Friday March 18, 2005

Sonic Seducer interview.

An interview with Trent has appeared in German magazine Sonic Sound in which he discusses the 5 track promo tape released to the media, the recording process, and the struggles he faced with his health that prevented him from finishing the album:

"It took a while until the disk was ready for release, although the actual production phase was the shortest I've ever needed. I simply needed time out to get a grip on myself as a person and to feel good in my own skin again, to get to know myself again. I worked hard, took this metamorphosis of mine seriously, until finally my head was clear enough again to write music. Besides, I didn't want to take the risk of failing by heading out too soon and possibly discovering that I am a lousy composer."

You can find the whole interview translated into English here.

Thanks to Lydia at the readthrough forum for providing the interview transcription, h6a6t6e for the song analysis transcription, Justin for the interview translation and drugprfct for the song analysis translation. Additional thanks go to Greg, Frameleader, and Z.