Tuesday March 15, 2005

Single Information, With Teeth artwork

Kevin Bayer spotted some info on Sonic Boom Records' website, including what appears to be our first glimpse of WITH_TEETH promotional artwork, along with our first set of really good details about the Seattle listening party:
Tuesday March 29, 2005 7:30pm

Absolutely FREE and open to ALL ages

Be the first to hear the new NIN album "With Teeth" - a month before anyone else (released May 3). The first 200 people to show up will receive a limited edition poster (that only people attending the event will have). There will also be a screening of their DVD, along with an art exhibit from fans all over the Seattle area.

There's more... pre-order the record from Sonic Boom at the party and you'll get a FREE NINE INCH NAILS 7" single that night - this is the only way to get this single!

Go to Sonic Boom Records to see the really low resolution image of the With Teeth poster.