Thursday, 1/31/02

LA Times Interview

The LA Times features an interview with Trent Reznor. The main topic concerns technology and different gadgets he's got around the home and studio. Thanks Igal.

Yahoo hosts videos from the DVD

In case you're still waiting for the DVD to come out, you can check out some tracks (Including the Wretched and Head Like a Hole) at this Yahoo address, as sent in by brain-dead.

Still #1 on Billboard Internet sales chart

Mitchell sent in this link to the Billboard Internet Sales Charts, where and all that could have been.still debuted at the top of the charts. Scrolling down further, it's also notable that the Deluxe AATCHB package came in at #15 on these charts.

Australian JJJ Radio to Interview Trent Reznor...

...right ...about Sorry, that's all the notice we got too. However, Sunday at 5pm Australian time, you can catch part two of the interview, which is apparently quite good. Thanks to skinky for the heads up.
Wednesday, 1/30/02

Press Release (more on soundscan)

January 30, 2002 -New York, NY - First week sales figures are in on nine inch's first ever live project "and all that could have been". Available in multiple configurations - the live CD, the deluxe audio edition (2 CDs), the DVD and the VHS were all the top Soundscan debuts for the week. The DVD enters the DVD music video chart at #1* and the VHS enters the video chart at #1*.
Overall, the project ranked top ten at retailers nationwide including; Virgin (#1), Tower (#1), Best Buy, Musicland, Newbury Comics (#1), among others.
nine inch nails' penchant for stunning audio, visuals, and design is clearly present on this project. Each configuration of "and all that could have been" features different packaging by award-winning designer David Carson. Following is the breakdown:
- live cd
- "still" cd
(available via
- deluxe audio edition
(with the live concert cd and the "still" cd, in special packaging)
- dvd
(both dolby 5.1 and dts formats are available)
- vhs

Tweaker remix will be online

The Tweaker remix of POE's "Haunted" will be on the Official Tweaker website this Friday. Tweaker is a project from former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna.

CC remix sample online

Charlie Clouser's remix of 'All it takes' is now available in stores. The remix was completed in Oct.'01 (see TRF News archives) and is featured on Stellar* new single called 'Taken'. The official Stellar* website has a 30 sec. real audio sample of the track. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan.

SoundScan Reports Back...

...but with a catch. For whatever reason, they split up the release of And All That Could Have Been on the charts. Coming in at 26, the deluxe set sold 33,000 copies, and at 37, the single live CD sold 28,000 copies. Combining those figures and accounting for double-cds, that makes for 94,000 discs sold, which under normal circumstances, would have made for a #3 debut on the charts, underneath Alan Jackson and Creed. B broke the news over at SLS Forums that MTV News had posted the figures. So thanks to Evan and B :)

Perfect Isolation re-opens tonite

For various reasons, the popular message board at called Perfect Isolation was taken offline. After some retooling, it's re-opened, better than ever. And I felt that warranted a post on the Hotline. Click here to check out the new PI.

UK music mag Kerrang! interviews Reznor

Whew. The new Kerrang! magazine hits shelves in England today, or at least it's been mailed out. And thanks to the indispensible help of shade and nodie we have it online for you to read. Here is the article, enjoy! Things have been pretty busy so I haven't even read it myself yet. I hear it's pretty good. They've got a lot of photos in this issue to - we won't post them all, that would be rude. But we've got one bunch of them arranged in the thumbnail to the left. They are "Wigs! Ants! Drugs! 20 Years of Trent Reznor" ...
1. From the High School yearbook, 1983
2. As part of his High School marching band, 1983
3. From the "Pretty Hate Machine" sessions, 1989
4. Circa "The Downward Spiral", 1994
5. "Enigmatic, moi?", 1994
6. Onstage at Woodtsock 2, 1994
7. Rocking the D'Artagnan look, 1997
8. Onstage with Adam Ant, 1995
9. Promoting "Natural Born Killers" with director Oliver Stone, 1995

Many thanks to Kerrang! for the cool article(s over the years) and again to shade and nodie for putting this all together.

Test Pattern reviews AATCHB DVD...

...and for a page that provides such authoratative reviews on DVDs, they gave this a very ecstatic thumbs up. Drunk sent in the link to the review, which really says all there is to say about it. For instance (re: release dates - Corona is produced in Canada):
This version is presented in your choice of Dolby Digital 5.1 or stereo sound. A DTS 5.1 version if forthcoming, and expected around February 5th. Apparently the DTS version is supposed to be superior to a trained ear, which must mean it's fucking amazing, because the Dolby Digital sound on this disc is incredible...
The potential for music performances is largely untapped. NIN: Live: And All That Could Have Been is the most ambitious and elaborate endeavor of its kind I've seen so far. I'm thankful that it happens to be my favorite performer who set the bar. The discs are amazing. The ultimate treat for hardcore fans and something for the rest of you to think about, and hope that your favorite artist gets feels the itch and puts together a DVD that brings as much together as this one.

In case you couldn't tell, they really, really, really, really like this DVD. And they know what's up when it comes to DVDs.
Sunday, 1/27/02

Rockline interview and chance to speak w/Reznor

A reader sent in that Trent Reznor will be interviewed on the radio show RockLine Monday night. Here is a station roster for stations that carry Rockline.
Press Release
January 28, 2002 - New York, NY - Trent Reznor of nine inch nails will make his first appearance as a guest on "Rockline" tonight, Monday, January 28 at 8:30PM PT/11:30PM ET. Reznor will join Rockline host Bob Coburn live from New Orleans. The toll free number for fans to call in to speak with Trent (only informed, creative calls will get on the air!) is 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). The show is heard on 70 stations across the country. Or people can tune in via the web at any of these sites:,,
Before the show, fans can email questions to Trent to and host Bob Coburn may ask your question to Trent on the air. Everyone who gets on the air to speak with Trent will receive a copy of "Still", courtesy of nothing records.
Nine Inch Nails Live's first ever live CD/DVD/VHS - And All That Could Have Been was released on January 22 and is being widely received by critics and at retailers across the country. The live release documents the band's sold-out "Fragility v2.0" concert tour, which was voted "Best Tour" by Rolling Stone magazine.
For more information on the project, visit the band's web site at To download an image, go to:here.
Sunday, 1/27/02

