Friday, 9/30/05

TR update

New update from Trent:

See you at the Bowl.


thanks ian, MiNu Vyrus, Jamie and yvaine.

With Teeth poster/booklet update

A lot of people were getting freaked out by the disappearance of Andrew Quinton - a guy on ETS who slaved away at getting 1,000 With Teeth lyrics posters made and shipped before they decided to do that whole Spiral thing. He'd also recently did a run of 1,000 lyric booklets based off that PDF artwork. A bunch of people paypalled him money, and then he got really quiet.

Well now he's back, and he's got a few updates on the situation -- only the important stuff. Namely, he did not take the money and run (it's still in his paypal account, no less), booklets are being shipped on Monday, and that he is funding replacement posters out of his own pocket, shipping them via a method that offers a tracking number and emailing that tracking number to you. And it appears he's received a good number of death threats in his absence. Huzzah!

Friday News Roundup

We've received a lot of news submissions in the last 24 hours. In no particular order:

- The Salt Lake Tribune interviews Trent.

- Inside Bay Area interviews Trent.

- Trent was interviewed on the SoCal 106.7 KROQ morning show "Kevin and Bean" this morning. You can listen to the interview at their website or by clicking here.

- Just a reminder that videos from the shows are continuing to be made available at the Spiral and NIN's MySpace page, with footage from Vancouver going up most recently. We probably won't update everytime this happens, so check those sites often if you're interested.

- Speaking of the NIN-MySpace deal, NIN manager Jim Guerinot discusses it over in this Reuters article. In semi-related news, the last name Guerinot is a real bitch to type out. Try doing it 3 times quickly.

- Finally, we've received several completely unconfirmed, quite possibly bullshit reports that Josh Freese will be replacing Jerome Dillon at this weekend's Hollywood Bowl show. Interesting, but don't believe any rumors until you see official confirmation at

Thanks go out to everyone who wrote in (sorry, too many to list individually).

Quashing the Rumors about Jerome

As many have pointed out, Trent has posted a second update on the TR section of regarding the rather shameful speculation on various messageboards surrounding the cause of Jerome's health condition. To quote a pertinent excerpt: "Jerome Dillon does not have a drinking or drug problem." Additionally, Chris wrote in with a link to an article in the San Diego Reader, in which NIN manager Jim Guirenot discusses what happened at the San Diego show earlier this month and states that Jerome is suffering from atrial fibrillation.
Thursday, 9/29/05

Oakland Show Postponed [updated]

The September 30th Oakland show has been postponed until November 19th, due to Jerome Dillon's potential health problems. This has been confirmed through Ticketmaster and on It is unclear at this point whether or not Jerome is being replaced for the rest of the tour or just for the immediate upcoming shows, but we'll keep you posted.

From current:
Nine Inch Nails needs to postpone the September 30th performance at Oakland Coliseum due to ongoing concerns over drummer Jerome Dillon's health. Dillon is returning to Los Angeles immediately to undergo tests for problems related to a heart condition discovered earlier this month while on tour. The rescheduled date will be November 19th at the same venue. As of press time, no other dates are being rescheduled. Replacement drummer information will be forthcoming.

From the TR section of

I just finished telling someone yesterday I was looking forward to finally being able to work on some music - the production for the tour was finally feeling finished... now this.
Once again, I'm sorry for the postponement. I really hate having to do this.

Thanks to everyone for sending this in.

Jerome Back in Hospital

Earlier today, Trent posted this message up on

bummer. Just spent the day discussing touring up through next summer, then play our asses off to the least responsive audience I can ever remember playing to. I know I'm bitching but it's a shitty feeling.
As I'm walking to the bus to leave Sacramento as soon as I can, I learn Jerome is back in the hospital. I have no idea what this means...


Thanks to everyone who emailed this in, and once more we're sending our best wishes out to Jerome.
Tuesday, 9/27/05

Have no fear, MySpace is back in gear.

