Monday February 21, 2005

Radio 1 Rock Show Announcements.

Just a quick note to everyone in the UK who entered the Radio One Rockshow competition. Word has it that winners of the competition (which was taking place in the past week after all) and of the tickets to the Astoria gig of their choice, will be announced in the early hours of Wednesday (the show runs 1am - 3am and is incorrectly called the Tuesday night show).

The DJ, Mike Davies, also mentioned that he will have an "announcement" that is "going to be huge". But we know that DJs lie to get ratings, so let's all just take that with a pinch of salt. However, if you're not able to pick up the FM audio, and you don't have digital radio or Freeview/Sky/Telewest cable tv, then you might want to download the Real One player in order to listen to the stream. Just in case.