Monday January 21, 2002

On the eve of the US Release

Just a quick reminder that tonight there are release parties for And All That Could Have Been going on in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and Albquerque. For more information check our calendar page.

A couple of friends of mine and I braved some nasty weather and caught the release party at the Albion Batcave in New York, and while it certainly wasn't the IMAX, it was a good chance to catch a peek at the DVD before getting a copy ourselves. Unfortunately, they started the DVD a half hour before they said they wold - but having gotten there early, that didn't matter too much for us. There was a monsterous amount of promo stuff they were handing out - CDs, VHS, a stack of posters several inches thick, nothing records logo banners, promo flats and flat-size window clings, nothing records logo window clings, AATCHB triangular standup displays, and more. I grabbed a whole lot both for myself and for giving away here, but due to the heavy snow, most of the posters got ruined. Big thumbs up to Nothing & NIN for so providing much free stuff. Saved me (and I'm sure quite a few others there) from hunting things out on eBay later. However, my point is - if you can, go to one of these parties, you might get a copy of the album, the DVD, and at some places they're giving away DVD players - and have a good time.