It looks like someone fixed the MySpace profile back up. The reason it went down is because someone figured out the password and used that to complain about MySpace. It's all better now.

Visions interview translated

Marie, aka Kingfisher @ ETS, not only transcribed, but translated and hosted this interview with Trent Reznor as was found in the May 2005 issue of Visions. Thanks marie, sorry for not getting it up sooner.

MySpace makes major NIN announcement, promptly deletes account

siNNer wrote in with this link from BusinessWire where MySpace makes a big noise that says " Secures Title Sponsorship of Nine Inch Nails/Queens of the Stone Age Concert Tour."

Not long afterwards, liss and sheets wrote in asking if the NIN account on myspace was deleted, and if so, is it only temporary? Sure enough, at the time of this post, links to bounce you back to the login screen, and Nine Inch Nails appears to have disappeared from everyone's friends list. Whoopsie!

Surely, some engineer at MySpace is about to cancel his lunch break and spend a few stressful hours getting things back up to snuff, so hold your horses.

In the meantime, if you're upset that you missed the videos that got uploaded there, here are the direct links to Portland and Phoenix in WMV format. Thanks to Alexander for the links.


NIN's Myspace page has been updated with a new video featuring concert footage from Portland, biting, and the youngest nin fan alive. Thank you to brianwhover and Daniel Castle for emailing us about it!
Monday, 9/26/05

Update from Vancouver

The TR page of updated with the following message:
Vancouver. I like it here.
We're continuing to tweak the production every chance we get. There's so many ideas we've been trying to incorporate... it gets frustrating when economics, time available and reality come into play. The set list will evolve over the course of the tour once we get everything up to speed (on the production side).

Saturday, 9/24/05 update

The updates from trent section of now carries the following message about the concert start times:

Backstage in Seattle, anxious to perform.
Regarding the early start times... yes, they suck. I have many mixed feelings about playing arenas. It's nice to be able to use full production, but elements like seating, sound and curfews aren't the greatest.
When you have three bands on the bill and you'd like to allow them each adequate time to perform, you have to move the start of the show earlier. Sorry for any inconvenience - check for updated start times.

Ignore the time printed on your ticket. Check the perfomance page for the correct start times.

The current page has also been updated with comments about the availability of the new song, Non-Entity, and a reminder about the show start times.

Thanks RubyFox, Thomas, nat and Kevin for emailing us.
Friday, 9/23/05

People Outside of US Get Collected

We've received a crapload of submissions from people in Europe and the UK (and beyond) letting us know that the Collected DVD is now popping through foreign letterboxes - which is great to know. So if you receive yours, let us know about it over at Echoing the Sound rather than through submissions now, as the response has been a little overwhelming.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in.

NIN, iPod nano Contest on K-Rock

Sean wrote in about the following blurb he noticed in New York's 92.3 FM K-Rock radio e-mail newsletter:

Win an iPod nano + become our official NIN Photographer

Check out the Booker Show all next week for your chance to score an iPod nano plus qualify to be our official photographer when Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age come to MSG next month. We'll hook you up w/ a new digital camera and a photo pass so you can store all your photos you take at the show on your new iPod nano.
Thursday, 9/22/05

New NIN Hotline search function

Dayve from Burning Souls Forum brought up a very good point the other day -- the news archive search function we have, which uses Google, is passable, but kind of (really) sucks. So I've begun working on a better search for the website. It's still in the formative stages, but it's usable enough to warrant posting. If you go to our news archives, there's another search option there. (Don't worry, it won't always look quite that bad.) Give it a shot, see how it works for you.

Keep in mind, the results page just works. I'll make it a little more informative and prettier later.

AZ Paper: NIN Show 'Satisfying'

There's a review of the Phoenix show online at the Arizona Central website. The review is less than glowing but the picture slideshow's worth a look.

Thanks to Ninja(e) for posting about this on ETS.

