Monday March 21, 2005

With Teeth exclusively Dualdisc in the US?

This article in the South Bend Tribune talks mostly about the music industry's lackluster response to consumer level audio piracy, there is one paragraph that caught TPD's eye, inspiring him to post on Perfect Isolation:

Although some albums have been issued only on DualDisc in the past, the most anticipated CD to get that treatment will be Bruce Springsteen's next one, "Devils and Dust," coming April 26. In May, the new ones from Bon Jovi and Nine Inch Nails will come out exclusively in the dual style.

Previously, The Downward Spiral was rereleased as both Dualdisc and 2xSACD format in the US, while the rest of the world only got the 2xSACD release. There were some online music retailers in Japan taking pre-orders for a two disc version of With Teeth, but if this article is correct, the US will only be getting a DualDisc release of the album. And if you had trouble playing your TDS DualDisc in your 100-disc changer last time, keep in mind that you can probably excercize your freedom of fair use to burn a copy of the CD side to a CD-R and use that in your massive CD changer without risking damage to your DualDisc.

Also, on the topic of the Japanese release, Sumiko wrote from Tokyo eariler this week explaining why Japan's release is coming so early:
I visited Tower Record in Tokyo on 5 Mar, and they told me they still planed to sale with extra songs on 27 APR. We have long national holidays from 29APR to 5May in Japan, called GOLDEN-WEEK. Usually, the day of book-publishing, CD-realease, etc... are going to be
earlier in these period, bacause companys will be in holidays as well. So, it has a reason to be on sale earlier in Japan, though Trent doesn't like it I suppose...