Baltimore Sun article

Tom1 sent in this news article from the Baltimore Sun.
Life's not easy for alternative rockers right now Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor finds that maintaining musical integrity is tough in the age of Britney Spears.
By Greg Kot
The thrill is gone, a wise blues man once said, and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor is trying to figure out how to get it back.
"I've had some time the last few months to calmly look back at my life, and to see if I'm happy with what I've done, and to determine whether I get the same pleasure out of making music that I did a few years ago," Reznor says from his New Orleans home studio. "And, I haven't had the same pleasure, basically. And I am trying to get back to why that is.
"The side of the record business that doesn't nurture artists or promote chance-taking, that has been shoved in my face lately. And I'm coming to terms with those things."
Not that Reznor has spent all of his time brooding. He has devoted most of the last year to editing a DVD of Nine Inch Nails' 2000 tour and a companion double CD, And All That Could Have Been (Nothing/Interscope), released Tuesday.
The DVD was complied from more than 20 concerts; the CD comprises a different set of performances from the same tour, as well as a bonus set of ambient soundscapes. It's a beautiful set of packages documenting a visually sumptuous concert; the double CD, for example, comes in a cloth-bound slipcase. The record-geek Reznor wouldn't have it any other way.
"I was the guy that on the way home from the record shop would smell the vinyl and couldn't wait to get home to turn off the phone and the TV and sit in my room with the headphones to experiences the album," he says. "I like looking at the liner notes, the packaging, the extras that come with the music. It all adds to the experience.
"The many battles with the record company over this DVD were all about cutting out some of that stuff; how much cooler artwork could be on the DVD face itself, whether there really needed to be an extra CD of mood pieces, the cloth packaging. 'Nobody cares about that stuff,' they say. Well, I care. I used to buy albums because the cover looked cool. But I'm getting the impression that fewer and fewer people do care about that stuff."
Attitude, attitude
If Reznor were getting graded for attitude in elementary school, he'd get an F. The casual fan might ask: Why so glum, Trent? You're a rock star! Get over yourself!
But if Reznor weren't such an obsessive personality, his music probably wouldn't be what it is. In 1999, Reznor finished work on Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile, one of the most sonically ambitious, densely layered rock albums ever made. The double CD had taken years to make in his New Orleans studio, but when it was completed, Reznor figured he had made the album of his lifetime, a work that expanded upon the multimillion-selling success of its 1994 predecessor, The Downward Spiral.
But The Fragile never took off commercially. It inched past the million-sales mark and faded fast. Like many of Reznor's peers from the early 90s, the artists who had defined the alternative-rock era - Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Hole, Rage Against the Machine, Jane's Addiction - The Fragile was out of step with a pop culture dominated by Britney Spears and Jay-Z.
You could say that it was simply a case of one corporate marketing model (alternative rock) being replaced by another (teen pop), but the artistic stakes were clearly higher in the early 90s. Reznor, the Pumpkins' Billy Corgan and Nirvana's Kurt Cobain wanted their hits, but they wanted them on their own terms: to make albums that were as challenging as they were commercial. Now, Cobain is dead and all of those bands have either broken up or have been shoved into the elder-statesmen outer fringe. Respect they may have, but commercial radio has moved on.
"The down-key approach to art and music doesn't work anymore," said Corgan, shortly before the Smashing Pumpkins announced its breakup. "I saw that with the Nine Inch Nails record. It's a great, ambitious record. But people don't want art right now, they want P.T. Barnum. [The Pumpkins'] biggest album was in '95, and Trent's was in '94. That doesn't seem that long ago to us, but to kids who are 15, they weren't even in the loop back then and they just don't care.
There isn't much P.T. Barnum in the post-alternative-rock world at the moment. After dismantling the Pumpkins, Corgan has formed a new band, Zwan, which has played a handful of modest club shows while he wrestles with the question of "Am I still gong to try to be a rock star or just declassify myself into a lower ring of hell?"
Lower profiles
The members of Pearly Lam has been working on low-profile solo projects. The surviving members of Nirvana are bogged down in court proceedings with Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, over the release of a box set. Jane's Addiction reunited, only to play 10-year-old songs. Soundgarden's Chris Cornell put out a moderately well-received solo album and has joined three members of Rage Against the Machine in a new band, which has yet to release any music.
Reznor, meanwhile, says he's going to work on his next studio album with a clearer idea of his mission.
"I've always done albums that were true to me at the time, " he says. "It just happened that who I was when I made Downward Spiral touched a nerve with a lot of people. Then you're faced with, 'Do I now chase that to maintain this success, which become a business, or do I remember why I'm doing this in the first place, which is to make music?'
"You get off track of your priorities. You can say it won't happen to you, but it has happened to me - to the point where I have had to stop the train and say, "Why am I doing this?"
"The last album doing not as well has give me the courage and humbleness to make better music in the future, to put less attention on catering to an audience that is preventing me from making the truest art I can. You have to do it for yourself, yourself only. I have to keep that in mind. I am keeping that in mind."

Trent on Kerrang??

Matildauk heard from a source that Trent may be on the cover of an upcoming issue of Kerrang magazine. The source said the issue will also feature a five page interview. All we can say is wait and keep an eye open.

AATCHB double platinum in Canada

That smooth Universal Canada NIN page is reporting that despite only being out for about a week, the video release And All That Could Have Been has gone double platinum. In Canada. So that's 200,000 copies sold, not 2,000,000. We haven't heard any information about US sales just yet, but that's a pretty good start.
Saturday, 1/26/02

TR interviewed by the edge

DJBitter heard on the radio that the music program manager at CFNY:the edge visited New Orleans to interview Trent Reznor. He will have bits of the interview on his radio show between 8-9pm est on Sunday in Toronto. To listen online go to

Canoe Interviews Reznor, Reviews CD/DVD

In this interview on jam! showbiz, part of the Canoe Network, Trent talks about the decision to put out a live release, and even says he's working on new music he hopes to have done by ... well, we wouldn't want to spoil it, would we. We'd like to smack jam! showbiz for even asking for a release date, anyway. They have also posted a less than stellar 3 out of 5 review from Friday by Darryl Sterdan, followed by Mike Ross's 4 out of 5 review, which doesn't focus on belittling the project quite like the prior. Alleviate the Pain from sent that set of news in.
Friday, 1/25/02

Exclusive Australian NIN Competition!

Attention all you Aussies that visit here... John Raptis' acclaimed website, Happiness in Slavery, is planning a competition in conjunction with Universal Records Australia to coordinate with the overhaul of his website and the opening of his new message board. While most details are not yet available, there are two pre-requisites at this time - you have to be from Australia, and you have to be a registered member of the message board. The HiS boards are aimed at developing an Australian NIN community (and I'm sure New Zealanders are invited, too... right? Heehee), so if you're looking for a place to meet up with some other ninnies from down under, check it out.

