Thursday, 6/30/05

Where is Only? Not at #1 on the XFM charts!

Only is currently listed in XFM's Music Response Tasters chart, but is nowhere to be seen in the top twenty. There is something wrong and evil about Nine Inch Nails being beaten by Coldplay, Green Day, the White Stripes and Oasis. We hope something can be done about this.

Studio Brussel streams Rock Werchter live

On Saturday, NIN will be taking to the stage in Belgium for the Rock Werchter festival and Studio Brussel just happens to be streaming the whole performance live on their website. So if you want to catch it, tune into the site at 8pm BST/3pm EST/noon PST and click on the "luister live" button (it might be a good idea to check that you have the right plugins to run the live stream before Saturday).
Thanks to frames for forwarding the right email to us.
Wednesday, 6/29/05

With Teeth goes Gold.

The RIAA database is reporting that With Teeth has officially gone gold. This means that it has sold over 500,000 copies in the United States in the last 2 months. Awesome.
Thanks KingLewie!

FutureMusic Interview.

Over at Echoing the Sound, walrex very kindly transcribed (and scanned, but the pictures are repetitive, and no one needs to see them for the 75656th time) the FutureMusic interview that was published earlier this month. You can read it here. It's a little different from the past interviews we've seen, because it's less focused on the driving force behind the new album, and more about the technology TR's used through the years:
"It's fucking great that software like that is out there. I've even put one of the new songs on GarageBand for people to download as a free multi-track. I love the idea that people everywhere are going to be able to mess around with it.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have to be very careful not to forget what music is about. Emotion. Feeling."

Thanks walrex!
Tuesday, 6/28/05

Only - July 11th... at least on Fuse

halo33 let on that Fuse TV received a copy of the video for Only, with strict instructions not to play it before July 11th. We're not going to spoil the video if you want to wait, but there are (just a few) more details in this thread at Echoing the Sound -- first review's a pretty good one.
If you don't know how to work the archives, the video for Only was directed by David Fincher, and is entirely computer generated.

Native Instruments talks to Trent Reznor

Chris #2 and Gay Gordon sent in a link to this interview with Trent Reznor, which also features a couple nice studio shots, and has Trent talking with interviewer Bela Canhoto about his music gear and some of the processes used in making the album [WITH_TEETH].

While there is stuff you've undoubtedly read before because you're a rabid fan who's hit all the articles in our article archive, there's a good portion of new stuff that may be of interest to you if you're into recording.
Sunday, 6/26/05

Colorado Springs date added.

There's a new date on the performance page for those of you in Colorado:
October 4th: Colorado Springs, CO @ the World Arena
Queens of the Stone Age and Autolux will be supporting. Thanks to everyone who let us know about this new addition.

Aaron smash. Aaron DESTROY.

There's a new video in the current section of of Aaron North smashing up his guitar on stage at the Area 4 festival. The message reads "Germany can lick my scrotum".
How many times am I going to get to use the word "smash" on the front page this weekend? Why are they making me type scrotum? Whose scrotum should Germany lick? This tour is getting crazy and there are so many unanswered questions. Thanks to nascentia and roosjuh.

More Canadian (plus one Utah) shows added.

Two new Canadian shows and one Utah show have been added to the performance page of, with Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above as support.
November 10th: Montreal, QC @ the Bell Center
November 11th: Toronto, ON @ the Air Canada Center
November 19th: Salt Lake City, UT @ E Center
Thanks nothoney!
Saturday, 6/25/05

Tour Dates Added

Two more tour dates have been added to the performance page of
11_07_05 albany_ny pepsi arena
11_08_05 boston_ma fleet center
Queens of the Stone Age and Death from Above 1979 are listed as support for these two dates.
Thank you to erin for pointing this out.
Also updated is the Birmingham, UK show on July 8th. Eagles of Death Metal have been added as the supporting act. Because mustaches are sexy.

Access updates.'s Access section updates. Trent comments on our bitching about the fanclub, encourages us to shit on (or in) our televisions and mentions something about Star Wars.
Oh, and there's a new picture of some smashed up stuff.
Thanks to everyone who emailed this in.

If your menu's looking ugly, reload the page.

I'm playing around with CSS again, making the menu bar look a little less stupid, and a little more clickable. It renders best in Firefox, but I'll try to get it looking good for the less-than-60% of you still using Internet Explorer.
I might clean up some other stuff in the style sheets for the page this weekend, so in general, if the page looks kind of funky, to a hard refresh (Windows users, press CTRL+R, CTRL+F5, or CTRL+ the refresh button.) and that should clear things up.

