Friday February 18, 2005

Hand that Feeds on Kentucky Radio?

Another Dave gives us the heads up to a potential play of The Hand That Feeds on WLRS, a radio station in Louisville, Kentucky. There's no confirmation that it was real, but it played at 4:30PM EST.

Also, if you happen to be in Pasadena tonight, take a wander over to Pacific Theatres. Corey tells us that they will be giving out NIN promotional items at showings of the movie Constantine.

*Update* 00:41GMT

Tim lets us know that KFMA radio in Tucson, Arizona has just played the new single. Might be time to turn on your radio, folks.

*Update* 1:10GMT

Some Canadian guy just emailed in to let us know that he contacted The Edge 102.1FM radio station in Toronto, Ontario, and they confirmed that The Hand That Feeds has already been played on their station and will be in regular rotation as of next week. They will also be playing it between the hours of 9am-12pm EST Saturday morning (that's tomorrow).