The Black Dog and CC?

Our friend Morpheus_TechnoPagan sent a bit of news today:
Pioneering UK electronica group THE BLACK DOG (remixers for artists incl. Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Bjork, Morphine, Placebo, etc) invited Charlie Clouser to complete a remix of their upcoming album ("Unsavoury Products" - a tribute to William Burroughs) that will feature remixes by CJ Bolland, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State, Jimmy Cauty (of The KLF), etc. C. Clouser's participation has NOT been confirmed yet.
THE BLACK DOG are huge fans of Charlie Clouser and will keep TRF posted on future developments. An exclusive interview of THE BLACK DOG -dealing mainly w/ NIN and C. Clouser- will be published @ TRF very soon.
More (including album teaser) available in the News section of TRF.
A side note from our Hoss--Leviathant:The Black Dog shares members with Plaid, the group that was licensed to Nothing for a while.
Thursday, 1/24/02

Universal Music Canada AATCHB website

This is pretty interesting... it looks like the Canadian branch of Universal Music has put together a page all about the release of AATCHB. It includes a streaming clip of Head Like a Hole live, as well as several loops from the audio CDs, thumbnails of the various release formats, and general information on the release. All in all it's a pretty nice little page. Thanks to Mike from fragiledesign for sending that one in!

In-store signing photos online at

I think that pretty much says it. Thanks to nothoney for alerting us to that. Oh, and BuckSatan filled me in - that Strombo fellow is from MuchMusic, he is essentially their version of Kurt Loder. His complete interviews are usually played during "newmusic" or "muchnews weekend."

Stroumboulopoulosly huge news update

Cat wrote in to mention that her site, will be updating later this week with photos from the line at Tower Records to sign up for the in-store appearance that occured on Tuesday. Also, Happiness In Slavery, the old-school Australian NIN website run by John Raptis, redesigned for the release of the DVD. is holding several contests for all kinds of nin stuff, visit their forums for more information.

CUT NINE INCHES OFF YOUR WAIST - Does that subject line look familiar? If you deleted it, you missed out on a leak to a DVD trailer. It's also a pretty funny read. Observant ninnies like blacklightfreakout noticed that the 'from:' address had the letters TRENT and ROB in caps among the lower case nonsense. Here's the trailer...

A lot of you have been writing in with information on how to access bonus items on the DVD, although most of which have been via DVD-ROM and Chapter Selection options on players. We will post how to reach the DVD extras as we find out about them - notice that we posted how to find the Manson performance of Starfuckers & The Beautiful People on the big post we made the day the DVD went on sale.

CONTINUING RELEASE PARTIES - dwnwrd sent in word that Club Cherry will be having a release party on the 25th - you can find more information about this in this weeks L.A. Weekly. Thanks dwnwrd ;) Chris wrote in to point out that Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA will be having a free screening of the DVD on February 4th, at 9pm in Squires Colonial.
Mormolyke is keeping up with things in Australia, where on February 23rd, Ritual will be holding a party for both Queen of the Damned and the Nine Inch Nails live release. All kinds of freebies to be nabbed!

NINjaw P.B. - who plays a big part in France's NIN Fan Club, wrote in to let us know that despite delays in the European release, the US import was actually available in Paris a day before AATCHB went on sale in the US. You can check out pictures of the French Fan Club raiding a Virgin Megastore.

I know you're out there, which one of you was it. Kim was watching TRL the other day, and in the background she saw kids holding up NIN posters and "TRL Sucks" posters. Right on ;)

MuchMusic in canada is airing commercials for the DVD, apparently produced by HMV music, according to wicked2thousand
Commercial details: opens with black NIN logo on static background. narratior says band name and album name. flashes to a vid clip of the band performing 'march of the pigs' (framed with static border). after showing clip for a few seconds, it displays all 3 versions (DVD/VHS, CD, bonus CD 'Still') at the bottom, while narrator says "get a sneak peak at".
Also, nintime wrote in from Quebec to mention that Montreal TV show "Flash" gave the NIN DVD a 10/10 review.
Continuing on the topic of reviews, DVD @ gave a really nice review here about the NIN double-DVD. It got high marks everywhere, except for the bonus features, because the reviewer by his own measure has just begun becoming a NIN fan (thanks to the DVD) and doesn't know yet that when it comes to Nine Inch Nails, you find that the juicy stuff is oft buried amongst the rest of the good stuff. Gravix and Choser -and- Deviation sent in that tidbit.
Also, posted a nice article on the DVD, including two new video interviews with Trent, dealing with the DVD delays, and talking about how he's proud of the end result. RaveGyrl sent that one in.

happy wrote in about "part three of George Stroumboulopoulos' New Orleans interview with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor", but forgot to mention what publication the interviews appear in. I guess I could search google for Stroumboulopoulos, but typing that name twice has got my fingers aching. Or maybe that's just all the past-due updates I've posted just now.
Tuesday, 1/22/02

Musique plus, Much Music, and San Francisco Chronicle

While watching musique plus today francis heard the vj commenting on an interview with Trent Reznor the interview will be aired on Fax in weeks to come. Part of the interview concerning Trent's favorite cd's will be aired in next week's "le cimetierre des cds". The interviewer was Anne-marie Wittenshaw. She met up with Trent in the US the interview will probably be around 10 minutes long, showing videos, and live footage its the basic format of those interviews on Fax
Much Music aired an interview with Trent Reznor on Monday and a second part on Tuesday. Check here to see if there's any more information. Thanks J!
An interview with Trent Reznor from the San Francisco Chronicle can be found here.
Here's a snipit:
Q: I heard you wanted to redo everything a bunch of times because you didn't want it to look like a Def Leppard concert.
A: Nah. I mean, there's excerpts of truth in there. But really what it is, I just wanted to make people feel they were at the show, not flying above the band and s-- like that. That stemmed from the knowledge I gained on the "Downward Spiral" tour years ago. We spent a s-- load of money and had a lot of cameras come in and film it, and I was watching it and thinking, "Jesus Christ! I'm going to quit making music. I look terrible." It was just full of all these beautiful, close-up, sweeping camera moves. I just thought, "Is that what we look like?" I just thought we looked stupid. And who wants that?

Thanks Patricia!

