Friday February 18, 2005

NIN Promo handed out at Constantine movie


Hey shithead, it's SammyDavisJr and youo'll never guess what I'm e-mailing you about...I have bona fide NIN news.

Albeit silly news. So tonite I went to the movies out here in good ol' Glendale, CA to go and see "Constantine" (which was randomly pretty cool by the way) and when I handed the clerk my dough she handed me my ticket AND a business card featuring the new distorted NIN logo, on the back of the glossy card is the release date for the new album.

So that's it, and I must insist that even if you get other reports of this, that you mention only me on the hotline.

I love you,

P.S. I can send you a picture of the card if you like.