Monday March 28, 2005

Houston party at Numbers still free to all

Robtert from Houston, TX wrote in all aflutter because "Heard on 94.5FM (The Buzz) in Houston this morning that the NIN listening party at Numbers is an exclusive party for people who win tickets through the radio station. Upon re-checking both the nin.com and numbersnightclub.com sites, where BOTH state pretty clearly "admission is free", I began to wonder what the hell was going on."

Robert made attempts to contact the DJs at the station, as well as someone at Numbers, but it was the station that he got through to.

"So I called the office of the station and spoke with a lady who was part of their promotions staff. She said the station was giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the event and that she was told if you didn't have a wristband (or ticket, alternatively) that John Q. NINFan couldn't get into the party, which I find to be an uproarious pile of stinky dogshit."

Before I even got around to following up properly on this, we got word from Numbers that indeed, "This event is open and free to everyone on a first come first serve basis. No invitation required ...fyi." (Thanks, Wes!)

So, no worries, Texans. Just another reason I have the opinion I do about radio DJs - especially at a ClearChannel station. Anyhow, the line for the LA listening party was pretty long, and a lot of people missed out, so make sure you queue up early. And don't forget to tip your bartender ;)