 200 people to show up will receive a limited edition poster (that only people attending the event will have). There will also be a screening of their DVD, along with an art exhibit from fans all over the Seattle area.
There's more... pre-order the record from Sonic Boom at the party and you'll get a FREE NINE INCH NAILS 7" single that night - this is the only way to get this single!

Go to Sonic Boom Records to see the really low resolution image of the With Teeth poster.
Monday, 3/14/05

More listening party news and details

Now with extra exclamation points. Thanks to remotecontrolNIN for sending this in.


In order to better keep track of this information and more, a With Teeth info page will be assembled here shortly, with information about the album's release, listening parties, related articles & artwork, and plenty of other goodies.

Zane Lowe to play THTF in the next hour!

Zane Lowe just announced that he will be playing The Hand That Feeds between the hours of 7 and 9pm on his Radio One show (for those not in the UK, you can go to the website and listen online, but you need Realplayer). Which basically means that it will be played in the next hour if it's not been played already.
Thanks George!
*Update* 21:24 GMT
OK, so we missed the first play, but The Hand That Feeds has officially hit mainstream radio. Celebrate!
(If you missed it, you can check it out in the Radio One archives - the first play was at 19:14, the second at 20:55 - thanks to everyone at Echoing the Sound for the info)

The Hand that Feeds radio debut.

The general consensus coming through news submissions, is that the new single will be debuting on most alternative radio stations worldwide tomorrow. This is a neat follow up to the confirmation of UK airplay that we posted on Friday.

With Teeth Pre-Orders. currently has a With Teeth pre-order page on their site. (but not also has a pre-order page, but it's for the Japanese imports, not the actual UK release.
Thanks TheFlyingManson!

Nijimegen confirmed!

Nine Inch Nails have been confirmed (at least on the festival website) for the Netherlands Nijimegen Rockin Festival on June 26th. Tickets go on sale on Friday the 18th of March.
Thanks to everyone who let us know about this.
Friday, 3/11/05

Netherlands rumour update.

Manual tells us that the venue is not a venue, but a festival called Rockin Festival which runs on the 26th of June in Goffert Park in Nijmegen. Other confirmed acts include Queens of the Stone Age, REM and Green Day.
This is not confirmed by any official source and is still a rumour as of right now. So please be aware that other venues and dates may appear at sone point this month.

Hand that Feeds to hit UK radio next week.

Rigsby has posted an email on Echoing the Sound that he received from Xfm DJ Ian Camfield regarding radio play of The Hand That Feeds:
Thanks for your e-mail. I've heard it, it's very good, but then the man from the label took it away. Apparently he's allowing me to play it from next Tues, so it will be on Music Response then and also will be in the Rock Show the following weekend."

Now, presuming Ian Camfield isn't one of those dirty stinking lying DJs, this is fantastic news. Hoorah. This probably applies to the Radio One Rock Show as well, as they broadcast in the early hours of a Wednesday morning.

Cleveland Listening Party.

Peabody's in Cleveland is advertising a With Teeth listening party for the 28th of this month.

NIN for Voodoo Festival.

Ticketmaster has started announcements to sellers in the Louisiana area that NIN are due to headline this years Voodoo Festival in New Orleans (which tends to draw in a crowd of around 65,000 people).
Thanks to James for the hot tip!
Thursday, 3/10/05

Rock Show competition winner announced.

Congratulations Kish Nag, because apparently you have won the Radio One Rock Show competition - the one where fans were asked to send in questions that will be thrown at Trent (ninja style) in his upcoming interview with the show (March 29th) in exchange for tickets of their choice to the London Astoria gigs.
I wonder if that's the winners real name...

Netherlands rumour.

We have heard tale of a potential Netherlands NIN June date. We don't know where, or when the concert will be taking place exactly, but it's due to be announced officially later this month.
Wednesday, 3/09/05

Another Page picture.

Because of the amount of people visiting the original, Scarlet Page posts a second picture of Trent getting his picture taken on her site. The pictures were shot in Los Angeles during a full day of press work (and he wasn't even late!).
She also confirms that an interview with Trent will be appearing in Kerrang! magazine at the end of the month, timed to co-incide with the Astoria gigs.
Thanks Scarlet! You're awesome!
*Update* 11th March 17:10 GMT
The pictures have been taken down and the threads deleted. You overloaded her site! Bad NIN fans. Bad. The good news is that there is only about a week and a half until the real pictures come out. So hang on in there.
Tuesday, 3/08/05

Austria/Berlin dates are SOLD OUT.