Weather: 1, NIN: 0

Nine Inch Nails' performance at the Greenfield Festival, Interlaken, Switzerland, was canceled due to severe weather. The current page of has been updated with a weather performance video.
Thanks tallulidal.
Friday, 6/24/05

Only remix files now available and the NIN remix community on Myspace has updated with the link to the tracks for Only:
here i offer you only, the new single. this time, i've expanded the idea from just offering the song in garageband to four different formats that include windows users as well.

Included are files for Garageband for Mac users, Ableton Live and Pro Tools for Mac and Windows users, and Acid Xpress for Windows users. Have fun!

Voodoo Music Experience Details [Updated]

A ticket pre-sale for the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans has been announced.
Click here for the Ticketmaster love. The presale starts TODAY at 5CDT (thanks, bp) and the regular onsale is on July 8th. 2 day passes will go for 50 bucks. One day passes will be made available in September. The Nine Inch Nails are playing on the 29th, according to's performance section. Thanks to Josh, Adam, and Smoke for the news.
Thursday, 6/23/05

Austrian TV Interview.

Austrian TV station GoTV recently interviewed Trent, and kosmokatze not only managed to record it, but with the help of dewretching uploaded it for our viewing pleasure. This one is particularly special because it features some of the first nice pro-shot live performance footage from the With_Teeth_2005 tour.
A quick word of warning though: the site is in German, and is a little tricky to navigate, so be sure to read the help file dewretching wrote before you venture. Compressed in it's downloadable state, it's 65MB. Uncompressed, it's a good 250MBs. Not really for anyone on dial up in other words.
Thanks to kosmokatze and dewretching!

Only release information on has updated the body of work section with tracklisting and release information for the new single Only. There will be five releases in total, including vinyl, a special European single and a DVD format. The B-sides are "Love is Not Enough (Live at Rehearsals)" and "The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix)", as well as the David Fincher directed video.
Oh, and you might want to check out the cover for the vinyl and the main Europe/UK CD.

Thanks to everyone that let us know about this.

Tucson, AZ ticket sale information.

Ticketmaster has posted information about tickets for the September 17th Tucson, Arizona date. Tickets are $35 and $45, and go on sale to the general public on Saturday July 16th at 10am.
Thanks to Bev, one1deuce and AKagan.
Wednesday, 6/22/05

Speaking of THTF remixes...

The NIN fan community has been hard at work creating The Hand That Feeds remixes, and thanks to the work of undergone, morethanshapes, and others, we can bring you a ton of remixes!
To download 500 (yes, five hundred) remixes, we've set up a BitTorrent download at echoingthesound. Click here for a faceload of remixes.
To download a selection of 40 of the best, here is a somewhat smaller torrent.
Stay tuned for more information on the contest, or check in at this thread on ETS. As an added bonus, the torrent for the Windows version of the source files is back!

There is no Only, there is only Romanek

While we still don't have a solid release date for the Only video, over at Director's Label you can read about an upcoming DVD release featuring Mark Romanek's work. The DVD is reported to include both The Perfect Drug and the director's cut of Closer. Further, there is a documentary which is supposed to include Mr. Reznor, and commentary on the videos (at least from Romanek). If you don't have Flash, here's a direct link to the features.
A box set including Jonathan Glazer (Virtual Insanity, Rabbit in your Headlights), Anton Corbijn (Depeche Mode), Stephane Sednaoui (not much good), and Romanek will be released on September 13th for 55 bucks or so, and the individual DVDs will be roughly 18 bucks. Check amazon or your favorite retailer for prices.
All in all, a pretty cool release if you're a fan of Mark Romanek's videos. Thanks to zUNDER for tipping us off.
Monday, 6/20/05

Pre-Order the Only single - July 19th release date

You can now pre-order Part 1 ($11.99) and Part 2 ($9.49) of the Only single. Amazon is listing the import release with a July 19th release date. No details on the tracklisting yet, but when we get more information, we'll let you know.

Commercial single artwork for Only

Hungus wrote in to point out that Only is now listed in the Body of Work section of, and cover art has been posted. Being that it's nothing like the artwork for the promo single, it's probably safe to assume the artwork is derived from the upcoming all-CGI video, directed by David Fincher.
Sunday, 6/19/05

A Reminder

BBC Radio 1's The Rock Show will be featuring nin live on Tuesday. The show will be airing from 1 to 3 AM GMT on the 21st, which should be 8 to 10 pm EST in the US.
Just a heads up for lpb and everyone else!

