Wednesday March 23, 2005

Kerrang! interview preview, album preview

kleptonin and Richard Payne both sent in word of a new chunk of Nine Inch Nails goods in this week's issue of Kerrang! Along with a quick review of every track on With Teeth, they include a relatively brief snippet of their elusive upcoming interview with Reznor. Here's a snippet of the snippet - you should buy the magazine if you want to read the rest:

Reznor decided to take a couple of years off to sort himself out after 1999's "The Fragile" and is now preparing himself and his bandmates for the release of their long-awaited fourth album "With Teeth".

"I'm feeling really good about things. Like I have a different brain in my head. I took a couple of years off to find out who I was, to get my shit together. I came out to Los Angeles in January of 04 and the whole album was pretty much written in four months. It just kind of flew out of me. I wrote the basic arrangements and thought I would finesse them when I went back to the studio in New Orleans, but then I found that it didn't need anything else. A lot of the stuff I shit out in the rehearsal room ended up being the final takes. It might be laziness creeping in, but it felt like all I had to say, that I'd expressed it perfectly. I don't feel like I need to hind behind all that stuff any more."

There is also a new picture of Trent included, which Kleptonin sent me, and which I plan to post in a few hours, when I can take a break for lunch. You can probably get it sooner if you live in the UK by going out and buying a copy. Thanks to Kleptonin for the scans, and to Richard for the transcriptions.