Thursday March 24, 2005

NIN: Still relevant? - And a Fresno update

105.7 KPNT would like to know. Check out the poll in the upper left side of the page, it's about 50/50 right now. Their website has McDonalds' golden arch following my cursor around, too, cool. Thanks to Mike Tricky for sending that in.

18:30EST Update: Looks like the poll's a wash. At 4:30, NIN had 70% of the vote. Now it appears that if you vote for NIN, your vote goes against NIN, and vice versa. Radio stations prefer phone calls anyway, why not call them -- 314.WOW.DUDE (314.969.3833) -- and let em know whats up ;)

Dayve from BurningSouls Forum posted a lengthy review of the first show of the tour, from the perspective of the very front row. I especially like the post after his though, by AnarchiaX, who notes "Chunks of stucco were falling from the ceiling, from the place being rocked so hard (It was by far the loudest performance in that theatre)."