Saturday January 19, 2002

theninhotline@gmail.com gushes forth

Wow. We got a whole lot of email in a real short time, which leads me to believe that there was some hiccup in our news forwarding service. Here's the stuff I can post quickly and with little effort:
  • Order Still Online from nin.com/still
  • The 1:30am showing of the NIN special on MTV has been moved up to a midnight scheduling. For more information, please visit the newly revamped And All That Could Have Been Website
  • In VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Rock, NIN placed 43rd. (thanks chaosfactorynine
  • Eddie went to the West Palm Beach release party, and in short - they projected the VHS version on a white sheet, while trying to play the CD in synch with the video. It was about as far removed from the IMAX showings in Canada as it gets, but they still gave stuff out.
  • Thank you folks, many of you have written to tell us of all the hidden images (and one shockwave file) buried within andallthatcouldhavebeen.com. We won't be posting where to find it, or exactly what you'll find - spoilers are bad - but know that it's there. So look around!
  • DJ Bitter went to the Toronto IMAX showing of the DVD, and sent along some pics of the event - we'll be posting those shortly.
  • If you live in Seattle, WA, you will want to head over to the Baltic Room in Capitol Hill for a release party for the DVD. We don't know when or what day - but we suspect that one of you will be able to find out and mail us about it. Thanks roaringviolette
  • If you're in Los Angeles, you're probably asking why there haven't been any release parties there of all places. Don't know the answer to that, except that there will be one on the 24th (better late then never!) at The Knitting Factory. Thanks to Alberto Andrade for that tidbit
  • I've got some updating to do on that Calendar over there. In Dallas, TX The Church will be having a release party, giving away DVDs, CDs, and VHS copies of the release. Thanks Surbeena!
  • WindowsMedia.com posted samples of the live CD at this address, according to a.m. here, check it out!
  • Chad also went to the Toronto sneak preview at the Famous Players IMAX, and sent scans of the window cling, the special edition 2CD set, and the laminate pass used to get access to the show. Again, these will be posted shortly, along with DJBitter's photos.
  • The German DVD release has been pushed back to February 25 :