Timecode feature live NIN.

Timecode Entertainment have released a Quicktime movie on their site beneath the "Reel 2005" section. It features two very quick clips of NIN performing live which in itself is a rather small piece of NIN news and ordinarily wouldn't make the front page of this site. However, it's is beautifully directed and is accompanied by some absolutely fantastic acoustic music (part of a song called Tannhauser by Refused), and is therefore worth watching by every man and woman in existence.
If you're on Linux (like myself) or just aren't able to watch it via the embedded media feature, here's a Rapidshare download.
A great thank you to Soundgarden for passing on the news and setting up the Rapidshare download. And again to Martyn and Niklas for letting us know what the music is. has a new design!

If you wander over to today, you'll find a brand spanking new design, including a flash based intro page (and the recommendation of the Firefox for Windows and Safari for Mac browsers, so if you haven't got one of those, get them now!), a neat new navigating tree, and a photo from one of the European festivals. All in all, a great upgrade!
Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
Friday, 6/17/05

Brixton tickets available.

Stargreen have standing (and some seating) tickets available for all London Brixton gigs in July. Snap them up while they're hot.
Speaking of spare tickets, I've been getting a lot of email from people who have surplus tickets for various UK dates, as well as some from people who are also looking for them. Scarlet Mist is a UK based site that only deals in trading face value tickets for various sold out gigs. It's not 100% guaranteed safe - when it comes to sold out gigs, nothing really is - but it's about as good as you're going to get right now, and beats eBay any day. There were NIN tickets available yesterday, but they seem to have been sold already. Seeing as so many of you seem to have surplus tickets though, that shouldn't be an issue for long.
Thanks to Sioux for letting us know about the tickets on Stargreen.

The official Nine Inch Nails fan club.

We got a link to The Spiral from Casey, where "all spiral members can expect to receive access to advance tickets, access to exclusive merchandise, concert web casts, exclusive access to message boards, chat rooms for fan club members only [this will include direct contact with the band]."
Standard Membership...
annual fee**: ($30 within united states / $35 outside united states):
welcome package (membership card with personal id and artwork/lyrics/credits poster of with teeth)
access to purchase tickets in advance of public on-sales*
concert web casts
live web chats with the band
access to official member/nin band (only) message boards and chat rooms
premium membership...
annual fee**: ($60 within united states / $65 outside united states):
all benefits of the standard membership PLUS:
one nine inch nails t-shirt (exclusive to premium members).
personal nine inch nails email address (several nin related domains to choose from)
access to designated spiral member venue entrances on days of show. this entrance will be for premium spiral members only and will open in advance of doors to the public.

So there you go.

Only cover artwork surfaces.

Click on the thumbnail for the full cover.
Thanks Skott!
*Update* - this is only the radio promo artwork. The art for the commercial single will be completely different.
*Update2* - you killed the bandwidth! Should be rehosted soon. Until then try here. Please don't hotlink.

THTF Remix Contest Top 20

As the release of Only draws near, things are wrapping up on the fan-run remix contest for The Hand that Feeds - almost. You can now listen to the top 20 picks out of the 500 that made it into the contest. These will be narrowed down even further this week, based on your vote. It's going to be tough to pick a favorite, because there are a lot of really great finalists.
Click here for discussion of remixes and the contest.
Congratulations to everyone who's made it to the top twenty. I can't wait to hear what gets done with Only.

Virtue, Liberty, and Nine Inch Nails has just added a Philadelphia, PA date to their performance page. It will be at the Wachovia Center Arena on 11-05-2005, a Saturday (yay!).
Thanks to the very perceptive Mike D for pointing this out.

If Only...

It seems the Universal Music Canada website had some misinformation on it. Previously stating that an e-single Video for Only would be released last Tuesday, June 14th, it now says:

Nine Inch Nails Only
date :: Tuesday June 21, 2005
catalogue # :: 0249883020 format :: Ringtones / Mastertones
genre :: ROCK label :: INTERSCOPE
Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds
date :: Tuesday June 21, 2005
catalogue # :: 0249883017 format :: Ringtones / Mastertones
genre :: ROCK label :: INTERSCOPE

There is no mention of a release date for the video or single. The webmaster was contacted by our faithful friend isdfx, and replied, "After speaking with our Director, Digital Services I was advised that we are currently working on providing e-singles video thru our digital providers and it should be launched soon." So, for now, that's all the information we have.
Wednesday, 6/15/05

Metal Edge and Revolver scans.