A lot of people all around the US receive Collected DVD

Okay, so we're getting dozens of emails every day from people all over the United States who have received one or more copies of the Collected DVD. If you are not familiar with the Collected DVD, you can search our archives like I did, and locate this specific post. If you didn't sign up to receive one in the mail some four months ago, you can surprise the people at Interscope who are handling this promotion by signing up at the still-active signup form, and see if supplies are still lasting. I wouldn't hold your breath, though.

You can stop emailing about having received your DVD. We appreciate the feedback, but you're making us all jealous here.

Memphis Voodoo - Oct 29 & 30 at Tom Lee Park

It's official. The Voodoo Music Festival has moved to Tom Lee park, in Memphis, TN. on October 29 and 30. Thanks to the 150 people who wrote in about this, though you were overshadowed by the 500 people who told us about getting their free "Collected" DVD.

Want to see Autolux? Show up early.

Autolux are currently touring with nin, along with Queens of the Stone Age. Unfortunately, the start time printed on the tickets are inaccurate, and many people have been missing Autolux's performance. Their website has the following message:


NIN TOUR NEWS: Autolux has requested
that ticketholders show up to shows
at 6:30. Times printed on your tickets
are innaccurate. Autolux has no control
over when they take the stage, so show
up early!

And despite what noir has told us, we're pretty sure they mean PM, not AM.
Wednesday, 9/21/05

A Message from Jerome

Jerome posted the following message on his forum:

back from the dead...
...not exactly the way i wanted to start the arena tour. fatigue and exhaustion are to blame for what happened with me the other night. incidentally, i did not experience "chest pains"- but i did spend the night at the hospital for observation. i recieved a clean bill of health the next morning and couldn't get back on the bus fast enough. i can't tell you all how much i appreciate all the kind words- i'm truly at a loss.......
to the people of san diego, especially those that waited on the bridge to wish me well as i was being wheeled to the ambulance- that was a moment i won't forget..... thank you.

It's good to see him well. Thanks to Telly JJ for passing this message on.

Austin to Host Voodoo... Maybe

According to stories on both E!Online and Austin, the Voodoo Music Experience will now take place in Austin, TX. Though the decision has yet to be confirmed by the festival's publicist, "a band manager for one of the acts on the bill" has verified there are already plans in place for Voodoo to utilize some of the stages from this weekend's Austin City Limits festival.

As previously reported, Trent Reznor has reinforced his commitment to participate in the Voodoo Music Experience, which this year will be raising funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina. An official press release is expected within the next few days to confirm the city of choice. The festival is still scheduled to take place over Halloween weekend, October 29th - 30th.

Thank you to Ronda and vampvertigo!
Tuesday, 9/20/05

Myspace,, and Collected DVD. Oh my!

Let it be known that nin's Myspace profile page has been updated with a video featuring footage from last night's show in Phoenix, AZ. It's interesting to watch, when Myspace is working properly.

Also, has been updated with an additional message from Trent:
Finally, we got through the 1st show! It felt great onstage, I hope those in attendance left feeling the same way.
To those planning on coming, do yourself a favor and show up early. It's well worth getting there for Autolux, and you know QOTSA are fucking awesome.


Amazing. We've also been informed that more people are receiving the Collected DVD in the mail in several states. So if you signed up at to receive one, keep an eye out for it.

Much appreciation to everyone for emailing the info!
Monday, 9/19/05

Collected DVD did actually get sent out.

We have reports from Texas and Oklahoma that the Collected DVD that everyone signed up for months ago is arriving in the mail now. A batch was sent out September 17th from Dallas, Texas, and as long as you still live at the same address you used to, you... may or may not receive a copy. We're still not really sure how many sign-ups get DVDs.

Thanks to Travis M, romeo void, ohGr, and JoeBlow for letting us know they received the DVD!
Saturday, 9/17/05

TR: "Jerome is doing OK" was updated with another message:

Just heard Jerome is doing OK. No details. See you in Phoenix.
I'd like to personally thank the audience in San Diego for your understanding and the respect you displayed last night. I will make it up to you.

