Monday, 2/28/05

Know the Score contest continues...

Though we have received a few submissions, you still have plenty of time to get in recordings for the Know the Score contest. Remember, winners will receive the Piano Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, the String Quartet Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, Window Clings & Lithographs. This is a contest of performance! No sequencing is allowed (though multitracking is allowed.) Entries and questions can be sent to Keep the good music coming!

13 meppen in het gezicht

Andy D. wrote in with a Dutch press release confirming that Nine Inch Nails is set to play the Belgian festival ROCK WERCHTER. The festival runs from June 30 through July 3rd, and we're not sure what day NIN is supposed to play just yet.

NIN adds two extra shows to UK tour.

Two extra shows have been added to the list of UK tour dates: doubling up the number of Brixton and Manchester shows that the band are playing. These tickets have been available via the presale link for a number of hours and have not yet sold out. The dates are as follows:
- Tuesday, July 5th, Brixton Academy, London.
- Monday, July 11th, Manchester Apollo.
So if you didn't realise they were there, now is your chance. Good luck everyone! The rest of the tickets go on sale March 5th at 4pm GMT.

Mexico Tickets: Update.

According to Ticketmaster, the cause of ticket problem had nothing to do with a delay in sales, and everything to do with the site being faulty and not having the right information on it.
Sales will go ahead tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12pm.

Mexican Ticket Sales Delayed.

According to Ticketmaster, ticket sales for the Mexico City date have been delayed (the show has not been cancelled or postponed they "just don't have a sales date yet") until further notice. This has not been confirmed, and may not be correct, so I would advise anyone planning to purchase tickets to contact their regular outlets just in case.

The Hand That Feeds Release Date Confirmed.

The lovely folk at recently received a release sheet from Universal Music which confirms the scheduled international release date for The Hand That Feeds as being April 11th.
This has not been confirmed on as this goes to press.

Tourdates Confirmed. has updated their performance page with all the dates mentioned in the mailout and confirmation of The Dresden Dolls as support for the San Francisco to San Diego dates
Thankyou to everyone who let us know about this.
Sunday, 2/27/05

US Tour Dates, Presales

Although these dates are not confirmed, you should probably start making arrangements.

4/27: San Francisco, CA (The Warfield)
4/28: San Francisco, CA (The Warfield)
4/30: Las Vegas, NV (The Joint)
5/3: Denver, CO (Fillmore Theatre)
5/4: Denver, CO (Fillmore Theatre)
5/6: Chicago, IL (Congress Theatre)
5/7: Chicago, IL (Congress Theatre)
5/9: Toronto, ONT (Koolhaus)
5/10: Toronto, ONT (Koolhaus)
5/12: Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre)
5/13: Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre)
5/15: NY, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
5/16: NY, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
5/18: Philly, PA (Electric Factory)
5/19: Philly, PA (Electric Factory)
5/21: Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)
5/22: Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)
5/24: Houston, TX (Verizon Wireless Theatre)
5/25: Austin, TX (Stubbs Bar-B-Q)
5/27: Phoenix, AZ (Marquee Theatre)
5/28: Phoenix, AZ (Marquee Theatre)
5/30: San Diego, CA (Soma)
5/31: San Diego, CA (Soma)
Once more specifics are arranged, we'll let you know. *smooch*

Texas, With Teeth pt. 2 -- Dallas

Tuesday, 3/29/05, Interscope Records Presents Nine Inch Nails CD Listening Party In The Tea Room... Doors open at 9:00 with no cover charge. Thanks to Trey for letting us know about this!
Saturday, 2/26/05

Listening Party at Numbers Nightclub in Houston

Numbers in Houston is having a With Teeth release party on March 30th:
Wednesday, Mar 30th Doors @ 9:00, cd @ 10:00 Sharp!
Nine Inch Nails Mega CD preview party!
Breakfast Club to follow.
"With Teeth" album premiere - hear it before its in stores on May 3 - Everyone who attends will receive a limited edition poster availble only at the album premiere party. View exclusive new footage while listening to "with teeth" in its entirety. Doors at 9, free admission before 10:30 - album begins playing promptly at 10 pm.
Thanks for the heads up, Landshark!
Friday, 2/25/05