Metal Edge:


Thanks to Lynden and Konstantin.
Wednesday, 6/15/05

NIN Fall Tour Update

The performance section of has been updated with dates for the recently announced fall tour.
Queens of the Stone Age will be supporting this portion of the tour, along with Autolux, who will be joining the tour in San Diego, CA until the St Louis, MO show.
Starting with the San Antonio, TX date, Death From Above 1979 will be joining the tour through the New York, NY show.
More dates are to be announced, as are the dates and times for ticket sales.

SPIN scans.

We've had a transcription of the May SPIN magazine interview, but now thanks to Deathdust, we have high resolution scans!

Thanks Deathdust!

EQ Magazine interviews Atticus Ross.

"Most of the recording of the synths for With Teeth was done using an Avalon pre-amp, the Focusrite Liquid Channel, an SSL pre-amp or a Neve, going through a Lavry 2-channel A-to-D converter into Pro Tools HD.
For some of the tracks on With Teeth, Reznor played a Moog Voyager through a Fuzz Factory or a few other radical distortion guitar pedals. "And as he was playing, he'd be screwing with the guitar pedals," says Ross. "We'd record for a while and Trent would usually stumble into something that sounded pretty unique." Since the whole record was performance-based, this worked well with the theme."

In the latest issue of EQ Magazine, Steph Jorgl (of and shacklegrind) interviews Atticus Ross about the technical side of With Teeth.
Thanks go to 00101010 of Echoing the Sound.
*UPDATE* - Hi-res scan behind the thumbnail.
Tuesday, 6/14/05

Only released in Canada as an e-single.

After the information about an Only release set for today was published on their site, isdfx emailed Universal Canada for more details. This was their response:

The Nine Inch Nails - Only e-single will be released today.
It should be available to purchase on any of the following digital service providers:
Universal Music Canada

There's no word that this has happened outside of Canada, or whether it was a typo on the site that said "e-video" instead of "e-single", which is pretty perplexing, especially as there seems to be conflict between different sources as to when the single is actually being released in CD format. I received an email from the UK NIN Street Team this morning that set the UK release date as being July 18th (as well as a July 4th release date for the Tour Edition of With Teeth).

Guess we'll all have to sit tight and wait for more information to come through. Until then, a big thank you to isdfx for passing the email on.

Hotline LJ feed.

If you've got a Livejournal and would like to keep up to date with NIN news, we seem to have a Livejournal Hotline feed available. All you have to do is add the feed as your friend, and then any and all news updates from this site will appear on your friends list. Spiffy!
Thanks to the guys at nine_inch_nails and the_collector for setting this up and making this available to the LJ community of Nine Inch Nails fans.

Alternative Press scans.

Over at Echoing The Sound, Konstantin has posted some really huge scans of the Alternative Press special NIN edition front cover and inside articles. It's one of four front covers out this month for the magazine's 20th anniversary; the others featuring Rancid, Nirvana and AFI.

Thanks Konstantin!
Monday, 6/13/05

Fall dates announced.

A list of the first confirmed tour dates (about 30 in total) for the North American fall tour have been announced in the current section of It kicks off at the Cox Arena in San Diego on the 16th of September. More details/dates will be announced in the near future.
Thanks to everyone that sent this news in!

NIN to play the Hollywood Bowl.

The Hollywood Bowl website have released details of an October 1st concert date. Tickets will go on sale from Ticketmaster and the Hollywood Bowl box office from 10am on Sunday, June 19th.
Thanks to Bev, Rich and Katrina.
Sunday, 6/12/05

Only video out on Tuesday. says the Only video will be available on Tuesday:
Nine Inch Nails Only
date :: Tuesday June 14, 2005
catalogue # :: 0249883331 format :: e-single Video
genre :: POP label :: INTERSCOPE

Thanks isdfx!

Beavan talks highlights.

