Friday January 25, 2002

The Black Dog and CC?

Our friend Morpheus_TechnoPagan sent a bit of news today:

Pioneering UK electronica group THE BLACK DOG (remixers for artists incl. Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Bjork, Morphine, Placebo, etc) invited Charlie Clouser to complete a remix of their upcoming album ("Unsavoury Products" - a tribute to William Burroughs) that will feature remixes by CJ Bolland, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State, Jimmy Cauty (of The KLF), etc. C. Clouser's participation has NOT been confirmed yet.

THE BLACK DOG are huge fans of Charlie Clouser and will keep TRF posted on future developments. An exclusive interview of THE BLACK DOG -dealing mainly w/ NIN and C. Clouser- will be published @ TRF very soon.

More (including album teaser) available in the News section of TRF.

A side note from our Hoss--Leviathant:The Black Dog shares members with Plaid, the group that was licensed to Nothing for a while.