Since there is no available, published Nine Inch Nails sheet music, this webpage has been created by a fan with the ability to score by ear for other fans eager to analyze and even perform works by Nine Inch Nails from sheet music.

As more works are transcribed or arranged, they will be posted. Please note that many sample-based Nine Inch Nails tracks are very difficult to transcribe in manuscript format, or do not contain enough melodic/harmonic lines to warrant producing sheet music. If you are interested in a track that is largely guitar-based, you would be better off searching Google for a NIN guitar tabs page.

As is often the case in the process of scoring by ear, errors may occur. This sheet music is not official or endorsed by Nine Inch Nails in any way. If you believe any of the sheet music on this site to be in error, please contact Please note that arrangements are precisely that - arrangements - and you should not expect them to follow every line in the original song exactly.

Finally, suggestions and requests are always welcome. If you require an arrangement of a song for a particular purpose, or for unique instrumentation, please feel free to ask. I can't guarantee that your request will be fulfilled, but I will try my best. Please note that I do not get paid for this; it's a hobby. All I ask of you is that you give credit where credit's due, and if possible send in a recording of any performance of any of my transcriptions or arrangements. We'd love to hear the end result, no matter how "bad" the recording might be!

Adrift and At Peace La Mer
Another Version of the Truth § Leaving Hope
The Becoming (Still version) § Lights in the Sky §
The Closer Madrigal *+ Non Entity
The Day the World Went Away (Still version) The Persistence of Loss
The Frail Right Where it Belongs
The Frail Variations +#§ Something I Can Never Have (Still version)
Gone, Still A Warm Place (for string quartet)
Hurt (piano-vocal arrangement) The Fragile

* MIDI File Available
+ MP3 File Available
# Video Available
§ Sibelius File Available

For any further information, please contact