Saturday March 26, 2005

And in other news...

A few things I meant to post earlier this week got sidetracked because of all the other stuff going on.

Kraw sent in some Counterstrike screenshots he took, which takes online street team work to a different level. "Living in LA, I see promo posters plastered all over town. I thought it might be cool if these posters were visible in virtual communities like multiplayer games," Kraw wrote.
"As an experiment, I downloaded the postcard image from your site and set it as my "Spray Paint" in Counter-Strike: Source. ... If your into it, maybe you could start a trend and promote the "multiplayer-street team idea" on the hotline, or at least the viewers might get a kick out of some of the screenshots I took."

Travis Brown of The Art of Self Destruction is putting together a colletion of setlists for this round of touring, and needs your help to do so. Check out his tour page and lend a hand if you get the chance.

The Know the Score contest is closed, but I have not had time to judge the entries properly. It is going to be tough because there are a number of really good entries. I want to thank everyone who sent in entries -- even the people who didn't listen to the contest rules -- because it's been really cool. For those of you interested in hearing all the entries, I'm first going to check with everyone who sent an entry in, and if enough people are fine with it, perhaps we can start a bit torrent of all the finalists. More on that later.