Rolling Stone listens to With Teeth

Thanks to all the people who typed this up and mailed it in!
Trent Reznor proves that his bite is as vicious as his bark, with a little help from Dave Grohl
WITH TEETH Due out May 3rd
"I had plenty of life experience to draw from while working on this record," says Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor of his first studio album in six years. "I was getting sane while the world was going crazy."
The follow-up to 1999's The Fraglie bristles with as much aggression as anything in the NIN catalog while adding more live drumming into the mix, couresty of honorary Nailsman Dave Grohl. "I wrote some of these tracks with a Grohl-esque performance in mind," says Reznor. "I asked him if he was into it and that was that."
Stellar tracks include "Only" which boasts a "Billie Jean" beat and spoken word vocals that evoke Prince, and "The hand that feeds" (the first single) which combines a guitar assault with new wave-y keyboards. Says Reznor, "This record is probably more honest than anything I've done."

Japanese Deluxe Edition orders cancelled

prisonerofgravity and jรถrg k. both attempted to order the CD+DVD versions of With Teeth that had become available for pre-order earlier this month, only to learn that "DVD + booklet as for the first limited board of the attachment urgently sale became undecided. Please acknowledge."
i'm like [the fragile]. i,,,this listen,,,,felt your soul rock spirit and your passion.

Paris: On Sale Monday, Feb 28, not March 2nd

zetschai and Nico both noticed that the on-sale date for the Paris NIN show on , apparently the number one ticket seller website in France, will be February 28th at 4PM (Paris time), not on March 2nd, as it is listed on at the moment.
Thursday, 2/24/05

Public Service Announcements

Testing out the News Submission form is something for The NIN Hotline staff to do. Not you. Any "test" emails we have received in the past result in a "deny from" line added to our .htaccess file for your IP address or IP range, meaning that until your DHCP switches you to another IP address, you can't view this site. Please do not use our form to test what it is you are testing.
Also worth mentioning here, the server housing the Echoing the Sound message board has undergone a severe beating this past weekend, given all the news that's come out recently. In response, the site has gone lo-fi, to curb bandwidth and connection issues. Nonetheless, if you do visit there, please go easy on the server next time news breaks out. Pertinent news will be posted here ASAP.
Thanks to TripleJ Radio in Australia for the on-air endorsement. I wish we had a radio station as cool as JJJ. It'd be even cooler if it was also a national public radio station like JJJ. Apparently they played "The Line Begins to Blur" on the radio a lot last night, and said it was a different version than the leak. No real confirmation on the difference at this point.
Those covers of With Teeth that you see on the internet are all fake.
And lastly, thanks for the emails, but we know about the photos. We're the ones who posted them, not realizing they weren't supposed to be out yet. I wish you wouldn't use them in your eBay auctions and stuff like that.
Wednesday, 2/23/05

Oh Mexico... got your tour date confirmed.
- June 2nd: Mexico City, Mexico, Sports Palace, tickets on sale February 28th.
nine inch nails iberoamerica
Oh, and while I'm here, can I please remind people that all ticket sale times are in the timezones of the country that the concert will take place in. If the tickets go on sale on the West Coast of America, they will be going on sale in PST. If they are on sale in the UK, it will be GMT...etc etc.


The current section of has been updated with a photo chock full of audio equipment. Thanks to all the people who let us know!
Tuesday, 2/22/05

Radio One Rock Show Competition: Update

The Radio One Rock Show site has updated with all the information you could possibly need about the competition to win tickets and have your questions answered by Trent Reznor himself. Good luck!

NIN Performance Page Updates.

New dates:
- 14th June: Vienna, Austria, outdoor arena, tickets on sale March 7th @9am.
- June 15th: Berlin, Germany, ColumbiaHalle, tickets on sale March 4th @9am.
- June 22nd: Paris, France, Zenith, tickets on sale March 2nd @9am.
- June 29th: Barcelona, Spain, Razzmatazz, tickets on sale March 3rd, 9am.
- July 4th: London, England, Brixton Academy, tickets on sale March 2nd @4pm.
- July 7th: Glasgow, Scotland, Barrowlands, tickets on sale March 2nd @4pm.
- July 8th: Birmingham, England, Academy, tickets on sale March 2nd @4pm.
- July 10th: Manchester, England, Apollo, tickets on sale March 2nd @4pm.