Updates from Trent

A new page on shares the following message:


We had to cancel the show tonight. Have to cancel tomorrow as well. Feeling kind of numb right now.
Jerome is spending the night in the hospital with chest pains and an irregular heartbeat. Uncertainty abounds.


Tomorrow's show, on 9/17/05, was to be in Tucson, AZ at the Convention Center.
We have been hearing that the San Diego, CA show has been rescheduled already for November 20th, but that has yet to be confirmed. Please keep an eye on both the Convention Center's website and for any news about reschedules or refunds. We will share any information we have A.S.A.P.

Thank you to everyone for keeping us in the loop, and we all hope Jerome gets better soon.

San Diego concert cancelled

The San Diego Nine Inch Nails concert was stopped about an hour into the set. Drummer Jerome Dillon was experiencing chest pains which required immediate medical attention, and the rest of the concert was cancelled. More updates to follow as the news rolls in...

Thanks to everyone who sent in this news.
Friday, 9/16/05

Trent Reznor Calls for Support of Voodoo Fest

The organizers of Voodoo Fest have issued a press release over at the Voodoo Fest website, suggesting a new city for the festival is being selected and detailing Trent Reznor's support of the festival:

"It means a lot to me that the Voodoo Music Experience is continuing on and I look forward to being a part of this amazing New Orleans tradition. It's great that other cities have opened their doors to this year's event, and the New Orleans spirit will definitely remain in the air -- that's something the floods cannot wash away. We are going to be part of the rebuilding process and we are asking the entire music community to join us."

As was previously reported, the Festival will now be raising funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Thanks to Torrefaction, John, Greg Johnson, and cullen pollock.

Can't get enough of Fresno?

Read another Fresno Bee interview with Trent Reznor here.

Thanks, Dayve.
Thursday, 9/15/05

Spiral Tshirt, Card & Poster arrive at ETS

Eyenovation at Echoing the Sound posted photos they took of package of goodies they got as a member of the spiral. We won't post them here, in case you're worried about spoilers, but if you want to have a look, this is the place to be.

The Romanek Hotline

Dan sent us a great question asked of Mark Romanek, at a promotional event for the oft-mentioned Directors Label DVD, released this week.
[Regarding the Perfect Drug] What was the inspiration [for the video] and what was it like working with Trent Reznor, as a director on the video?
Well, the inspiration was the drawings of Edward Gorey, and I just wanted to transpose those images into cinema... without asking his [Gorey's] permission. [crowd laughter] But it was a loving homage, and my understanding is he took it that way, and did see the video.
Trent Reznor, contrary to his very visceral, primitive stage persona, is one of the most gentlemanly, trusting, easy to work with, cooperative, soft-spoken guys you'll ever meet. I don't stay friends with everybody that I've made videos for, but I've stayed friends with him. He's an amazing guy, so it's a pleasure to work with him.

Thanks to Dan for passing this along!

Summersonic Clip

A helpful Japanese reader sends along this link; a short video clip of Wish live, from the August 13th show. Must have been a pretty kick ass show, from the looks of the clip.

Speaking of kick ass shows, the fall tour kicks off tomorrow in San Diego. We're continuing our 6000+ post Tour Journal over at Echoing the Sound! Drop by and share your impressions, setlists, and pictures of the shows!
Wednesday, 9/14/05

Another San Diego Reznor Interview

San Diego station FM 949 will be airing an interview with Trent tomorrow afternoon - probably around 2pm PST. The station has a live audio stream if you feel the need to listen in.

Thanks to my friend in California for this piece of news.

