Monday January 21, 2002

nine inch nails live: and all that could have been

And All That Could Have Been has been released in the Americas tonight. Available as a single CD (pictured left), a deluxe, limited edition set (real-deal limited, as in if you don't get yours this week there are no more), DTS DVD, Dolby 5.1 DVD, and VHS. The Live CD come with a photo & credits booklet, as well as an insert with information on ordering CD2, still, from Object merchandise. The Deluxe CD comes in a nice gray cloth case, but that's about all I know because no one around here would sell me one early. Gotta send my roommate out at 10 to snag a copy at Circuit City - they're trying to out-cheap Best Buy and are offering the deluxe CD set for under $17. Nice. By the by, scans of the DVD are being placed in the halo 17 section of The Halo Profiles, provided courtesy of an aussie friend of mine.

The DVD is chock full o' secrets (Well, they're secret if you didn't spoil it for yourself) and you'll find ways to access them being leaked via the net by Nine Inch Nails as time goes on. If you've got the DVD already, here's something to look out for, we've been told: During the Starfuckers video, there is a frame before the middle of the track where you can see Marilyn Manson on the side of the stage. Press enter as close as possible to that moment to see Manson join NIN on stage to perform Starfuckers and the Beautiful people.