Greenfield Festival

NIN (along with similar bands from the other European festivals that are announcing line ups) have been confirmed for the Greenfield festival on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June, in Switzerland.
Monday, 2/21/05

You saw nothing.

I know you think you saw something here, but your memory is just a little fuzzy. Don't be angry.

Radio 1 Rock Show Announcements.

Just a quick note to everyone in the UK who entered the Radio One Rockshow competition. Word has it that winners of the competition (which was taking place in the past week after all) and of the tickets to the Astoria gig of their choice, will be announced in the early hours of Wednesday (the show runs 1am - 3am and is incorrectly called the Tuesday night show).
The DJ, Mike Davies, also mentioned that he will have an "announcement" that is "going to be huge". But we know that DJs lie to get ratings, so let's all just take that with a pinch of salt. However, if you're not able to pick up the FM audio, and you don't have digital radio or Freeview/Sky/Telewest cable tv, then you might want to download the Real One player in order to listen to the stream. Just in case.

France Tickets and German Festivals

MetalOrgie reports that the tickets for the French NIN gig on the 22nd of June go on sale on the 3rd of March.
Combined with that, the band have also been lined up for the German area 4 festival (ticket information here), as well as the Hurricane and Southside festivals.
No news from, but seeing as this information is displayed on official sites for the festivals, it's most likely to be confirmed. Rejoice. Coachella tickets still haven't sold out yet either, so if you're American and want to see the band in the next few months, there's your chance.
Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
Sunday, 2/20/05

Biting the hand that feeds

By now you have probably heard that a really crappy MP3 of The Hand that Feeds was leaked to the internet about 12 hours after I posted about the MP3 not yet existing. As if that was not enough to blow up Echoing the Sound and fill up my email inbox, tonight, The Line Begins to Blur made its way onto the internet in a much higher quality rip.

More on the Japanese release, courtesy Commy

Commy, who runs The Perfect Drug, has always come through with the Japanese info, and she brings us some more detail on the Japanese edition of With Teeth. Some of this may be redundant, but that's okay because Commy is cool.
There will be a regular edition, as well as a special edition. Both versions of the Japanese Halo 19 will have a bonus tracks.
The Limited Edition will be 2 disc set (normal CD and DVD), and includes a 40+ page colored booklet. The limited edition DVD will also include alternative versions of some songs, and some movies from "With Teeth" itself.
Tower Records in Japan is taking pre-orders, listing the official release date as April 27 - a week before the rest of the world is slated to get it.
In related news, on March 2, Japan will get the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral. It titled "The Downward Spiral + 13", but the contain songs are as same as TDS-DE (SACD version).
Thanks again as always, Commy!
NOTE: Don't worry, this double-format is not going to be limited to Japan, if this is how they do it. Trent had already mentioned on that he intends to release the new album in both CD and 5.1 surround formats, and that seems to be what this limited edition is.

The String Tribute to Pretty Hate Machine

Hot off the heels of The Piano Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, Vitamin Records has announced a String Quartet Tribute to Pretty Hate Machine. This time around, not only are there strings, but drum machines help fill up the space on this otherwise acoustic rendition of NIN's synthetic debut. Anyhow, click the link above for some samples of Terrible Lie, Head Like a Hole, and Something I Can Never Have and have a listen for yourself.

Archives Reorganized

I just spent some time further automating the archiving of this site, so you can see January and February's news again, along with a tighter integration of the archives into the interface. Though still a work in progress, I think this is a step in the right direction. I'll work on the aesthetics later, what's important now is that it functions correctly. Eight years of NIN News, 600 interviews, reviews, and articles, and some pretty pictures.

"With Teeth" Japanese Release.

Victor sends this fair website an absolute truckload of information on the With Teeth Japanese release.
- the NIN Collectors Forum are offering a Japanese limited edition release of the album one week prior to the international release for $100. It can be sent out from Japan on April 26th, and will take 3 to 5 days via EMS airmail.
- if you order it direct from Tower Records Japan it will cost somewhere in the region of $70 (US).
- it comes complete with CD, DVD and a 40 page booklet.
- the DVD will contain "alternative versions of songs on the album and movies".
*Update* 07:22GMT
lachry sends us more information about ordering via the NIN Collector:
- you must reserve a copy before the release, so it's best to get those reservations in as soon as possible.
- note your DVD player system. In Japan, it is NTSC, and most of the software is Region 2 or Region Free. Even if your system is NTSC, you will need a Region Free player. It is unknown whether the release will be R.2 or R.F.
NIN Tower Japan Records page.
Tower Records Japan With Teeth page.
Saturday, 2/19/05

