Tuesday September 6, 2005

New Orleans sidetrack

Where the feeds normally appear, I've more or less reposted an email from a friend of mine in New Orleans, Butler Ives. Having been evacuated from the city, he's trying to organize a site to help out those in a similar situation. It's pretty straightforward at this point. Called New Orleans X-Pat Information, "We are building a list of e-mails, and phone numbers. Please provide me with all of your contact information and that of your friends. We truly are an ex-pat community -- dispersed across a wide region. But staying together as the backbone of the New Orleans community is going to be vital to our future."

The site has tons of information for displaced residents of the city, and if you know someone who might benefit from it, check it out, spread the word.

On a related note, shame on PayPal for freezing $30,000 in donations from somethingawful.com, where a donation drive raised that amount in nine hours, even while (despite an amazing effort by their ISP) their servers were in New Orleans and knocked out by flooding. And, as if we need to remind you, don't forget to donate to the Red Cross.

Finally, Greg Johnson wrote in with an update about the Voodoo Festival, taken from the official website:

To all of you with questions and concerns about the status of this year's festival, please know we are working to move forward with alternative plans now that it's obvious that our hometown will not be available this year. Our goal is for Voodoo to join the relief and rebuilding efforts by becoming a fundraiser, by providing aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We appreciate all your kind words, thoughts, and especially your patience during this transitional time. We will update you with our plans as they develop.