Tuesday September 20, 2005

Myspace, nin.com, and Collected DVD. Oh my!

Let it be known that nin's Myspace profile page has been updated with a video featuring footage from last night's show in Phoenix, AZ. It's interesting to watch, when Myspace is working properly.

Also, nin.com has been updated with an additional message from Trent:

Finally, we got through the 1st show! It felt great onstage, I hope those in attendance left feeling the same way.
To those planning on coming, do yourself a favor and show up early. It's well worth getting there for Autolux, and you know QOTSA are fucking awesome.


Amazing. We've also been informed that more people are receiving the Collected DVD in the mail in several states. So if you signed up at nin.com to receive one, keep an eye out for it.

Much appreciation to everyone for emailing the info!