The Closer Madrigal

The Closer Madrigal was created for the University of New South Wales Med Revue 2000, and this recording was obtained at one of the live performances during the revue's run.

Please note that the mp3 below was taken from camcorder audio and is therefore not of the highest quality. In addition, the choir which sang the piece was, almost without exception, untrained in music; most had never sang in a vocal ensemble of any sort previously. However, the 800-strong audience seemed to appreciate the performance nevertheless.

A midi file has also been included, as this can be helpful during the process of learning and rehearsing the madrigal.

In 2015, Adil Soh-Lim, Sandra Bogerd, Din Ismael and Geordie Marsh, performed The Closer Madrigal at the Hare Hole for Queermance in Melbourne, Australia.

Thanks to Number Nine for his help in publicizing and hosting this project online.

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