Tribune, K-Rock, and mini Yahoo interviews

Naut wrote in that the Chicago Tribune featured an interview with Trent Reznor. You may read the article here. Also, as reported earlier, K-Rock interviewed Trent late Tuesday afternoon. There is a link here for the audio, but Naut couldn't get it to work. All we can say to you guys is to keep trying it. If anyone discovers something different, please send it to us. Thanks.
MariaCallasImposter sent in a brief rundown on the K-Rock interview:
Danny, Trent, and Jerome went on the Cane and Cabbie show today, on 93.2 K Rock NYC. It was basically a Q & A session conducted by the shows hosts, and they played "March of the Pigs" and "The Wretched" off the new cd. They spent some time talking about the bad hair from the pretty hate machine era.
Trent explained the different available formats of "All That Could Have Been." (i.e. DVD, cd, deluxe versions)
They also discussed the status of the Tapeworm project. Trent said it is "a way for the band to function as a democracy, not as me as my dictatorship." He also said he is happy to have others input and function as a "real band" with the side project. He said tapeworm needs to be finished and mixed.
Trent said he was not asked directly about working with
Fred Durst but he has "heard some inquiries about him
asking for me to remix his cd."
Cane asked Trent was a "happier person", now that he is "cleaned up" and Reznor's response was "I've been in a good place since 'The Fragile.'"
Cane asked what they disliked in music today which lead to the following questions when they didn't give a response: Would Trent have sex with Britney Spears-- "not my cup of tea."
Trent on seeing N'Sync's live show; "it was tedious and boring."
Where is Trent Reznor in 15-20 years? (A question I
e-mailed Crazy Cabbie to ask.) Trent's response was to "get into more into production, films, soundtracks or shrimp boating."
Cabbie ask Trent "Are you still friends with Manson
and he replied "yeah, we're friends." Cabbie went on to
ask why 'the duet with Manson from the Madison Sq. Garden show was not included. Reznor response was 'we hid some stuff on the dvd. One fan got a promo copy, and everything has been explained on the Internet.' He gave the instructions to find the performance 'if you watch
"Starfuckers" and get to the middle section, you will see Manson on the side and it will take you to that night.'
Thanks MariaCallasImposter!
Kris sent us this cute bit from Yahoo-
Trent Reznor is in the Web Guide section of Yahoo! Internet Life this month (February 2002 issue). Page 83 to be exact. Here's the transcript of the article:

As the mastermind behind tech rockers Nine Inch Nails [], Trent Reznor is known for his computer skills. He recently took a break from his CD/VHS/DVD project Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been to talk about his favorite sites.

VERSIONTRACKER.COM We do everything in the studio on Macintosh computers, and all the software uses about a hundred plug-ins. I go here for updates. []

BLUE'S NEWS I'm a big video game fan, so I often check in with this site to see what developers like [Quake creator] John Carmack are working on. []

DARK HORIZONS One of the better movie sites. It has news stories like when something blows up on the set of Men in Black II.[]

HOT OR NOT We're always looking for distractions, so we spend a lot of time on this site. We even posted a picture of someone who works here in the studio without him knowing, spent the day tracking the votes he got. Of course, we altered the picture with Photoshop. []

Paul Seme
Tuesday, 1/22/02 updated

As most of you know NIN will have an in-store signing tonight at 5pm at the Virgin Megastore in NYC's Time Square. The official NIN site mentions that you will be able to view pictures from the signing later on tonight. Also K-Rock featured an interview with Trent at 3-4pm today.

Mix Magazine interview TR about DVD

In this month issue, Mix Magazine, professional audio and music production, provides a huge article on NIN and the DVD release. The Trent Reznor interview is entirely available on the web.

nine inch nails live: and all that could have been

And All That Could Have Been has been released in the Americas tonight. Available as a single CD (pictured left), a deluxe, limited edition set (real-deal limited, as in if you don't get yours this week there are no more), DTS DVD, Dolby 5.1 DVD, and VHS. The Live CD come with a photo & credits booklet, as well as an insert with information on ordering CD2, still, from Object merchandise. The Deluxe CD comes in a nice gray cloth case, but that's about all I know because no one around here would sell me one early. Gotta send my roommate out at 10 to snag a copy at Circuit City - they're trying to out-cheap Best Buy and are offering the deluxe CD set for under $17. Nice. By the by, scans of the DVD are being placed in the halo 17 section of The Halo Profiles, provided courtesy of an aussie friend of mine.
The DVD is chock full o' secrets (Well, they're secret if you didn't spoil it for yourself) and you'll find ways to access them being leaked via the net by Nine Inch Nails as time goes on. If you've got the DVD already, here's something to look out for, we've been told: During the Starfuckers video, there is a frame before the middle of the track where you can see Marilyn Manson on the side of the stage. Press enter as close as possible to that moment to see Manson join NIN on stage to perform Starfuckers and the Beautiful people.
Monday, 1/21/02

On the eve of the US Release

Just a quick reminder that tonight there are release parties for And All That Could Have Been going on in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and Albquerque. For more information check our calendar page.
A couple of friends of mine and I braved some nasty weather and caught the release party at the Albion Batcave in New York, and while it certainly wasn't the IMAX, it was a good chance to catch a peek at the DVD before getting a copy ourselves. Unfortunately, they started the DVD a half hour before they said they wold - but having gotten there early, that didn't matter too much for us. There was a monsterous amount of promo stuff they were handing out - CDs, VHS, a stack of posters several inches thick, nothing records logo banners, promo flats and flat-size window clings, nothing records logo window clings, AATCHB triangular standup displays, and more. I grabbed a whole lot both for myself and for giving away here, but due to the heavy snow, most of the posters got ruined. Big thumbs up to Nothing & NIN for so providing much free stuff. Saved me (and I'm sure quite a few others there) from hunting things out on eBay later. However, my point is - if you can, go to one of these parties, you might get a copy of the album, the DVD, and at some places they're giving away DVD players - and have a good time.

