Wednesday January 9, 2002

AATCHB Japanese Release Information

Always there to fill us in on NIN news from the great isle of Japan, Commy from ThePerfectDrug sends word of the japanese release of and all that could have been.

The CD (catalog # UICS 9004) is due out January 30, 2002, and will sell for 2,427 yen. Unlike the US versions, this will only be available in the 2CD deluxe format.

The video will be available on both DVD (UIBS1002) and VHS (UIVS1002) but won't be available until February 21, 2002. Each will sell for 4,500 yen DVD code will be "2".

Commy also mentioned that Japanese magazine "Rockin' On" carried a translated version of the AP interview with Trent, although it used a different photo from what AP used. You'll be able to see that photo in the Japanese Archives at ThePerfectDrug soon.