Tuesday June 14, 2005

Only released in Canada as an e-single.

After the information about an Only release set for today was published on their site, isdfx emailed Universal Canada for more details. This was their response:

The Nine Inch Nails - Only e-single will be released today.

It should be available to purchase on any of the following digital service providers:


Universal Music Canada

There's no word that this has happened outside of Canada, or whether it was a typo on the site that said "e-video" instead of "e-single", which is pretty perplexing, especially as there seems to be conflict between different sources as to when the single is actually being released in CD format. I received an email from the UK NIN Street Team this morning that set the UK release date as being July 18th (as well as a July 4th release date for the Tour Edition of With Teeth).

Guess we'll all have to sit tight and wait for more information to come through. Until then, a big thank you to isdfx for passing the email on.