Thursday June 9, 2005

Only to have a MySpace remix community.

Jason sends us the following, from 93X, a Minnesota radio station:

NIN.com and MySpace will be working together to promote a remix community for the Nine Inch Nails single "Only" starting June 20th.

1. Users will register at NIN.com to access and download audio loops prepared by Trent in Apple GarageBand (Mac only), DigiDesign Protools (PC or Mac), Sony ACID (PC Only) and Ableton Live (PC or Mac).

2. Users will then create their own MySpace artist profile page and upload their remix to that page. A MySpace NIN remixes page will be set up enabling users to link their artist profile into the community so their profile can be viewed.

3. MySpace will track the plays of each remix and build a special chart for the NIN Remixes.