Friday September 9, 2005

TicketsNow Affiliation!

I did not receive a swift response to this, so I thought I'd copy you folks on this email (ellipsis overload and all), as well as my childish snarky response.

TicketsNow is interested in setting up a partnership with you offering tickets to sold out NIN shows on your website. TicketsNow.com is a marketplace for over 500 licensed brokers to post there tickets. We have the biggest selection and the best prices because brokers are forced to compete. We also guarantee all transactions... if we don't have the tickets you ordered we give you better seats for the same price. Because you run a fan site... we encourage you to let your visitors know they should try ticketmaster first. Then try us if they are sold out or if they want really good seats. No Surprises...you are just offering them a secure place to buy premium tickets. Please let me know if you are interested... or if you have any questions.

to which I replied:
Yes, as a matter of fact I run a NIN fan site. We get 6-8.5 million hits a month to something upwards of 200,000 unique monthly visitors. The message board we're tied to has 8,000+ registered viewers - and we use that board to facilitate the private exchange or sale of tickets at face value - to avoid the exorbitant fees charged by brokers. In fact, the band themselves worked together with Ticketmaster to reserve the best seats for ticket auctions whose benefits proceed charity, rather than ticket brokers.

The only question I have is why tickets cost two to four times their original value when sold through brokers? I don't understand the economics, where random dudes and ladies selling tickets should make a better return than the act that the tickets are for.

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