Tuesday January 29, 2002

UK music mag Kerrang! interviews Reznor

Whew. The new Kerrang! magazine hits shelves in England today, or at least it's been mailed out. And thanks to the indispensible help of shade and nodie we have it online for you to read. Here is the article, enjoy! Things have been pretty busy so I haven't even read it myself yet. I hear it's pretty good. They've got a lot of photos in this issue to - we won't post them all, that would be rude. But we've got one bunch of them arranged in the thumbnail to the left. They are "Wigs! Ants! Drugs! 20 Years of Trent Reznor" ...

1. From the High School yearbook, 1983
2. As part of his High School marching band, 1983
3. From the ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ sessions, 1989
4. Circa ‘The Downward Spiral’, 1994
5. “Enigmatic, moi?”, 1994
6. Onstage at Woodtsock 2, 1994
7. Rocking the D’Artagnan look, 1997
8. Onstage with Adam Ant, 1995
9. Promoting ‘Natural Born Killers’ with director Oliver Stone, 1995

Many thanks to Kerrang! for the cool article(s over the years) and again to shade and nodie for putting this all together.