Radio Madness

Here's a little update after lastnight's craziness.
1) The Hand That Feeds has not been released to radio legitimately, but a low-quality copy that was stolen from the video shoot was sent to a number of radio stations (from Seattle to Arizona to... Kentucky), some of which played it. They are no longer playing it, don't ask... They're in trouble.
2) Some people working at some radio stations around the country lied to you and told you they'd be playing the song soon. This happens every time a new song comes out. How else are they going to get listeners for their otherwise crappy stations? Think about it. In addition, when you're getting calls and emails at 2am from all around the world begging you to play a song you don't have, you would probably start making stuff up too.
3) Fakes! If releasing the tracklist wasn't an impetus for fakes to be passed around, this certainly has been. There is no MP3 of The Hand That Feeds on the internet at the time of this post. When an MP3 does inevitably get leaked, don't send it to us, we aren't going to post it. Personally I'd prefer to hear it in 5.1, a lo-fi mic'd radio broadcast of a stolen tape can't possibly do the music judgement.
4) Just for reinforcement, here's something a lass named Amanda sent in. If you've been bugging the Edge in Toronto, you should read this. "As an employee of 102.1 The Edge, I would like to inform you all that the posting saying we have the NIN single is a hoax. We are all just going to have to wait patiently for the new single." Sorry for the flood of calls Amanda, but whoever was working the phones last night told the wrong person false information, and we repeated it.
5) Last night, just before the news about the song getting radio play, we received a submission from Steve noting that NINE INCH NAILS' new single 'The Hand That Feeds' is now slated to impact at U.S. radio on March 21st, which was sooner than the original radio release date.

NIN Promo handed out at Constantine movie

Hey shithead, it's SammyDavisJr and youo'll never guess what I'm e-mailing you about...I have bona fide NIN news.
Albeit silly news. So tonite I went to the movies out here in good ol' Glendale, CA to go and see "Constantine" (which was randomly pretty cool by the way) and when I handed the clerk my dough she handed me my ticket AND a business card featuring the new distorted NIN logo, on the back of the glossy card is the release date for the new album.
So that's it, and I must insist that even if you get other reports of this, that you mention only me on the hotline.
I love you,
P.S. I can send you a picture of the card if you like.
Friday, 2/18/05

Hand that Feeds on Kentucky Radio?

Another Dave gives us the heads up to a potential play of The Hand That Feeds on WLRS, a radio station in Louisville, Kentucky. There's no confirmation that it was real, but it played at 4:30PM EST.
Also, if you happen to be in Pasadena tonight, take a wander over to Pacific Theatres. Corey tells us that they will be giving out NIN promotional items at showings of the movie Constantine.
*Update* 00:41GMT
Tim lets us know that KFMA radio in Tucson, Arizona has just played the new single. Might be time to turn on your radio, folks.
*Update* 1:10GMT
Some Canadian guy just emailed in to let us know that he contacted The Edge 102.1FM radio station in Toronto, Ontario, and they confirmed that The Hand That Feeds has already been played on their station and will be in regular rotation as of next week. They will also be playing it between the hours of 9am-12pm EST Saturday morning (that's tomorrow).

Pollstar add Mexican date.

Pollstar have added the Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City date to their Nine Inch Nails page. Still no confirmation from
Thanks to everyone who let us know about this!
Thursday, 2/17/05

Aaron North speaks to Kerrang.

Matt pokes us towards a Kerrang news item that features new guitarist Aaron North talking about the London Astoria shows:
"They're going superb," says North. "The idea is to have a ton of material at our disposal, so each set can be radically different. Some of the die-hard Nine Inch Nails fans may be surprised at some of the tunes attempted or reworked."
Wednesday, 2/16/05

Piano Tribute released yesterday!

The folks at Vitamin Records were cool enough to send a couple copies of The Piano Tribute to Nine Inch Nails to me for the Know the Score contest (see February 12 news) and I completely forgot to mention that the album was released yesterday.
You can read more about it and listen to samples at If you enjoyed The String Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, you should probably pick this one up as well.

Radio 1 Rock Show Appearance.