The June 14th Vienna, Austria date sold out within the hour that tickets went on sale.
Thanks to Daniel and Mixal for letting us know.
*Update* 14:16 GMT
The Berlin Columbiahalle June 15th date is also sold out.

NIN to play Hultsfred festival!

NIN is breaking it's Swedish virginity by playing the Hultsfred festival, which runs between the 16th and the 18th of June and usually has a capacity of 30,000 people.
Patrik tells us that this is Sweden's biggest festival, and tends to have a lot of teenagers milling around. Should be an interesting mix! No news about which date they will be playing, or ticket prices, or confirmation from, but as per usual, it should be forthcoming in the next week or so.
Sunday, 3/06/05

Extensive US Tour Planned.

The current section of updated to say "We will be announcing an extensive list of North American tour dates for the coming Fall. Tickets for these new shows will go on sale in June." Now you have time to save up some money.
If you can't see the update yet, just wait a few hours for your ISP's proxy servers to catch up.
Saturday, 3/05/05

K-Rock Ticket Contest

So you're not one of those people with a bulk account with Ticketmaster, or just plain weren't able to get tickets for the sold out Hammerstein Ballroom shows? K-Rock in New York is giving some away, telling you to tune in Monday to find out how.

With Teeth preview is officially online.

A few people noticed a prototype of this last week, but it seems that prototype has been finalized and is being advertised on places like Vampire Freaks -- although only one person who emailed us admitted to finding it there (Thanks Kay, that was you.)
The With Teeth preview has clips from The Hand That Feeds and The Line Begins to Blur, as well as a much more compressed version of the teaser trailer currently up on

Michigan Area CD Release Party

Luna in Royal Oak, Michigan is having a NIN CD release party on 3/29. Thanks to somewhat sore for the info!
Friday, 3/04/05

EST + CST dates are completely sold out.

All concerts on the EST and CST sold out within minutes.
Please stop emailing us with news about these dates being sold out. We are aware of what's going on. The demand was obviously very high, and unfortunately scalped tickets have already hit eBay.

On your mark... get set...

Did you remember about the US Club Tour East Coast tickets public sale happening right... about... now?

SickAmongthePure :: March.2005

SickAmongthePure is live with the March issue, and has been since the first of the month, as per usual.
SATP ups the content ante and rolls out the big guns. March features an exclusive interview with none other than Nine Inch Nails alum Chris Vrenna/tweaker. We also chat with Jessicka, formerly of Jack Off Jill, about her new band Scarling. Yet more exclusive interviews dot the issue, with Flesh Field, My Sixth Shadow, another label spotlight, this time on Cryonica Records, and yet another 'scene' spotlight focused now on Washington, DC, and of course muchos more.
Send in your feedback this month, and you could win all sorts of tweaker stuff, including drumsticks signed by Chris Vrenna.
SATP also continues with the new, in-depth Reviews section. This month features countless reviews including Ministry, Collide, KMFDM, [:SITD:], Cruciform Injection, and again, much more.
So while you're waiting for NIN tickets to go on sale, or perhaps lamenting not getting any, console yourself with SickAmongthePure.

Photek remixes The Hand That Feeds.

In an interview with Australian site In The Mix, legendary Drum 'n' Bass musician Photek reveals that he's just finished remixing the new NIN single. In other words,it looks as if we have a DnB version of The Hand That Feeds coming our way (hopefully).
Thankyou Christ!

Rock Werchter- July 2nd

As mentioned back on Monday, Nine Inch Nails has confirmed to play the Belgian festival Rock Werchter. We have now confirmed (so has that NIN will be playing on July 2nd.
Thanks Sylvie
Thursday, 3/03/05

NIN to play Eurockéennes.

Ninjaw reliably informs us that NIN are set to appear at the Eurockéennes festival, which runs from July 1st through to July 3rd. There's no official confirmation from the site or as of this moment, but it's no co-incidence that these are the exact same places NIN played last time they hit France.

