Saturday February 12, 2005

Bogus Ticket Auctions Online Already

Tickets for the shows in California and Nevada have not even gone on sale, and several auctions have appeared on eBay presuming to be selling tickets to the shows. Because tickets have not yet gone on sale, I'm going to assume these auctions are scams. Undoubtedly, lots of people who want to see these shows will not get tickets and will search eBay for tickets. If you get to any of these auctions, assume they are SCAMS.

Selling the tickets for $275.
Asking $300 for tickets that don't exist yet. (Twice, and three times.)
Asking $399 for tickets no one has yet.

THESE AUCTIONS WENT ONLINE BEFORE TICKETS WERE PRINTED. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Tickets go on sale legitimately for $30 a piece at Ticketmaster at 10am Pacific Time.