Friday September 30, 2005

Friday News Roundup

We've received a lot of news submissions in the last 24 hours. In no particular order:

- The Salt Lake Tribune interviews Trent.

- Inside Bay Area interviews Trent.

- Trent was interviewed on the SoCal 106.7 KROQ morning show "Kevin and Bean" this morning. You can listen to the interview at their website or by clicking here.

- Just a reminder that videos from the shows are continuing to be made available at the Spiral and NIN's MySpace page, with footage from Vancouver going up most recently. We probably won't update everytime this happens, so check those sites often if you're interested.

- Speaking of the NIN-MySpace deal, NIN manager Jim Guerinot discusses it over in this Reuters article. In semi-related news, the last name Guerinot is a real bitch to type out. Try doing it 3 times quickly.

- Finally, we've received several completely unconfirmed, quite possibly bullshit reports that Josh Freese will be replacing Jerome Dillon at this weekend's Hollywood Bowl show. Interesting, but don't believe any rumors until you see official confirmation at nin.com.

Thanks go out to everyone who wrote in (sorry, too many to list individually).