Tuesday January 22, 2002

Musique plus, Much Music, and San Francisco Chronicle

While watching musique plus today francis heard the vj commenting on an interview with Trent Reznor the interview will be aired on Fax in weeks to come. Part of the interview concerning Trent's favorite cd's will be aired in next week's "le cimetierre des cds". The interviewer was Anne-marie Wittenshaw. She met up with Trent in the US the interview will probably be around 10 minutes long, showing videos, and live footage its the basic format of those interviews on Fax

Much Music aired an interview with Trent Reznor on Monday and a second part on Tuesday. Check here to see if there's any more information. Thanks J!

An interview with Trent Reznor from the San Francisco Chronicle can be found here.

Here's a snipit:
Q: I heard you wanted to redo everything a bunch of times because you didn't want it to look like a Def Leppard concert.

A: Nah. I mean, there's excerpts of truth in there. But really what it is, I just wanted to make people feel they were at the show, not flying above the band and s-- like that. That stemmed from the knowledge I gained on the "Downward Spiral" tour years ago. We spent a s-- load of money and had a lot of cameras come in and film it, and I was watching it and thinking, "Jesus Christ! I'm going to quit making music. I look terrible." It was just full of all these beautiful, close-up, sweeping camera moves. I just thought, "Is that what we look like?" I just thought we looked stupid. And who wants that?

Thanks Patricia!