Australian release delayed

According to Universal, "...There has been lot's of changes in regards to the release dates of Live: And all that could have been, so just to be clear on all the dates - Standard album is due out Feb 4, limited edition is hopefully Feb 18.. all pending o/s production which is in a bit of a mess at the moment, DVD is also up in the air but we are shooting for release date of Feb 18. We will release limited ed and
DVD earlier if they arrive earlier. Unfortunately the hold ups have all been to do with getting the NIN artwork perfect..."
Thanks to John of HIS and mormolyke.
Saturday, 1/19/02 gushes forth

Wow. We got a whole lot of email in a real short time, which leads me to believe that there was some hiccup in our news forwarding service. Here's the stuff I can post quickly and with little effort:
  • Order Still Online from
  • The 1:30am showing of the NIN special on MTV has been moved up to a midnight scheduling. For more information, please visit the newly revamped And All That Could Have Been Website
  • In VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Rock, NIN placed 43rd. (thanks chaosfactorynine
  • Eddie went to the West Palm Beach release party, and in short - they projected the VHS version on a white sheet, while trying to play the CD in synch with the video. It was about as far removed from the IMAX showings in Canada as it gets, but they still gave stuff out.
  • Thank you folks, many of you have written to tell us of all the hidden images (and one shockwave file) buried within We won't be posting where to find it, or exactly what you'll find - spoilers are bad - but know that it's there. So look around!
  • DJ Bitter went to the Toronto IMAX showing of the DVD, and sent along some pics of the event - we'll be posting those shortly.
  • If you live in Seattle, WA, you will want to head over to the Baltic Room in Capitol Hill for a release party for the DVD. We don't know when or what day - but we suspect that one of you will be able to find out and mail us about it. Thanks roaringviolette
  • If you're in Los Angeles, you're probably asking why there haven't been any release parties there of all places. Don't know the answer to that, except that there will be one on the 24th (better late then never!) at The Knitting Factory. Thanks to Alberto Andrade for that tidbit
  • I've got some updating to do on that Calendar over there. In Dallas, TX The Church will be having a release party, giving away DVDs, CDs, and VHS copies of the release. Thanks Surbeena!
  • posted samples of the live CD at this address, according to a.m. here, check it out!
  • Chad also went to the Toronto sneak preview at the Famous Players IMAX, and sent scans of the window cling, the special edition 2CD set, and the laminate pass used to get access to the show. Again, these will be posted shortly, along with DJBitter's photos.
  • The German DVD release has been pushed back to February 25 :
  • contest

    Go to the Features section of the official NIN site to read details on the AATCHB contest. You can register to win a pass to the sold-out Vigin Megastore signing and for those who cannot make it to NYC there's a giveaway of an AATCHB package autographed by Trent Reznor. The package includes the deluxe 2-cd set, dvd, vhs, live album, and still album. Winners will be chosen this Monday, January 21st. So hurry over for a chance. Good Luck! Thanks to all who wrote in with the news.
    Friday, 1/18/02

    AATCHB site updated

    The official And All That Could Have Been website has been updated with new flash image backgrounds, lyrics, hidden pictures, and more. The link to purchase is here for the sold separately Still cd. Thanks to all for the news submissions.

    Montreal DVD screening review

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the And All That Could Have Been Premiere in Montreal Imax Paramount Theater. Here is my review and exclusive shots taken from the screen.
    Thursday, 1/17/02

    NIN Mtv/Mtv2 special plus a new pic at

    Our pre-release updates continue as a new pic of Trent Reznor and Jerome Dillion was posted tonight at the official site. Click here to view it. You will also notice in the Current section information regarding the NIN: And All That Could Have Been special that will air this weekend on Mtv and Mtv2. The special was produced by Reznor and will feature never before seen footage and interviews. Mtv2 will carry the full 1 hour and Mtv a half hour. Air times are subject to change. Visit for more details.
    Wednesday, 1/16/02

    Release parties in Miami, Albequerque, Detroit

    Keep em coming! We've updated the Release Party Calendar with dates for Miami, Albequerque, Detroit, and made the page a little more presentable. Thanks to C, Eugen, and Malissa, and _DJB for the updates.

    Best Buy features NIN

    RaveGyrl, davenin, and Axl wrote in that NIN is featured on the Best Buy website here. You may download a trailer of Wish from the live dvd in quicktime, real video, and windows media formats.

    New teasers on flyer/press release

    With the And All That Could Have Been release just days away the official NIN site has offered yet another teaser for fans to download. Visit the Current section for the newest sneak peek.
    Thanks to catfishsmuggler.
    There is also a new flyer up here that clarifies the way in which you can meet NIN at the Virgin Megastore on January 22nd.
    Another teaser can be found here at the official site. Thanks to brain-dead.

    January 16, 2002

    New York, NY - On Tuesday, January 22 at 5:00PM ET, nine inch will be holding their first ever in-store signing at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, NYC to mark the release date of the band's first ever live CD/DVD/VHS - And All That Could Have Been. The live release documents the band's sold-out Fragility v2.0 concert tour, which was voted Best Tour by Rolling Stone magazine.
    To reserve a spot in line for this very special in-store, fans can go to Virgin Times Square beginning Friday, January 18 at 9:00AM and reserve a CD, DVD, or VHS. No camera, video, or recording devices of any kind will be allowed at the signing, and space is limited.
    In addition to the Virgin Times Square in-store appearance, Virgin Megastores worldwide will air an exclusive taped interview with NIN's Trent Reznor and Rolling Stone journalist Anthony DeCurtis followed by a screening of the DVD.
    The And All That Could Have Been live CD was produced by Trent Reznor and features seminal NIN songs including The Wretched,Head Like A Hole, Wish, Closer, Starfuckers, Inc., and Hurt. Described by the NME as "angry, basic,mesmerizing, and visually matched by three phallic video screens, flashing kaleidoscopic images" the tour sold out in 43 U.S. cities and garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike.
    And All That Could Have Been is available in the following configurations: CD; Still CD (available via or as part of the Deluxe audio package); Deluxe audio package with the live concert CD and the Still CD in special packaging; DVD (both Dolby 5.1 and DTS formats are available); VHS.
    Still, a special 9-song companion CD, will be available for purchase via nine inch website and in stores as part of the deluxe audio package. Still features four NIN favorites recorded live in a deconstructed fashion, one new vocal track And All That Could Have Been, and four new instrumentals. In his review of the Still CD in Rolling Stone, Anthony DeCurtis comments,"...persuasive proof, if any is even needed at this point, of the musicality that underlies Reznor's most ear-shattering work, and of his ability to disturb even at his moments of greatest beauty.
    The And All That Could Have Been DVD/VHS, produced by Reznor with Rob Sheridan directing, contains eighteen songs which recreate the Fragility concert experience from beginning to end, using video footage collected over the course of the entire U.S. tour. The DVD/VHS was shot, edited and produced digitally, using Apple hardware and software.
    For more information on the project, visit the band's web site at To download an image, go to:here.