High quality download of Non Entity available for $0.99

Only if you use Windows and Internet Explorer, again, unfortunately. The link we provided on Sunday for Hurt has been updated, and now includes a recording of the live performance of Non Entity as a download through Sony's Connect Music Store. The track is $0.99, and "all proceeds from download sales will be donated to The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and America's Second Harvest." Thanks for the info, Dave!
Tuesday, 9/13/05

Spiral packages are currently shipping

According to posts on this thread at ETS, people have begun receiving emails confirming UPS shipments of The Spiral packages, arriving at least as soon as September 15th.
Sunday, 9/11/05

Purchase Saturday's "Hurt" performance

RJK on ETS pointed out that you can now purchase a copy of the recording of Hurt from ReAct Now - it's only $1, and the money goes towards the relief fund. Unfortunately, the site seems to only work in Internet Explorer, and only on Windows machines. Bad Sony, bad! According to our stats, nearly 25% of our viewers now use Firefox, and only some 62% use Internet Explorer.

SickAmongthePure :: September.2005

SickAmongthePure have had the September issue up since the first of the month, as per usual.

September features more exclusive interviews with the legendary Rhys Fulber, Psyche, Dependent Records, Ikon, and many more. There are yet more live show reviews, humour, and informative essays, and another 48 album reviews.

Get an injection of not-quite NIN-related news now.

Yes, there really is a new song

Trent Reznor performed a new song, Nonentity, at the ReAct Now benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Although it did not air during the television broadcast, a video of the performance is available at the Nine Inch Nails audio and video page at Available on the same page are two more videos, of Trent performing Hurt and introducing Allen Toussaint.

And, of course, remember to donate whatever you feel you can afford to help those who have lost so much in the wake of Katrina.

Thanks to everyone who spent Saturday night getting their panties in a bunch over a song.
Saturday, 9/10/05

Reznor performs for ReAct Now TONIGHT

Trent will be performing live at tonight's MTV, VH1 and CMT's disaster-relief special, "ReAct Now: Music & Relief" concert. This performance will be simulcast throughout the world, commercial free, to everyone who has access to the MTV music channels, including VH1 and CMT. And if you don't have access to the show, we're guessing (but not endorsing) that the performance will probably be made available online shortly after it airs.

Thanks to everyone that emailed in the news, despite it being on the RSS feed sidebar just to the right (yeh, we read it too), and previously posted earlier this month. Now stop bugging us about it already.


Turns out that it's a pre-recorded performance. Pictures here. He performs "Hurt" and what looks to be a new song "Non-Entity". Don't go crazy now. Thanks go to matildauk.


You can also watch the concert online at MTV Overdrive but only if you have Windows 2000/XP on your computer.

DFA1979 Tour Update

So back in August, shagg187 sent word of a post on the DFA1979 board about certain dates being cancelled. Well, message boards being what they were, much speculation with little communication ensued, and now another post has been made on the DFA1979 boards to clarify the previous statement.
this is the kinda thing that swore me off the internet for a long time. we have never actually talked to [Trent] and unfortunatley i dont think he understood what seb was saying when he posted that stuff. [seb] was answering the kids who were complaining about the ticket price and basically told them not to come if they didnt want to see the other bands.

and assuming that trent might eventually see this... sorry for any misunderstanding. im sure we could clear it up in a minute over email or in even less time on the phone. why dont we do that? the reason we couldnt do those shows had nothing to do with ticket price whatsoever. it was because of personal things in my life. that situation has changed on me and now im free to do whatever during that time. under no circumstances will some shows ever be more important than my family.

So as far as we can tell, DFA are no longer out of any of the east coast dates. Thanks go to shagg187 for keeping us up to date.

NIN on MySpace to be updated throughout the tour

jenny (artgirl9 at echoing the sound) received one of those bulk mails and actually read it.

In the update, they say "Starting on Sept. 16, NIN's profile will feature exclusive live footage of their US. tour, updated every night!"

Thanks for doing the dirty work for us jenny!
Friday, 9/09/05

TicketsNow Affiliation!

I did not receive a swift response to this, so I thought I'd copy you folks on this email (ellipsis overload and all), as well as my childish snarky response.

