Wednesday March 16, 2005

Halo 18: The Hand That Feeds

Head on over to nin.com for all the information about the UK/Europe ONLY release of Halo 18: The Hand That Feeds. On April 18th, A 2-track slimline release will occur simutaneously with a special 4-track digipack release (which is a limited edition and only being sold for the first 2 weeks). All copies of the single sold in the U.S. will be imports. A 9" vinyl and DVD will be available in the UK. Here is the track listing on the Limited Edition CD:

1. The Hand That Feeds
2. The Hand That Feeds [straight mix]
3. The Hand That Feeds [dub mix]
4. The Hand That Feeds [video]

Upon reading this update, I highly suggest you head to nin.com's current section to view the artwork. Thanks Ian, Matt, Abjectmisery, raynin, Konsumkind, etc etc for the News Submissions.