    AATCHB Release Parties Organized

    On the navigation bar for the site, we have added a temporary new link, to our AATCHB release party calendar. Find out if your cities listed. If you've got some info we don't have about a release party near you, let us know!

    More promo scans!

    Added to our growing list of And All That Could Have Been promo scans today are scans of the promo flat, the promo postcards, and the promotional stickers being distributed to announce the release of the new CD/DVD/VHS. Right now, if you click the above link, you'll just see a directory listing. When I've got time, I'll make it pretty. Or maybe someone else will beat me to it. But for now, feel free to browse!

    AATCHB pre-release party in Houston

    As the highly anticipated arrival of And All That Could Have Been draws closer, pre-release parties keep springing up all over the U.S. In fact, we just received word from Jenn that the next party will occur this Friday, January 18th in Houston. The party will commence at #'s Night Club, which is located at 300 Westheimer - Click here for a map. Anyone who's interested in going might want to give the staff a ring at (713) 526-6551 to confirm times.
    Tuesday, 1/15/02 Update: Nails scheduled in-store signing.

    For the first time Nine Inch Nails will hold an in-store signing at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square on January 22nd at 5:00 pm. Visit the official NIN site current section for more details. You should drop by the Megastore starting on the 18th at 9:00 am to reserve your place in line and a copy of AATCHB cd/dvd/vhs. No video, cameras, or other recording devices are allowed, sorry. Space is limited.
    Monday, 1/14/02

    New photos up at

    If you head on over to the 'current' section of, you'll notice a thumbnail of two photos under LATEST NEWS. To the left of the first picture is webmaster of and DVD director Rob Sheridan, in the middle is frontman Trent Reznor, and to the right is "the mystery man." The second picture is pretty self-explanatory.

    Pre-Release party for AATCHB in NOLA

    According to Tonja, a pre-release party for And All That Could Have Been will take place on January 21st in New Orleans starting @ 10 p.m. The party will be held at the Shim Sham Club located at 615 Toulouse Street in the French Quarter. There's no cover charge and free giveaways! Click here for a map to the club.

    German AATCHB delayed again

    Nils from NMK wrote in:
    And All That Could Have Been has been delayed in Germany again. The new date now is Feb 11th! If you want, you can check that at : Motor News under the NEWS then in the Releases Section. They still have Feb 4th as the Release Date. Oh and a small note : Things Falling Apart placed at number 20 in the German Alternative Charts for 2001, which is not that bad for a Remix album.

    Jan 2002 Mix mag

    There is an interview with Trent Reznor in the January issue of Mix mag that can be found here.
    Here is a brief excerpt:
    "We didn't take much of a break. Toward the beginning of the tour, once it started getting up to speed, we had the idea that it would be cool to do a live DVD, and probably a live album. So that started the procedure of thinking, 'Well, what would be the primary focus of it?' And I thought that I was very pleased with the way the live show had gone and proud to present it every night. I thought it would be nice to have some kind of document on that. Not what goes on backstage, and not the crowd talking; not the typical live thing. Just about the show itself."
    Thanks to James.

    AATCHB Chicago screening

    A Chicago release party is scheduled for Thursday, the 17th @ 9:00pm at Delilahs- 2771 North Lincoln. Thanks to Erin for the news submission. Click here for a map to the club.

    Florida AATCHB Release Party

    prettyh8machine over at (digital noise) is digging up all kinds of release party information. The latest brings a party to those in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. This website lists a release party for the DVD/VHS/CD on January 17th at Respectable Street Club. For more information about the venue, click here.
    Sunday, 1/13/02 update

    Erebus let us know that was updated with some additional information about the CDs. So for those of you who thought Still would only be available in the deluxe set there's good news. At some point Still will be sold as separate cd. Check the official NIN site for details.
    Friday, 1/11/02

    AATCHB screening at West Chester and Montreal

    Green wrote in this bit about the screening:
    At West Chester University (West Chester, PA) the college is having a screening of And All That Could Have Been in their theater. They have 350 tickets for free that they'll be giving out at the Sykes building on Monday Jan 14th for a screening Saturday the 19th.
    This link is to the campus website.. I don't know how much good it would do anyone aside from having a map WCUPA. I got this info from a poster hanging up in the Sykes building.
    Green made note that the building name may be spelled incorrectly in the message sent to us. In any event if you're near West Chester check things out!
    And for Montreal Hurthead submitted:
    99.9 THE BUZZ Radio in Burlington, also broadcast in Montreal, are giving passes for a screening of the DVD, January 17 at the Paramount Imax theater on St-Catherine, Montreal, at 11pm. Every Friday they broadcast live from the Buzz Club in Montreal and yesterday they were giving them away there. It's not really a pass that they were giving, you just had to leave your name, phone number, and present yourself at the theater.
    Friday, 1/11/02

    Tweaker video premiere

    Lots of big fun things happening this month! Tweaker, which as we all know is the project of former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna, will be premiering the video for "Linoleum" on the official website as a download on Friday, January 18. Thanks to Waxploitation for the news.

    Official Press Release

    January 11, 2002

    New York, NY - Nine Inch Nails first ever DVD and live CD arrive in stores on Tuesday, January 22. And All That Could Have Been CD/DVD/VHS documents the band's sold-out Fragility v2.0 concert tour, which was voted "Best Tour (2000)" by Rolling Stone magazine. The live CD was produced by Trent Reznor and features seminal NIN songs including The Wretched, Head Like A Hole, Wish, Closer, Starfuckers, Inc., and Hurt. Described by the NME as "angry, basic, mesmerizing, and visually matched by three phallic video screens, flashing kaleidoscopic images" the tour sold out in 43 U.S. cities and garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike.
    And All That Could Have Been is available in the following configurations: CD; Deluxe audio package with the live concert CD and the Still CD in special packaging; Still CD (available via or as part of the Deluxe audio package); DVD (both Dolby 5.1 and DTS formats are available); VHS.
    Still, a special 9-song companion CD, will be available for purchase via nine inch nails website and in stores as part of the deluxe audio package. Still features four NIN favorites recorded live in a deconstructed fashion, one new vocal track And All That Could Have Been, and four new instrumentals. In his review of the Still CD, Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis comments,"...persuasive proof, if any is even needed at this point, of the musicality that underlies Reznor's most ear-shattering work, and of his ability to disturb even at his moments of greatest beauty."
    The And All That Could Have Been DVD/VHS, produced by Reznor with Rob Sheridan directing, contains eighteen songs which recreate the Fragility concert experience from beginning to end, using video footage collected over the course of the entire U.S. tour. The DVD/VHS was shot, edited and produced digitally, using Apple hardware and software. In reviewing the live CD and DVD, Jason Pettigrew of Alternative Press magazine states, "With this live disc (and corresponding DVD), Nine Inch Nails have arrived at that elusive point where artistic fulfillment and audience expectation coalesce... Even after 11 years, NIN's ride remains as exhilarating as ever." The tour featured ground-breaking visuals created by such innovators as lighting programmer Leroy Bennett (NIN, The Cure, Prince), lighting set designer Marc Brickman (Pink Floyd, Springsteen), and internationally renowned video artist Bill Viola, while the live sound was handled by Jon Lemmon (The Cure, Depeche Mode).
    The DVD edition features commentary by Bill Viola, a photo gallery, and the option of viewing some songs from different angles. The DVD will be available in both DTS and Dolby digital 5.1 formats.
    For more information on the project, visit the band's web site at To download an image, go to: gives us the poop on 5.1 configurations

