Saturday March 19, 2005

MuchMoreMusic interview.

An interview with Trent appeared on MuchMoreMusic's show "The Loop" this weekend. Rudiger kindly transcribed the short segment:

"I was just um...at a point in my life where I was very ill, very off track. And I needed to take some time and get my life in order. I couldn't go forward. It was either going to be, die or get better, 'cos I was running out of last chances. When I decided to correct the situation, and really actively try to repair myself I also decided it was time for me to take a little time to get to know who I had become and what I was.

Recently hearing Johnny Cash sing "Hurt", that I wrote...that was my song. And then seeing the video that he did and juxtaposing his life into my words...and me getting goosebumps and feeling like somehow it's more powerful. It's just...music's a magical thing.

I feel a thousand pounds lighter [now] that I'm not carrying around a bunch of secrets and hiding and lying and living this terrible life I've been involved in so...I'm ready to go out on tour. I'm ready to...make music good again."

Rudiger also tells us that it looks like this was a clip from the upcoming interview with New Music, as the host of that show (Hannah Sung) was the one asking the questions.