Saturday September 10, 2005

DFA1979 Tour Update

So back in August, shagg187 sent word of a post on the DFA1979 board about certain dates being cancelled. Well, message boards being what they were, much speculation with little communication ensued, and now another post has been made on the DFA1979 boards to clarify the previous statement.
this is the kinda thing that swore me off the internet for a long time. we have never actually talked to [Trent] and unfortunatley i dont think he understood what seb was saying when he posted that stuff. [seb] was answering the kids who were complaining about the ticket price and basically told them not to come if they didnt want to see the other bands.

and assuming that trent might eventually see this... sorry for any misunderstanding. im sure we could clear it up in a minute over email or in even less time on the phone. why dont we do that? the reason we couldnt do those shows had nothing to do with ticket price whatsoever. it was because of personal things in my life. that situation has changed on me and now im free to do whatever during that time. under no circumstances will some shows ever be more important than my family.

So as far as we can tell, DFA are no longer out of any of the east coast dates. Thanks go to shagg187 for keeping us up to date.