Trent Reznor will be appearing on the Radio One Rock Show for a "chat" on the 29th of March (the night before the first London Astoria gig) to answer questions and talk about With Teeth. For those not in the UK, you'll be able to tune in via the Rock Show website (you'll need Real Player to listen) between the hours of 1am and 3am GMT. That's 8pm EST, 5pm PST.
Thanks to Dave for sending this in!
*Update* 00:00 GMT
Apparently the show is having a competition in which you have a week to email ( three questions into the show. The most interesting three questions will be picked, thrown at Trent in a kung-fu style, and best of all, win two tickets to the Astoria gig of the winner's choice!
Tuesday, 2/15/05

Poll Position

So we hear there's a poll with an option for Nine Inch Nails out there. The topic of the Regen Mag poll is "Which ''old school'' artist will still be relevent ten years from now and why?" Somehow, KMFDM is beating out everyone. If you have a second, you should check out the poll and vote for who you think is applicable. Thank you, Mascotte!

Video shoot news for The Hand that Feeds

Footage for the video for The Hand that Feeds was shot this past weekend in Pleasant Hill, San Francisco, and Oakland (all in California). The video is being directed by Ian Inaba, from the Guerrilla News Network, who previously directed the video for Eminem's Mosh.
One worker on the scene said "[Trent Reznor] never sounded better. I couldn't help but be totally overcome with energy and excitement when I heard the song for the first time," and another commented, "I'm still wiped out from shooting for this video, but I gotta tell you, it's going to be awesome!"
Special thanks to Dayve on this one.
Monday, 2/14/05

Trent leaves the house. Goes to store/party...

A bunch of miscellaneous news:
- A article titled "Stars take a shine to the Apple store" gives a brief mention to Reznor: "Trent Reznor is "super nice" and is always buying gifts for his band."
- Both WireImage and Getty Images have pictures of Trent at Grammy-related parties.
(Oh, and has finally been updated in all CAPS.)
Thanks to everyone who sent in these bits and pieces of news.
Sunday, 2/13/05

Ad for June 2nd Mexico Show

Jimena managed to snap a picture of an ad for the June 2nd Nine Inch Nails show in Mexico, and sent it our way. Click here to see the photo, showing a style similar to the other promo posters that have appeared recently.
Saturday, 2/12/05

Tracklist time

The tracklist to With Teeth, and a song clip (!!!) have just been posted at Holy shit, indeed.

California/Nevada dates are SOLD OUT.

Folks over at Echoing The Sound inform us that the all three shows sold out within an estimated 20 minutes. Ouch. Congratulations to those who managed to get their hands on tickets!
*update* has marked all shows as being sold out, aside from the Coachella Festival. So you can still pick up tickets to see NIN right this minute if you are that way inclined.

Do you know the score?

The month is nearly halfway through, and the recently posted sheet music to Something I Can Never Have has been downloaded over 15,000 times; the first day alone had 9,000 downloads. Also, next week will see the release of The Piano Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, on Vitamin Records. With so many people interested in this stuff, here's your chance to show off your chops.
Over the course of the next 30 days, you have the chance to win a nice sized prize pack from The NIN Hotline and Vitamin Records. This time around, it's a little more involved than just sending an email, however.
Using any of the music notated at Know the Score - with the exception of The Frail, record an acoustic performance of a Nine Inch Nails song. No sequencing allowed! This must be records through a microphone (or two), performed live. Whether that means it's just you and your piano, a string quartet, or a full-on orchestra or choral group (see also: The Closer Madrigal), if you win, everyone involved gets something, but more on that later.
Entries will be judged on a number of points, primarily quality of performance and audio fidelity. Again, it must be an acoustic performance -- whether that means an acoustic guitar, a piano, a violin, or a keyboard plugged into a miked amp, the ability to play is the thing. We already know what it sounds like sequenced and synthesized. If you would like to perform something that is not on Know the Score, let me know ahead of time, and I'll let you know if it's alright.
What do you win?
The grand prize winner will get a copy of The Piano Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, the String Quartet Tribute to Nine Inch Nails (both courtesy Vitamin Records), a Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition window 24"x24" cling for every person involved in your recording, as well as two Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition lithographs, and a bunch of NIN logo stickers. Runners up will get a window cling and a bunch of NIN stickers.
How do I get this to you?
You can submit music via email as an MP3 (I prefer 192kbps variable-bitrate or higher) no larger than 10mb in size by emailing it to If you would prefer to send a CD, it must be postmarked no later than March 12th, 2005, and sent to
The NIN Hotline
3025 North 2nd St
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Email entries must be received by March 12th, snail mail entries postmarked by March 12th. The contest is open to all residents of the planet Earth.
What happens to our recordings afterwards?
Technically speaking, we are probably violating some kind of US Copyright law just by having the sheet music online. If we would attempt to distribute the music you record, even freely, that would further our level of infringement. I can't really do anything with the recordings, except listen to and judge them. In a similar vein, your email addresses will not be used for spam or anything like that, just like always.
Good luck, you have one month!

