Thursday January 24, 2002

Stroumboulopoulosly huge news update

Cat wrote in to mention that her site, BeingTrentReznor.com will be updating later this week with photos from the line at Tower Records to sign up for the in-store appearance that occured on Tuesday. Also, Happiness In Slavery, the old-school Australian NIN website run by John Raptis, redesigned for the release of the DVD. fall-apart.net is holding several contests for all kinds of nin stuff, visit their forums for more information.

CUT NINE INCHES OFF YOUR WAIST - Does that subject line look familiar? If you deleted it, you missed out on a leak to a DVD trailer. It's also a pretty funny read. Observant ninnies like blacklightfreakout noticed that the 'from:' address had the letters TRENT and ROB in caps among the lower case nonsense. Here's the trailer...

A lot of you have been writing in with information on how to access bonus items on the DVD, although most of which have been via DVD-ROM and Chapter Selection options on players. We will post how to reach the DVD extras as we find out about them - notice that we posted how to find the Manson performance of Starfuckers & The Beautiful People on the big post we made the day the DVD went on sale.

CONTINUING RELEASE PARTIES - dwnwrd sent in word that Club Cherry will be having a release party on the 25th - you can find more information about this in this weeks L.A. Weekly. Thanks dwnwrd ;) Chris wrote in to point out that Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA will be having a free screening of the DVD on February 4th, at 9pm in Squires Colonial.
Mormolyke is keeping up with things in Australia, where on February 23rd, Ritual will be holding a party for both Queen of the Damned and the Nine Inch Nails live release. All kinds of freebies to be nabbed!

NINjaw P.B. - who plays a big part in France's NIN Fan Club, wrote in to let us know that despite delays in the European release, the US import was actually available in Paris a day before AATCHB went on sale in the US. You can check out pictures of the French Fan Club raiding a Virgin Megastore.

I know you're out there, which one of you was it. Kim was watching TRL the other day, and in the background she saw kids holding up NIN posters and "TRL Sucks" posters. Right on ;)

MuchMusic in canada is airing commercials for the DVD, apparently produced by HMV music, according to wicked2thousand
Commercial details: opens with black NIN logo on static background. narratior says band name and album name. flashes to a vid clip of the band performing 'march of the pigs' (framed with static border). after showing clip for a few seconds, it displays all 3 versions (DVD/VHS, CD, bonus CD 'Still') at the bottom, while narrator says "get a sneak peak at HMV.com".
Also, nintime wrote in from Québec to mention that Montreal TV show "Flash" gave the NIN DVD a 10/10 review.
Continuing on the topic of reviews, DVD @ IGN.com gave a really nice review here about the NIN double-DVD. It got high marks everywhere, except for the bonus features, because the reviewer by his own measure has just begun becoming a NIN fan (thanks to the DVD) and doesn't know yet that when it comes to Nine Inch Nails, you find that the juicy stuff is oft buried amongst the rest of the good stuff. Gravix and Choser -and- Deviation sent in that tidbit.
Also, MTV.com posted a nice article on the DVD, including two new video interviews with Trent, dealing with the DVD delays, and talking about how he's proud of the end result. RaveGyrl sent that one in.

happy wrote in about "part three of George Stroumboulopoulos' New Orleans interview with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor", but forgot to mention what publication the interviews appear in. I guess I could search google for Stroumboulopoulos, but typing that name twice has got my fingers aching. Or maybe that's just all the past-due updates I've posted just now.