    Okay, even more information about the DVD audio specs. If you browse on over to and visit the current section, there's a real nice write up about the differences between the formats of the NIN DVD by the guys who made the NIN DVD. It should clear up any remaining questions you have about which version of the DVD you ought to have.
    Thursday, 1/10/02

    Some minor DVD clarifications...

    There have been some questions as to just what format the DVD is being released in, as there have been a lot of different stories floating around about it. Well, most of those stories are true...
    The DVD will be released in two different formats - one version uses Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround, and another version uses the technically superior DTS Digital Theatre System. If you're not up on your DVD audio information, the above links should help answer any questions you have about the distinctions between the two systems.
    In addition to being available in two formats, the DVD is a double-DVD release. The full concert is spread out over two discs. In other words, we've probably got a lot of extras buried in these discs. Those of you who still only have a VCR might want to look into getting a DVD player... they're getting awful cheap now ;)

    AATCHB pushed back until Feb 4 in UK

    Lara Ruffle wrote in with some news from the UK music mag, Kerrang! In issue 886, they feature this little write up about about the new release...
    Nine Inch Nails will release their live album 'And All That Could Have Been', on February 4, in no less than four different formats. Produced by Trent Reznor, it will contain 16 songs recorded live during their 2000 Fragility V2.0 US tour and will be available in CD, DVD, VHS and 'Deluxe CD' formats. The latter will contain a special bonus disc, 'Still', which features NIN tracks recorded live in a deconstructed fashion as well as some
    new material.

    We know all that other stuff, but the important thing to note is that the UK release has been pushed back two weeks. Patience :)

    DVD release/viewing parties: Chicago, Pittsburgh

    Prettyh8machine over at (digital noise) pointed out this calendar of events, noting the January 19th release party for the NIN DVD (plus related giveaways) at the Pittsburgh goth/industrial dance spot Ceremony.
    If you're in the Chicago area, there's a midnight sale and viewing of the DVD at Crows Nest on Fullerton by Lincoln Park. lifeguard1020 also mentioned on the SLS boards that they'll be raffling off a DVD player to boot!
    If you have any more information about area release parties, please let us know :)

    Win Tickets To Toronto DVD Screening is giving away five free pairs of tickets to the exclusive screening of And All that Could Have Been in Toronto next Wednesday.
    To enter the contest, you must live in the Toronto area, and send an email to with "the words Nine Inch Nails in the subject line, and your name, address, daytime phone number and age."
    The screening is on Wednesday, January 16, at 11 p.m. at the Paramount Theatre. For complete contest information, go to Thanks again to DJ Bitter.

    Still teaser for 'The Becoming'

    Get it while it's hot! A new teaser for the Still CD, part of the Deluxe CD package, just went up at featuring The Becoming. Check the 'current' section under LATEST NEWS to find it. Less than two weeks before the release of And All That Could Have Been!
    Wednesday, 1/09/02

    Spin Magazine Reviews NIN. Caution: Flamebait.

    Alright. We've been sitting on this review for a few days, not quite sure what to do with it. Being a NIN fan site, it's really not in our interest to post overly negative things about the band we like. Especially when it's something someone wrote, because in the past, when people write bad things about NIN, NIN fans write really bad things to those people. That's tactless, and reflects poorly on us.
    That having been said, Spin magazine's February 2002 issue carries a rather unfavorable review of And All That Could Have Been. I'll post the review, and ask that if you really don't like it, and you wish to express that opinion with the editors of Spin, do so without being an asshole. Be coherent about it. Don't make the rest of us look bad. Be gentle yet firm! Hehe. Here Douglas Wolk's review of And All That Could Have Been. Thanks to gutner and Brent from THE VOID.

    AATCHB Japanese Release Information

    Always there to fill us in on NIN news from the great isle of Japan, Commy from ThePerfectDrug sends word of the japanese release of and all that could have been.
    The CD (catalog # UICS 9004) is due out January 30, 2002, and will sell for 2,427 yen. Unlike the US versions, this will only be available in the 2CD deluxe format.
    The video will be available on both DVD (UIBS1002) and VHS (UIVS1002) but won't be available until February 21, 2002. Each will sell for 4,500 yen DVD code will be "2".
    Commy also mentioned that Japanese magazine "Rockin' On" carried a translated version of the AP interview with Trent, although it used a different photo from what AP used. You'll be able to see that photo in the Japanese Archives at ThePerfectDrug soon.

    Best Buy has the best price for AATCHB

    Always working hard behind the scenes, mixmaster Myc has been doing some heavy duty research on where to get the new DVD & CD. After searching through an assload of websites, he's determined that the cheapest and most reliable place to get the new stuff is from Best Buy.
    The special edition CD set is only 18.99, when its almost 30 bucks everywhere else. And the DVD is 24.99, while its 28 almost everywhere else. I don't know if the regular stores will have it for this price, but it sure beats everywhere else I've looked online.
    So as long as you're not living outside North America, this is your best bet for pricing. Thanks Mycah :)
    Tuesday, 1/08/02

    CDnow preorder

    Poe has written in that And All That Could Have Been can be pre-ordered from cdnow here. The site also has audio clips of each track.