Bogus Ticket Auctions Online Already

Tickets for the shows in California and Nevada have not even gone on sale, and several auctions have appeared on eBay presuming to be selling tickets to the shows. Because tickets have not yet gone on sale, I'm going to assume these auctions are scams. Undoubtedly, lots of people who want to see these shows will not get tickets and will search eBay for tickets. If you get to any of these auctions, assume they are SCAMS.
Selling the tickets for $275.
Asking $300 for tickets that don't exist yet. (Twice, and three times.)
Asking $399 for tickets no one has yet.
THESE AUCTIONS WENT ONLINE BEFORE TICKETS WERE PRINTED. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Tickets go on sale legitimately for $30 a piece at Ticketmaster at 10am Pacific Time.
Thursday, 2/10/05 updates with tour dates

In spite of the fact that the Hotline was updated over 24 hours ago with this news (see below), we've gotten an exceedingly large number of emails from people informing us that's Performance page has been updated with tour dates in California and Nevada, for March 23, 24 and 25. So for the second time, there are new(ish) tour dates on

NIN to play Paris, France in June.

Info Concert has announced that NIN will be playing the Zenith de Paris on June 22nd. No news as to when they go on sale, or how much the tickets will be.
Thankyou sebgob!

Dresden Dolls to support Nine Inch Nails in US

Joymode called Ticketmaster to check on the status of the Fresno show, and the prerecorded message mentions The Dresden Dolls opening up for Nine Inch Nails on those dates.

More news for Mexican fans.

migmanson writes in to tell us that he was at last night's Marilyn Manson concert in Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City. Apparently, they were playing adverts for the rumoured June 2nd NIN tourdate on the bigscreens.
Spuente sends in a little more information about the Esmas article and the Reactor 105.7 FM broadcast, who are both quoting NOTIMEX as their source - the main news agency in the country.
Still no confirmation from, but keep the hope alive my Mexican friends. Keep the hope alive.
Wednesday, 2/09/05

Pre-Astoria warmup dates added to

Three new dates have been added to's performance page. If you happen to be in the southwestern U.S. during March 23-25, you're in luck!

Dresden Dolls supporting NIN at the Astoria.

Amanda Palmer, piano/vocalist for the Dresden Dolls, has confirmed on the Dolls' official forum that her band will be supporting NIN at the London Astoria dates in March. There is no news that this will be the case for the rest of the potential tour.
Thanks to rev_ant for sending in the news.

Mexico tourdate rumours.

Reactor 105, a Mexican radio station, are apparently "confirming" a June 2nd Nine Inch Nails tourdate at the Palacio de los Deportes. Nothing is confirmed until it appears on, but several people have been citing the station as the most important rock radio station in Mexico. Are these rumours carefully crafted pieces of hype? Hey, who knows. At this stage, we can only speculate.
Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
*Update* 19:38 GMT
spuente sends a link to a news article on what looks like a Spanish television station called Esmas, part of which reads:
"MEXICO CITY, Mexico February 9, 2005 - The American group Nine Inch Nails (NIN), a popular industrial rock group, will perform for the first time in this capital on June 2, after 15 years of waiting by its fans. The band led by the musician Trent Reznor will arrive at the Sports Palace to promote his most recent CD With Teeth, that will be on sale in March and that is considered one of the most anticipated rock albums of 2005, six years after finishing The Fragile. Sources near the concert promoters bringing the band to Mexico, a radio station, some Internet websites and the official page of the group have confirmed the visit of the group known for songs like "Closer". On NIN's website, Reznor days ago assured his fans that yes the tour would arrive at Mexico, not naming a specific date."
The full translation can be found here. Again, there has been no confirmation from any offical source (ie:

