Thursday February 24, 2005

Public Service Announcements

Testing out the News Submission form is something for The NIN Hotline staff to do. Not you. Any "test" emails we have received in the past result in a "deny from" line added to our .htaccess file for your IP address or IP range, meaning that until your DHCP switches you to another IP address, you can't view this site. Please do not use our form to test what it is you are testing.

Also worth mentioning here, the server housing the Echoing the Sound message board has undergone a severe beating this past weekend, given all the news that's come out recently. In response, the site has gone lo-fi, to curb bandwidth and connection issues. Nonetheless, if you do visit there, please go easy on the server next time news breaks out. Pertinent news will be posted here ASAP.

Thanks to TripleJ Radio in Australia for the on-air endorsement. I wish we had a radio station as cool as JJJ. It'd be even cooler if it was also a national public radio station like JJJ. Apparently they played "The Line Begins to Blur" on the radio a lot last night, and said it was a different version than the leak. No real confirmation on the difference at this point.

Those covers of With Teeth that you see on the internet are all fake.

And lastly, thanks for the emails, but we know about the photos. We're the ones who posted them, not realizing they weren't supposed to be out yet. I wish you wouldn't use them in your eBay auctions and stuff like that.