Tuesday January 22, 2002

Tribune, K-Rock, and mini Yahoo interviews

Naut wrote in that the Chicago Tribune featured an interview with Trent Reznor. You may read the article here. Also, as reported earlier, K-Rock interviewed Trent late Tuesday afternoon. There is a link here for the audio, but Naut couldn't get it to work. All we can say to you guys is to keep trying it. If anyone discovers something different, please send it to us. Thanks.

MariaCallasImposter sent in a brief rundown on the K-Rock interview:

Danny, Trent, and Jerome went on the Cane and Cabbie show today, on 93.2 K Rock NYC. It was basically a Q &A session conducted by the shows hosts, and they played "March of the Pigs" and "The Wretched” off the new cd. They spent some time talking about the bad hair from the pretty hate machine era.

Trent explained the different available formats of “All That Could Have Been.” (i.e. DVD, cd, deluxe versions)

They also discussed the status of the Tapeworm project. Trent said it is “a way for the band to function as a democracy, not as me as my dictatorship.” He also said he is happy to have others input and function as a “real band” with the side project. He said tapeworm needs to be finished and mixed.

Trent said he was not asked directly about working with
Fred Durst but he has” heard some inquiries about him
asking for me to remix his cd.”

Cane asked Trent was a “happier person”, now that he is “cleaned up” and Reznor’s response was “I’ve been in a good place since “The Fragile.”

Cane asked what they disliked in music today which lead to the following questions when they didn’t give a response: Would Trent have sex with Britney Spears-- “not my cup of tea.”

Trent on seeing N’Sync’s live show; “it was tedious and boring.”

Where is Trent Reznor in 15-20 years? (A question I
e-mailed Crazy Cabbie to ask.) Trent’s response was to “get into more into production, films, soundtracks or shrimp boating.”

Cabbie ask Trent “Are you still friends with Manson
and he replied “yeah, we’re friends.” Cabbie went on to
ask why “the duet with Manson from the Madison Sq. Garden show was not included. Reznor response was “we hid some stuff on the dvd. One fan got a promo copy, and everything has been explained on the Internet.” He gave the instructions to find the performance “if you watch
“Starfuckers” and get to the middle section, you will see Manson on the side and it will take you to that night.”
Thanks MariaCallasImposter!

Kris sent us this cute bit from Yahoo-

Trent Reznor is in the Web Guide section of Yahoo! Internet Life this month (February 2002 issue). Page 83 to be exact. Here's the transcript of the article:


As the mastermind behind tech rockers Nine Inch Nails [nin.com], Trent Reznor is known for his computer skills. He recently took a break from his CD/VHS/DVD project Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been to talk about his favorite sites.

VERSIONTRACKER.COM We do everything in the studio on Macintosh computers, and all the software uses about a hundred plug-ins. I go here for updates. [versiontracker.com]

BLUE'S NEWS I'm a big video game fan, so I often check in with this site to see what developers like [Quake creator] John Carmack are working on. [bluesnews.com]

DARK HORIZONS One of the better movie sites. It has news stories like when something blows up on the set of Men in Black II.[darkhorizons.com]

HOT OR NOT We're always looking for distractions, so we spend a lot of time on this site. We even posted a picture of someone who works here in the studio without him knowing, spent the day tracking the votes he got. Of course, we altered the picture with Photoshop. [hotornot.com]

Paul Seme