Kerrang! cross promotion and NIN mentions

Chuck over at Echoing the Sound leafed through this week's Kerrang! and noticed a few mentions relevant enough to warrant mentioning.
  • If you subscribe to K! (ยฃ19 for a year) this month, you get a free copy of the TDS two-disc re-issue.
  • TDS re-issue is one of their four essential albums to have been released recently.
  • A letter, entitled "March of the Fuckheads", from an irate fan who was unable to get Astoria tickets, and is complaining about greedy bastards on eBay.
    Thanks Chuck.
  • SickAmongthePure :: February.2005

    SickAmongthePure is live with the February issue, and has been since the first of the month, actually.
    Yet more exclusive interviews populate the issue, with Velvet Acid Christ, 16Volt, XP8, labels Geska Records and Static Sky Records, and so much more.
    SATP continues with the new in-depth Reviews section. This month features a review of Jakalope, among others, the new project of Dave 'Rave' Ogilvie that features Trent Reznor as one of the primary collaborators.
    Get on over and do some reel good reedin'.
    Tuesday, 2/08/05

    Ticketmaster takes down Electric Factory dates.

    The May 18th/19th Nine Inch Nail tourdates have disappeared from Ticketmaster. We're left with a "Tickets are currently not available online. Check back soon." message. Oh well.
    Thanks Inky!
    Monday, 2/07/05

    NIN to play The Electric Factory in May.

    Ticketmaster is reporting the existence of two NIN tourdates at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia for May 18th and 19th (that's a Wednesday and a Thursday). Tickets go on sale March 5th at 10am (EST) for the wonderful price of $30.00 (US).

    TDS Deluxe Edtion released in the UK today.

    If you're in the UK and you've not managed to haul yourself out of bed yet, you might have forgotten that the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral was finally released today in all good record stores. Exert your consumer power by purchasing a copy (and maybe even an extra copy for your grandma) before the shops shut!
    *Update* 20:00 GMT
    Wix kindly reminded me that U2's "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" single was also released this morning, containing the Trent Reznor remix of "Vertigo" on the DVD edition (there are three different CD's: one is a Maxi-CD, one contains two audio tracks, and the other contains half video half audio). Unfortunately, contrary to rumours, there is no footage of Trent himself - it's just live video of U2 from the BBC's Radio 1 day. So for those who were looking forward to a glimpse of the studio remixing or a new haircut, better luck next time.

    Tom Calderone previews new NIN

    Tom Calderone, executive vice president of video programming and artist relations for MTV, spoke to The New York Times about the new NIN album.
    Labels present a lot of rough material to us. It's really important for us to hear music early because it helps us decide how we're going to use bands in our programming - we're already starting to make a list of artists to play at the video awards later this year. I heard a rough track from the new Nine Inch Nails album, "With Teeth" (Nothing/Interscope), which should be out in May. It's always hard to get back into the public consciousness when there's so many years between albums, but this is just as pounding and passionate and lyrically strong as ever. Trent Reznor really stepped up his vocals - I don't want to offend him by saying he's actually singing more, but his voice sounds great.
    Thanks to everybody who sent this in.
    Friday, 2/04/05 questions North and Cortini.

    Over at echoing the sound, folks pointed out the presence of not one, but two interviews with the new band members.
    Aaron North, amidst other things confirms that he was "over" The Icarus Line, and quit a month before he was hired to play for Nine Inch Nails; that the new album is "an amazing and inspiring record"; and compares his style and approach to the guitar as being like "apples and oranges" in comparison to Robin Finck's.
    Cortini says that he's listening to the new album every day, and "soon" we will too. He's looking forward "to any and all the shows we'll be playing this year. It is going to be a blast", and hopes to tour as "much as humanely possible". And he's kind to small mammals and old ladies. Which is nice.
    Thanks to evilsparrow and Porki for the heads up.
    Thursday, 2/03/05

    Now you can have Something I Can Never Have

    Following's example, Know the Score has been updated for the first time in over a year. I've received more requests for Something I Can Never Have than all other songs combined, so now you can experience the same-four-bars-over-and-over-again magic of it in written form. Enjoy! And if you see any errors or omissions, remember to drop me a line.