Friday September 30, 2005

With Teeth poster/booklet update

A lot of people were getting freaked out by the disappearance of Andrew Quinton - a guy on ETS who slaved away at getting 1,000 With Teeth lyrics posters made and shipped before they decided to do that whole Spiral thing. He'd also recently did a run of 1,000 lyric booklets based off that PDF artwork. A bunch of people paypalled him money, and then he got really quiet.

Well now he's back, and he's got a few updates on the situation -- only the important stuff. Namely, he did not take the money and run (it's still in his paypal account, no less), booklets are being shipped on Monday, and that he is funding replacement posters out of his own pocket, shipping them via a method that offers a tracking number and emailing that tracking number to you. And it appears he's received a good number of death threats in his absence. Huzzah!