TicketsNow is interested in setting up a partnership with you offering tickets to sold out NIN shows on your website. is a marketplace for over 500 licensed brokers to post there tickets. We have the biggest selection and the best prices because brokers are forced to compete. We also guarantee all transactions... if we don't have the tickets you ordered we give you better seats for the same price. Because you run a fan site... we encourage you to let your visitors know they should try ticketmaster first. Then try us if they are sold out or if they want really good seats. No are just offering them a secure place to buy premium tickets. Please let me know if you are interested... or if you have any questions.
to which I replied:
Yes, as a matter of fact I run a NIN fan site. We get 6-8.5 million hits a month to something upwards of 200,000 unique monthly visitors. The message board we're tied to has 8,000+ registered viewers - and we use that board to facilitate the private exchange or sale of tickets at face value - to avoid the exorbitant fees charged by brokers. In fact, the band themselves worked together with Ticketmaster to reserve the best seats for ticket auctions whose benefits proceed charity, rather than ticket brokers.

The only question I have is why tickets cost two to four times their original value when sold through brokers? I don't understand the economics, where random dudes and ladies selling tickets should make a better return than the act that the tickets are for.
BTW, don't forget to vote for us in the Digital Music Awards.
Thursday, 9/08/05

Only Remix + 91X Transcript

Just a quick update: There is a new Only remix available on iTunes. It was remixed by Richard X. It is listed as Only - Single. It might be It is this Richard X., but we're not sure at this point. If you know, drop us a line.

Also, during the 91X interview, Mr. Reznor mentioned that the Voodoo Fest is on its way to becoming as a charity benefit. Quoth TR, "we've talked to most of the bands that were originally slated to play, and everybody, honestly, was up for whatever they can do to help."

Also notable (on a lighter note), this next tour is "not just turn the lights on and throw guitars around". Good to know. The full interview is available here.

Thanks to Kevin, Garrett, and Brandy for letting us know (and thanks to boredom for getting that interview transcribed).
Wednesday, 9/07/05

San Diego Radio Station to Interview Trent Reznor

The San Diego radio station 91X will reportedly be interviewing Trent Reznor tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. It looks like you can also listen online if you sign up as a registered user. Thanks go out to Shelly and her new boyfriend, even if he is out of his mind.
Tuesday, 9/06/05

New Orleans sidetrack

Where the feeds normally appear, I've more or less reposted an email from a friend of mine in New Orleans, Butler Ives. Having been evacuated from the city, he's trying to organize a site to help out those in a similar situation. It's pretty straightforward at this point. Called New Orleans X-Pat Information, "We are building a list of e-mails, and phone numbers. Please provide me with all of your contact information and that of your friends. We truly are an ex-pat community -- dispersed across a wide region. But staying together as the backbone of the New Orleans community is going to be vital to our future."

The site has tons of information for displaced residents of the city, and if you know someone who might benefit from it, check it out, spread the word.

On a related note, shame on PayPal for freezing $30,000 in donations from, where a donation drive raised that amount in nine hours, even while (despite an amazing effort by their ISP) their servers were in New Orleans and knocked out by flooding. And, as if we need to remind you, don't forget to donate to the Red Cross.

Finally, Greg Johnson wrote in with an update about the Voodoo Festival, taken from the official website:

To all of you with questions and concerns about the status of this year's festival, please know we are working to move forward with alternative plans now that it's obvious that our hometown will not be available this year. Our goal is for Voodoo to join the relief and rebuilding efforts by becoming a fundraiser, by providing aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We appreciate all your kind words, thoughts, and especially your patience during this transitional time. We will update you with our plans as they develop.