    International DVD Release Updates

    We just got word that the German release of And All That Could Have Been has been pushed back a week, to January 28. You can find this and more information at Motor Music's release page, where they have made Terrible Lie available as a RealAudio stream. Nils sent that link in, and also mentioned that all four versions (CD, Deluxe CD, VHS, DVD) will be available in Germany as well!
    Next up we're looking down under with an update from naut. She gracefully credits nowimnothing on the SLS boards for spotting this information from the website for HMV, a national chain in Australia. Apparently in Australia, they are getting the Deluxe edition of the CD and the DVD and that's it. Here's the text from HMV:
    Released: 21/01/2002
    AUD $24.95
    RRP AUD $30.95
    Australian album release! The ultimate Nine Inch Nails live double CD! The
    first CD features the greatest Nine Inch Nails tracks performed live and the
    second CD features the entire album 'Deconstructed' as well as new material.
    Released: 21/01/2002
    AUD $37.95

    If we hear otherwise, you know we'll post it here.

    New York AATCHB Premier Announced

    Justin just sent word that The Batcave will be premiering And All That Could Have Been on January 19, at 9pm. For more information, click here. More info as we get it!

    DVD Screening in Toronto

    We've recieved word from DJ Bitter that The Paramount Theatre in Toronto will be screening And All that Could Have Been on Wednesday January 16th, at 11pm. This report has not been confirmed.
    Other DVD Screenings that have been reported have been in Chicago, New York, Athens, Long Beach and Seattle, but no dates have been confirmed. Another confirmed screening of the DVD will be in Philadelphia at the Trocadero on Monday the 21st. Scroll down to Friday's news for more information on that.
    Monday, 1/07/02

    Rolling Stone reviews Live, Still CDs

    #nin99 regular and all around good guy Avi sent word that Rolling Stone magazine wrote up a nice review for the new Live and Still CDs. Click here to read it! What we don't have for you is the nice photo that comes along with the review. For that I guess you'll have to go out and pick up a copy of the magazine ;)

    North American Promotional CD scans

    Phew. To the left you see several thumbnails representing larger images of the inserts and CDs from the Canadian and US promotional CDs for Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been. These scans were submitted to us anonymously, so don't even ask what you're thinking to ask. You know we don't work like that. Anyhow, hope you dig the scans, the official stuff will be out in two weeks for those of us residing in North America. The original scans are higher res, but again, we're trying to keep that whole 'piracy' thing to a minimum, and don't want anyone to make cover art prints from stuff we've posted.
    We're hearing that there are definately European and Australian releases of the DVD, and we're not sure what the situation is with the audio CDs. Some reports say that each market will see the same kind of release, some say that Australia will only get the deluxe format CD. When we know for sure - we'll post it here. Enjoy!

    Durst seeks Reznor for role of producer

    How strange would that be. Anyway, Brandon Sills sent us this link to a Yahoo story about how Fred Durst wants Trent Reznor to produce the next Limp Bizkit album.
    Yup. No one's heard anything else about this so far, but the story pretty much speaks for itself. It's got a few clever quotes in it though:
    Reznor recently told LAUNCH he had not wanted to attack Durst's band in the first place. "I made no bones in the press about my displeasure with Limp Bizkit, and I've kind of rethought that," he said. "I mean, one time I was getting barbed in an interview by somebody, prompted to say bad things [about Limp Bizkit], and I said, 'Look, I said what I have to say. I don't need to be the bitter guy pointing the finger at the successful band with zero integrity...I really don't want to do it.'"
    The news originally appeared in the German magazine, Visions.

    And All That Could Have Been

    In anticipation of the upcoming release of NIN LIVE: And All That Could Have Been, we would like to provide the lyrics for the song, And All That Could Have Been. Please click here to read.
    Sunday, 1/06/02

    Macworld interviews Reznor & Sheridan

    Brandino and parasitk sent in a link to this interview on Macworld, which talks with both Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan about the making of the DVD, what's going on with the Doom III soundtrack, and touches on the studio setup down at Nothing Studios. A nice read, check it out!

    Additional AATCHB screenings

    According to there will be a screening tour of NIN Live: And All That Could Have Been at the following colleges:
    Univeristy of Illinois: Chicago
    Columbia University: New York
    Univeristy of Georgia: Athens
    Western Washington: Seattle
    CSULB: Long Beach
    The website indicates these locations are a partial list so check back often for updates. Thanks to nothing.
    Friday, 1/04/02

    NIN Live to Debut in Select Theatres in the US

    Keep your eyes peeled if you live in a major US city. There have been rumors of a preview showing of NIN Live: And All That Could Have Been in New York sometime, somewhere, but we just got solid word in from the Trocadero in Philadelphia, that they will be showing AATCHB during their MOVIE MONDAY at THE BALCONY, at 7:30pm on Monday the 21st. NIN Live on the big screen, with a big system to back it up. The show will be followed by a showing of the sci-fi noir flick Dark City. If you get any word of a similar event near you, let us know so we can let everyone else know! Now I've got to get off work early on the 21st...

    Scans from Stuff magazine

    Phew. Got a few scans from PI personality naut sent along these real nice scans from the Stuff Magazine interview with Trent. They also had a really dumb cartoon, which as ruiner notes, almost seems to ape Meathead's style, although not even approaching his level of wit.
    Thursday, 1/03/02

    German review of AATCHB live CD

    Nils over at German NIN supersite Naegel mit Koepfen received one of the promotional CDs floating around for Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been. Head on over to his news page to read the first fan page review of the new CD. One catch - it's in German, so if your Deutsch is a little rusty, do like I did, and translate the page through Altavista's Babelfish or via Google.
    Tuesday, 1/01/02

    Mix Magazine interviews TR

    Preston, webmaster of, let us know that the interview with Trent Reznor from Mix Magazine is up on the 'net at this link. Here's an excerpt from the interview:
    Away from the DVD, what else are you working on?
    The last few months, I've been working on a lot of new material for Nine Inch Nails. I was gonna go in and do an album real fast, and did a bunch of music. And then I started wondering if it was the right direction to go 'cause I wanted to make sure that I was in the right frame of mind, and it wasn't just a reaction to other external things. So I kicked in to finishing this, what I'm working on now. Currently, the most interesting portion of it is the CD format - instead of it just being the audio from the DVD, there's a companion disc that comes out with it - instrumental stuff and weird leftover, broken-down versions of some of my favorite songs that didn't make it on the live album. And that's got like five new tracks on it; it's been interesting to work on. It's the soundtrack for a rainy Sunday afternoon, which is a nice counterpoint.

    Happy New Year!