Friday February 4, 2005

sp1at.com questions North and Cortini.

Over at echoing the sound, folks pointed out the presence of not one, but two interviews with the new band members.

Aaron North, amidst other things confirms that he was "over" The Icarus Line, and quit a month before he was hired to play for Nine Inch Nails; that the new album is "an amazing and inspiring record"; and compares his style and approach to the guitar as being like "apples and oranges" in comparison to Robin Finck's.

Cortini says that he's listening to the new album every day, and "soon" we will too. He's looking forward "to any and all the shows we'll be playing this year. It is going to be a blast", and hopes to tour as "much as humanely possible". And he's kind to small mammals and old ladies. Which is nice.

Thanks to evilsparrow and Porki for the heads up.