Thursday September 1, 2005

Didn't You Get the Memo?

There seems to be a lingering impression among some NIN fans that Trent Reznor still lives in New Orleans. This is incorrect. He moved away last year and sold his former residence, so no need to email us with concern about his personal safety. Inquiries about Trent's former residence may be directed here.

Jason Vowell wrote in with the following information about the area of town where Nothing Studios is located: "I live less than 2 blocks from Nothing Studios in New Orleans... No one was there to board up the studio. Luckily there are no large trees near it. I've heard that our area sustained alot of wind damage. But we (my house and the studio) are on higher ground in Uptown New Orleans. So we are safe from the flood." Ralph/Aladdin Sane also wrote in with similar information regarding the studio not being boarded up as of Sunday morning, but says there may be some flooding and also says that the part of town where Voodoo Fest is to be held is pretty much completely under water.

If anybody has actual information about the state of Nothing Studios, Magazine Street, or uptown in general, please let us know.