Saturday February 19, 2005

Radio Madness

Here's a little update after lastnight's craziness.

1) The Hand That Feeds has not been released to radio legitimately, but a low-quality copy that was stolen from the video shoot was sent to a number of radio stations (from Seattle to Arizona to... Kentucky), some of which played it. They are no longer playing it, don't ask... They're in trouble.

2) Some people working at some radio stations around the country lied to you and told you they'd be playing the song soon. This happens every time a new song comes out. How else are they going to get listeners for their otherwise crappy stations? Think about it. In addition, when you're getting calls and emails at 2am from all around the world begging you to play a song you don't have, you would probably start making stuff up too.

3) Fakes! If releasing the tracklist wasn't an impetus for fakes to be passed around, this certainly has been. There is no MP3 of The Hand That Feeds on the internet at the time of this post. When an MP3 does inevitably get leaked, don't send it to us, we aren't going to post it. Personally I'd prefer to hear it in 5.1, a lo-fi mic'd radio broadcast of a stolen tape can't possibly do the music judgement.

4) Just for reinforcement, here's something a lass named Amanda sent in. If you've been bugging the Edge in Toronto, you should read this. "As an employee of 102.1 The Edge, I would like to inform you all that the posting saying we have the NIN single is a hoax. We are all just going to have to wait patiently for the new single." Sorry for the flood of calls Amanda, but whoever was working the phones last night told the wrong person false information, and we repeated it.

5) Last night, just before the news about the song getting radio play, we received a submission from Steve noting that NINE INCH NAILS' new single 'The Hand That Feeds' is now slated to impact at U.S. radio on March 21st, which was sooner than the original radio release date.