Friday March 4, 2005

SickAmongthePure :: March.2005

SickAmongthePure is live with the March issue, and has been since the first of the month, as per usual.

SATP ups the content ante and rolls out the big guns. March features an exclusive interview with none other than Nine Inch Nails alum Chris Vrenna/tweaker. We also chat with Jessicka, formerly of Jack Off Jill, about her new band Scarling. Yet more exclusive interviews dot the issue, with Flesh Field, My Sixth Shadow, another label spotlight, this time on Cryonica Records, and yet another 'scene' spotlight focused now on Washington, DC, and of course muchos more.

Send in your feedback this month, and you could win all sorts of tweaker stuff, including drumsticks signed by Chris Vrenna.

SATP also continues with the new, in-depth Reviews section. This month features countless reviews including Ministry, Collide, KMFDM, [:SITD:], Cruciform Injection, and again, much more.

So while you're waiting for NIN tickets to go on sale, or perhaps lamenting not getting any, console yourself with SickAmongthePure.