Monday March 28, 2005

Tales from the LA listening party

On Saturday, The Music Box held the first listening party for With Teeth. Doors opened at 8pm, and the party was over at 10, des[ote not having played the last two tracks on the CD. The free gifts were a small With Teeth poster, postcards and bumper stickers advertising the new album. You don't get the exclusive 7" vinyl until you pick up the new album.

"the "coming attractions" that were shown on the screen did indeed include a small bit of footage from the broken movie, but went through all of the videos and other visual material [like the "still" footage - specifically, "something i can never have"] in brief clips. each clip was preceded with the title and date of release; all titles were in the new "underscore" format. it went from "down in it" to "the hand that feeds"," reported eugenie de franval. The running time of the video montage was about 23 minutes.

There are plenty of opinions on what was played next - the album was played very loud, and unless you got there early or were VIP, you probably missed the beginning of it. The no cellphones policy was strictly enforced, as was a no chewing gum policy. One fellow, tenthousandlies, "Got there @ 5:15. I was next in line when they stopped selling the pre-orders."

And clicking here will show you a picture of the promo goodies, ripped from an eBay auction (and slightly modified).

A listening party in Cleveland is wrapping up just about now. Someone will probably start a thread in echoing the sound about it soon, so keep your eyes peeled.