NIN play Provinssirock!

NIN have been announced as an act for Provinssirock, a Finnish festival in the Seinäjoki area which runs for three days between the 17th and the 19th of June. The band should be playing the last night, in the NYT-tent, which was apparently at their own request.
Ticket sales have yet to be announced.
Thanks to Jani and jcps for sending this news in.
Wednesday, 3/02/05

Mexico Update! updates with the news that Mexico City tickets will go on sale Monday March 7th. Any further details have yet to be confirmed.

And another London date.

At this rate, I'll be seeing NIN on my birthday...
- Brixton Academy, London, UK: Thursday 14th July.
Same link as before...

Another London Date added.

- Brixton Academy, London UK: Wednesday 13th July.
Onsale at Gigs & Tours NOW.
Thanks closure!

UK General Sales.

As with most other dates on this crazy crazy tour, there's been a bit of confusion about the UK general sales date. Apparently it switched to Saturday last night, but the performance page of is now stating that general sales for the London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester dates all go on sale at 4pm today (Wednesday) on the Gigs and Tours website. Alternately, you can also call them at the phone number listed on the aforementioned page.
Good luck everyone! Thanks to azure!
Tuesday, 3/01/05

Tour talk, ticket trading, questions and answers.

The smoke's cleared a little, and Echoing the Sound is chugging along okay again. Earlier today, we hit about 290 users and had to reboot the server. Now that the presales have died down a bit...
Find out more about what's going on at the ETS Upcoming Shows Forum, where you can swap tickets if you're one of the lucky ones to have received tickets today. You can also find out more about accomodations near venues, see who else is going to meet up, and feast on other useful and useless information there.
There's also a ton of miscellaneous tour info in the ETS Tour News & Discussion Forum. If you have a question about the tour, check it out. If you're a little overwhelmed, don't forget that we have a "search" function that might help filter out the noise and get you to what you're looking for.
Have fun.

Yeah, well I didn't get tickets either. But...

It has been learned that only 10% of the tickets went on sale during the pre-sale today. Large batches of tickets will still go on sale on Friday. And now, back to our previously scheduled bitching...
I realize you are all very excited, but I have over a hundred emails in the last few hours from people who didn't get tickets. While I sympathize, there isn't a whole lot I can do for you. If it makes you feel better, I don't have tickets either.
Nine Inch Nails is touring extensively for this album, and will more than likely come back around after they make the rounds in Europe and elsewhere.
Yes, it sucks that people already are selling their tickets on eBay. Yes, it sucks (for you and me) that tickets apparently sold out everywhere within a matter of three minutes. But please, do not send me any more mail telling me you don't have tickets.

Sold Out?

We've recieved numerous e-mails regarding tickets for the New York, Atlanta, Philly, Chicago and Toronto (etc) shows. As of 4:03pm, "no tickets available" for these shows. As it would appear, the original amount of tickets allocated to for the pre-sale have been "sold out". This could be an error in the ticketing system, or scalpers have rather efficient networks with figuring out these pre-sales.
Keep in mind, that these are the "pre-sale" tickets, so come Friday, hit up, more tickets will most definitely be available.

Yes, this is a sad day for those of us (including me, so no more e-mails complaining please) who weren't able to get a ticket.

More Mexico Mess!

Ticket sales for the NIN Mexico City have been delayed until further notice. From what I can gather, it's either to do with lack of communication between the band and the venue and Ticketmaster, or something to do with confusion about ticket prices due to confusion about the way the venue is laid out. CIE, the promotions company are alleging that it's down to the band not confirming the date yet. Chances are, the tickets may not go onsale for another week.
(Co-incidentally, the sale date for tickets - but not the actual concert date itself - has now been removed from the performance page on
A sincere thankyou to Enrique and Emmanuel for providing the information again.

NME made a mistake. Imagine!

We are getting a number of emails about this NME article which at the time of this post says With Teeth is getting release April 2nd in the UK, and April 3rd in the US. They really mean May 2nd, because April 2nd is a Saturday, the 3rd a Sunday, and these are not your typical calendar days for music releases. Besides, when was the last time the UK got a release a whole month before the US did? Thanks to Nick, Xvostya, and Elvis.