Monday February 7, 2005

Tom Calderone previews new NIN

Tom Calderone, executive vice president of video programming and artist relations for MTV, spoke to The New York Times about the new NIN album.

Labels present a lot of rough material to us. It's really important for us to hear music early because it helps us decide how we're going to use bands in our programming - we're already starting to make a list of artists to play at the video awards later this year. I heard a rough track from the new Nine Inch Nails album, "With Teeth" (Nothing/Interscope), which should be out in May. It's always hard to get back into the public consciousness when there's so many years between albums, but this is just as pounding and passionate and lyrically strong as ever. Trent Reznor really stepped up his vocals - I don't want to offend him by saying he's actually singing more, but his voice sounds great.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in.