Thursday September 8, 2005

Only Remix + 91X Transcript

Just a quick update: There is a new Only remix available on iTunes. It was remixed by Richard X. It is listed as Only - Single. It might be It is this Richard X., but we're not sure at this point. If you know, drop us a line.

Also, during the 91X interview, Mr. Reznor mentioned that the Voodoo Fest is on its way to becoming as a charity benefit. Quoth TR, "we've talked to most of the bands that were originally slated to play, and everybody, honestly, was up for whatever they can do to help."

Also notable (on a lighter note), this next tour is "not just turn the lights on and throw guitars around". Good to know. The full interview is available here.

Thanks to Kevin, Garrett, and Brandy for letting us know (and thanks to boredom for getting that interview transcribed).