Romanek Interview

As we reported a few months ago, Mark Romanek is being featured in a DVD collection of music video directors, called Directors Label. It's still coming out September 13th, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

To celebrate that release, here's an interview with Mr. Romanek (warning, possibly not safe for work). It's pretty extensive, and covers many aspects of his career, including the Closer video. Here's a quote from the interview:
Daniel Robert Epstein: I have some specific questions about the Nine Inch Nails Closer video. I heard it was shot on some really old film, is that true?
Mark Romanek: We did use a slightly out of date film stock but it was still a contemporary film stock. They had stopped making it three years before and we found some of it. All the new color film stocks have this T-Grain, like little Ts that are interlocking. The film stock we used had the original old granular grain. The new stocks are just really modern looking, really sharp, really contrasty, very fine grain. We didn't want that.

More info on Closer, Hurt, and other aspects of Romanek's career are at the link!
Monday, 9/05/05 update about hurricane devastation

A new message about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina has been posted on the current page, along with some links.

Thanks Jason and Bev.
Sunday, 9/04/05

Nothing Studios Apparently Intact

Susan Brooks sent us the following eyewitness information:

"I left Uptown New Orleans for Dallas on Thursday, and the studio still looked all right when I drove past it - Magazine was one of the few streets cleared of most branches and other debris. No windows were broken, thus it did not appear to have been looted, although stores nearby had been."

Homme On The Upcoming Tour

"QOTSA head out on a headlining trek with Nine Inch Nails beginning September 16th in San Diego. Los Angeles trio Autolux and Canada's Death from Above 1979 will fill in on support duties. "It's cool," he says of the impending dates. "It's diverse enough -- but the reason [we're touring together] is because we both want to do our own thing. Have you seen them lately? This is the best version of Nails I've ever seen."

Rolling Stone gives a quick run down on the doings of QOTSA, including Josh Homme's thoughts on the upcoming fall tour.

Thanks go to shagg187.
Friday, 9/02/05

Trent Reznor to Participate in Relief Event

This article on reports that Trent Reznor will be among a large group of artists 'partaking' in a Hurricane Katrina relief special called "ReAct Now: Music & Relief," airing on September 10 from 8 to 11 p.m. ET/PT. According to the article, the fundraising special "will air simultaneously on MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2, VH1 Classic and mtvU, as well as on the broadband online channels MTV Overdrive and VSpot." Thanks go out to Mafu, Tasmania's biggest NIN fan, for writing in.

QOTSA Frontman Exhausted

Josh Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, collapsed on stage earlier this week. The diagnosis was exhaustion. Earlier this year, Homme had to cancel shows due to a lung infection, and he also underwent knee surgery before setting out on this most recent tour. Although a show on Tuesday was cancelled, the band has stated that they still plan to play this Autumn's NIN tour, as well as festival dates in the interim.

Thanks to the charming eugenie de franval and the amusing AbjectMisery for letting us know.

New Interview in MetalHammer magazine

If you didn't know this already, the latest issue of the UK's Metal Hammer magazine features a new Reznor interview.

Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
Thursday, 9/01/05 update about New Orleans

Trent Reznor has posted a brief message on the current page about the destruction of New Orleans.

Thanks Josh and Aryeal for sending in.

Update: The message appears to have been removed. Thanks to everyone who notified us.

Didn't You Get the Memo?

There seems to be a lingering impression among some NIN fans that Trent Reznor still lives in New Orleans. This is incorrect. He moved away last year and sold his former residence, so no need to email us with concern about his personal safety. Inquiries about Trent's former residence may be directed here.

Jason Vowell wrote in with the following information about the area of town where Nothing Studios is located: "I live less than 2 blocks from Nothing Studios in New Orleans... No one was there to board up the studio. Luckily there are no large trees near it. I've heard that our area sustained alot of wind damage. But we (my house and the studio) are on higher ground in Uptown New Orleans. So we are safe from the flood." Ralph/Aladdin Sane also wrote in with similar information regarding the studio not being boarded up as of Sunday morning, but says there may be some flooding and also says that the part of town where Voodoo Fest is to be held is pretty much completely under water.

If anybody has actual information about the state of Nothing Studios, Magazine Street, or uptown in general, please let us know.