Tuesday January 29, 2002

Test Pattern reviews AATCHB DVD...

...and for a page that provides such authoratative reviews on DVDs, they gave this a very ecstatic thumbs up. Drunk sent in the link to the review, which really says all there is to say about it. For instance (re: release dates - Corona is produced in Canada):

This version is presented in your choice of Dolby Digital 5.1 or stereo sound. A DTS 5.1 version if forthcoming, and expected around February 5th. Apparently the DTS version is supposed to be superior to a trained ear, which must mean it's fucking amazing, because the Dolby Digital sound on this disc is incredible...

The potential for music performances is largely untapped. NIN: Live: And All That Could Have Been is the most ambitious and elaborate endeavor of its kind I've seen so far. I'm thankful that it happens to be my favorite performer who set the bar. The discs are amazing. The ultimate treat for hardcore fans and something for the rest of you to think about, and hope that your favorite artist gets feels the itch and puts together a DVD that brings as much together as this one.

In case you couldn't tell, they really, really, really, really like this DVD. And they know what's up when it comes to DVDs.