Tuesday March 1, 2005

Tour talk, ticket trading, questions and answers.

The smoke's cleared a little, and Echoing the Sound is chugging along okay again. Earlier today, we hit about 290 users and had to reboot the server. Now that the presales have died down a bit...

Find out more about what's going on at the ETS Upcoming Shows Forum, where you can swap tickets if you're one of the lucky ones to have received tickets today. You can also find out more about accomodations near venues, see who else is going to meet up, and feast on other useful and useless information there.

There's also a ton of miscellaneous tour info in the ETS Tour News & Discussion Forum. If you have a question about the tour, check it out. If you're a little overwhelmed, don't forget that we have a "search" function that might help filter out the noise and get you to what you're looking for.

Have fun.