RoomThirteen currently features an interview with Sean Beavan, part of which discusses his career highlights. Trent is one of them:
R13:What are the best and worst experiences you have had working with bands over the years?
SB:There are so many great moments, it's hard to recount them, and the bad moments I forget because I don't dwell on negative things. Why waste any part of your short life on bad things, you know? Some highlights:
- Watching Trent sheer off the knobs of three pcm 42's in a row with the bottom of his mic stand while singing 'Ruiner' in the control room.
- Coming up with the cool breakdown beat for 'Ex-Girlfriend' with Adrian Young of No Doubt at Ocean Way.
- Watching the shock symbol banners come down on the first night of the Antichrist Superstar tour and seeing the audience go insane.
- Singing backing vocals arm in arm with Scott Russo and Amy Allen in my home studio in L.A. whilst recording Unwritten Law's 'Here's to the Mourning.'

Thanks rocktonne!

Win Vienna tickets!

If you live in Vienna, Austria and can tune into Radio FM4 between the hours of 6 and 10am (CET) tomorrow morning, you can win a Meet & Greet with the band and tickets for the June 14th show.
Thanks to frameleader at Echoing the Sound for the news.
Friday, 6/10/05

Reznor on Cash: New Rolling Stone Interview

On June 7th, posted a lengthy interview with Mr. Reznor that dealt specifically with Johnny Cash and his cover of Hurt.
The interview is part of a series Rolling Stone has run entitled "In Other Words" and you can read it here.
Thanks Monica

Only to be released July 25th.

Universal's German site have sent an email out to their mailing list revealing a competition to win a chance to meet the band and two tickets for the June 15th Columbiahalle gig.
Right at the end, it reveals that the release date for "Only" will be July 25th. There we go then.

Metal Hammer scans.

This weeks Metal Hammer comes wrapped in a silver bag with the NIN logo emblazoned on the front, a rather interesting quote all over the back... and inside? A 9 page interview complete with pictures exclusive to the magazine. It's only available for sale in the UK right now (and perhaps in the rest of Europe - obviously if one of your local magazine stores import foreign magazines, you could probably pick it up there too), but we have scans, courtesy of matildauk at Echoing the Sound:

Thursday, 6/09/05

Only to have a MySpace remix community.

Jason sends us the following, from 93X, a Minnesota radio station: and MySpace will be working together to promote a remix community for the Nine Inch Nails single "Only" starting June 20th.
1. Users will register at to access and download audio loops prepared by Trent in Apple GarageBand (Mac only), DigiDesign Protools (PC or Mac), Sony ACID (PC Only) and Ableton Live (PC or Mac).
2. Users will then create their own MySpace artist profile page and upload their remix to that page. A MySpace NIN remixes page will be set up enabling users to link their artist profile into the community so their profile can be viewed.
3. MySpace will track the plays of each remix and build a special chart for the NIN Remixes.

Nine Inch Pimps.

For some reason unknown to us and the rest of the sane world, the band decided to dress up as pirates or pimps or... whatever the hell involves bandannas and porn star 'taches... when they visited Mexico last week. You can find the pictures on the Buddyhead Gossip page.
Thanks to everyone that sent this news in. It's thanks to these people that we could bring you the worst titled Nine Inch Nails news of 2005.

Poster madness in Vancouver, B.C.

If you are one of the 1000 people who ordered a poster from Werewolfeet, he has an update for you.
Wednesday, 6/08/05

More on Death From Above 1979 Opening for NIN

Muchmusic has just run an article on Death From Above 1979's inclusion into the NIN/QOTSA tour this fall. Nothing new, just further verification of this once rumoured information.
Death From Above's obligatory Myspace location has also posted this information. You can also download DFA's cover of the Bloc Party track Luno off of Myspace as well.
Thanks David and Emily

Still the Lord Of Darkness, apparently...

Nine Inch Nails is the lead feature in this month's Metal Hammer - "Fear, self-loathing and vagueness: on the edge with Nine Inch Nails!" According to Metal Hammer, it's "Trent Reznor in his most revealing interview ever!"
Don't forget to transcribe and/or scan it, if you manage to get your hands on it - and help us build the most comprehensive database of NIN related articles on the internet. Thanks to Viktor for the heads up.
Monday, 6/06/05

Rock Show Reminder.

Sometime at the end of last month it was announced on the Radio One Rock Show website that they would be airing a live performance by NIN. It's probably just the Zane Lowe show performance repeated for a late night audience, but in case you missed it (or if it's a new performance), it will be airing early Wednesday morning at the eye bleeding time of 1am.
You can tune in via the usual methods - digital/FM radio if you live in the UK, or via the site using RealPlayer.
Thanks to the guys in #ets for randomly remembering this.
The performance airing has been bumped to June 21st in favour of... um... Motley Crue. Oh well.
Thanks Kevin!

