Monday January 7, 2002

North American Promotional CD scans

Phew. To the left you see several thumbnails representing larger images of the inserts and CDs from the Canadian and US promotional CDs for Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been. These scans were submitted to us anonymously, so don't even ask what you're thinking to ask. You know we don't work like that. Anyhow, hope you dig the scans, the official stuff will be out in two weeks for those of us residing in North America. The original scans are higher res, but again, we're trying to keep that whole 'piracy' thing to a minimum, and don't want anyone to make cover art prints from stuff we've posted.
We're hearing that there are definately European and Australian releases of the DVD, and we're not sure what the situation is with the audio CDs. Some reports say that each market will see the same kind of release, some say that Australia will only get the deluxe format CD. When we know for sure - we'll post it here. Enjoy!