Monday January 7, 2002

Durst seeks Reznor for role of producer

How strange would that be. Anyway, Brandon Sills sent us this link to a Yahoo story about how Fred Durst wants Trent Reznor to produce the next Limp Bizkit album.

Yup. No one's heard anything else about this so far, but the story pretty much speaks for itself. It's got a few clever quotes in it though:

Reznor recently told LAUNCH he had not wanted to attack Durst's band in the first place. "I made no bones in the press about my displeasure with Limp Bizkit, and I've kind of rethought that," he said. "I mean, one time I was getting barbed in an interview by somebody, prompted to say bad things [about Limp Bizkit], and I said, 'Look, I said what I have to say. I don't need to be the bitter guy pointing the finger at the successful band with zero integrity...I really don't want to do it.'"

The news originally appeared in the German magazine, Visions.