Las Vegas Lithograph now available.

The lithograph for the Las Vegas show (at The Joint) is now on sale in the NIN store on for $24.99. If you move fast enough, you might just get your hands on one.
Remember, these are very limited edition and sales are limited to one per person.
Thanks to Greg M for this news!
Sunday, 6/05/05

Tourstyle Blues

shagg187 saw Autolux play a concert last night.
Afterwords, he caught up with Greg Edwards of Autolux and talked NIN. According to his post on the ETS boards, Mr. Edwards confirmed that Autolux will be opening for NIN on the first half of the fall tour. This probably means that Death from Above 1979 will be the opening act on the second half of the tour.
Mr. Edwards also said that the tour is supposed to start "between August/September", yet NIN will be in Australia until the end of August.

Reznor vs. the Antipodes

There's still no official word on the opening act for the Australian tour, except for strong murmurings from the Coppell and Modular camp that The Presets, Shihad and Decoder Ring have all had their names tossed into the ring.
Of course, there's also the matter of the empty day in NIN's tour schedule in Australia - Channel V are reported to have scheduled a "live event" for the day in question, and Rove Live might just feature an interview, if not a live performance.
Speaking of interviews...

Dave Navarro is a dirty blogger

From Dave Navarro's blog comes a Reznor heavy Q&A. Here's the more meaty question:
Fan: Over on the Foos' board, some people have been critical of them playing the show (MTV Movie Awards), saying they should have Trent's back (especially since Dave played drums on most of their new record) and not play for MTV since they wouldn't allow Trent to express himself the way he wanted.
DN: Look. You know I love NIN and Trent, but I really think he is a big boy and can fight his own battles. I totally support his right to do what he wants and express himself in any way he wants. (Thank God he does, his means of expression have certainly brought a lot into my life as a fan and listener.) For me, if the Foos want to play the show, it's all good. I'd like to see them. Frankly, I would have rather seen NIN, but since that is out of the question, Dave and the boys will be just fine. I love them both. Just my opinion, I doubt I'll even be able to catch the show at all.

There is another, well, meaty question if you follow the link. Thanks to Rat for passing this along.
Friday, 6/03/05

Rumours from Above

Toronto Based Station, The Edge interviewed the up-and-coming rock and roll band Death From Above 1979 on June 1st. One of the band members stated that DFA 1979 would be one of the opening acts for the Nine Inch Nails/Queens of the Stone Age tour. He also said that this information wasn't "official".
Keep in mind, Saturnine just posted that Autolux will be the opening act. When more information gets weight to it, we'll let you know.
Thanks Eskimo and jesse.
Thursday, 6/02/05

Union-Tribune review of SOMA show, + 71 photos

San Diego's Union-Tribune music critic George Varga attended and reviewed one of the San Diego shows, and wrote stuff about it. Marc Balanky, Union-Tribune photographer, took a whole lot of photos, and posted 71 of them to accompany the article. So, I thought I'd share that with you.

SickAmongthePure :: June.2005

Offering up a vegetarian alternative to Meat, SickAmongthePure is now live with the June issue.
Continuing with our mandate to deliver the best Industrial and EBM content out there, we feature an exclusive new interview with the very talented Diary of Dreams. We also feature new interviews with Das Ich and more, and a whole slew of political think pieces to exercise your brain.
But we certainly haven't forsaken our roots. The June issue features a live review of Nine Inch Nails in Philadelphia, our review of With Teeth, as well as full reviews of all of Nine Inch Nails' core releases. And that's just a drop in the bucket of the 48 total new music reviews we throw down.
So after laughing your ass off to the dubious wit of Meathead, drop by SickAmongthePure for your monthly fix.
Wednesday, 6/01/05

Autolux as opening support on the fall tour?

From the official Autolux website:
--> trent reznor has asked autolux
to be the opening band for the fall
NIN/Queens of the Stone Age tour.
the dates TBA soon.

Thanks Damon.

More Trial News

Dozens of people have written to tell us that CNN is running a story on the outcome of Reznor vs. Malm, and hopefully our posting this will stem the flow a bit. The story was put out by the Associated Press, so it'll no doubt turn up in newspapers the world over. In other words, while it's great that the story's also in your local paper, if the text is exactly the same, please don't worry about sending it in.
Thanks to everyone for the emails!