Saturday February 19, 2005

"With Teeth" Japanese Release.

Victor sends this fair website an absolute truckload of information on the With Teeth Japanese release.

- the NIN Collectors Forum are offering a Japanese limited edition release of the album one week prior to the international release for $100. It can be sent out from Japan on April 26th, and will take 3 to 5 days via EMS airmail.

- if you order it direct from Tower Records Japan it will cost somewhere in the region of $70 (US).

- it comes complete with CD, DVD and a 40 page booklet.

- the DVD will contain "alternative versions of songs on the album and movies".

*Update* 07:22GMT

lachry sends us more information about ordering via the NIN Collector:

- you must reserve a copy before the release, so it's best to get those reservations in as soon as possible.

- note your DVD player system. In Japan, it is NTSC, and most of the software is Region 2 or Region Free. Even if your system is NTSC, you will need a Region Free player. It is unknown whether the release will be R.2 or R.F.

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